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3 of the Most Popular and Coveted Rolex Watches Ever Produced

December 14th, 2020

The brand that started its journey in 1905 with a dream of making durable wristwatches for regular use developed into the most iconic luxury watch brand in the world today. The creation of the waterproof Oyster case followed by Perpetual movement, the first-ever chronometer wristwatch and many other innovations cemented Rolex’s position in the horology industry.

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The 1950s era saw the introduction of famous Professional collections like the Submariner, GMT-Master and Explorer. And Rolex began to expand the number of timepieces in its catalogue by the 2000s. For instance, the Yacht-Master II made its debut in 2007, followed by the Deepsea Sea-Dweller in 2008.

So let’s today explore three of the most famous and sought-after watches that Rolex has ever created. These are among the signature creations of the brand that hold an excellent resale value.

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Rolex Explorer II Reference 216570

Rolex introduced the Explorer II Reference 216570 at Baselworld 2011 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II series. The watch featured an increased 42mm case, a bigger Maxi dial and the famous bright orange ‘Freccione’ arrow hand.

However, Rolex offers the Reference 216570 with two dial options –

  • One is a black dial with contrasting gold-trimmed luminescent hour markers.
  • And another one is white ‘Polar’ dial featuring black-finished markers and hands.
  • Thanks to the brand’s patented Chromalight luminous element that glows blue, both the dials are legible in both dark and light environments.

Moreover, users can set the 24-hour orange hand independently of the usual 12-hour on the dial. It means that you can track the time of a second zone against the 24-hour fixed bezel.

Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’

Rolex started to unleash a new generation of GMT-Master II timepieces in 2005, offering advanced Cerachrom bezels. The Cerachrom is the brand’s patented ceramic element, virtually resistant to fading, corrosion and scratches. However, this Cerachrom material was indeed hard to produce. And thus, the new generation of the GMT-Master II watches featured black bezels.

In 2013, Rolex was able to produce dual-colour ceramic bezel that made its debut with the GMT-Master II Reference 116710BLNR. The watch flaunted a black-and-blue Cerachrom bezel insert, and thus, collectors nicknamed it as the ‘Batman’.

  • Rolex was the first brand to refine the technique needed to create one ceramic element in two distinct colours.
  • It was initially considered to be very difficult to develop on a commercial level.
  • However, the brand stunned the world with the release of the GMT-Master II ‘Batman’.

The watch flaunted an exquisite dual-tone bezel framing a stainless steel case. It was an instant hit. However, Rolex discontinued its production in 2019, and thus, it is today incredibly coveted among collectors.

Rolex Milgauss Reference 116400GV

Another famous one-of-its-kind watch ever produced by Rolex is the Milgauss. Rolex revived this unique collection and launched the Reference 116400GV in 2007 to celebrate 50th anniversary of Milgauss.

  • One of the most notable features that make this model unique in the brand’s catalogue is the green sapphire crystal.
  • The Milgauss 116400GV is the first, and only Rolex timepiece ever produced that comes with a coloured crystal.
  • However, in 2004, the brand unveiled a new variation of this version. It is known to be the most vibrant edition of the Milgauss yet.
  • The watch features an electric blue dial (also known as Z-Blue) and the signature green sapphire crystal.
  • What boosts the watch’s lure is a vibrant orange lightning bolt seconds hand.

Altogether the timepiece looks unlike any other models in Rolex’s current catalogue.

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