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A Guide to New Rolex Warranty Card 2020

June 16th, 2020

Each Rolex watch that is officially sold comes with a warranty card. However, the card may look different based on the location of the sale.

Warranty cards are indeed a significant addition to the purchase of a Rolex timepiece for two reasons –

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One, the card will verify the authenticity of the Rolex watch.

And secondly, it will add to the watch’s resale value.

It means that if you retain the warranty card and decide to sell your Rolex watch any time, you are likely to obtain a top price for it.

However, Rolex has not made any update to its warranty card for many years.

On the contrary, other Swiss watchmakers have made many significant upgrades to their cards in some way or the other.

Thus, Rolex was lagging behind others in the horological industry in this respect. However, there were speculations recently circulating about a new warranty card type from the brand.

And, it is today evident that the famous Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer has finally updated its watches’ warranty cards. Let’s explore more about it.

How does a Rolex warranty card initially look like?

Rolex watches that come with warranty cards, beginning in 2015 have consisted of the following things –

  • Name (authorised retailer)
  • Date of purchase space
  • Land code (LC) – It indicates the official retailer’s country
  • Space for the buyer’s name
  • Model (reference number)
  • Serial Number

Some cards also include particular details of the timepiece like the bracelet or dial type.

However, the old warranty card of the brand had two principal concerns –

  • First, the name is written on the warranty card. The fact is that the name has ideally nothing to do other than revealing the buyer’s information.
  • Secondly, Rolex watch owners can lose the warranty cards unwittingly. However, it would signify losing out on the warranty.

And you already are aware that warranty card is essential to retain as it will verify the authenticity and add value when you sell your Rolex to trusted watch buyers in London or any other big cities.

Thus, Rolex took into consideration all these factors strictly and has now come up with its new warranty card 2020.

The New Rolex Warranty Card for 2020

So, are you wondering what changes and upgrades Rolex made to its new warranty card?

The new Rolex warranty card includes:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Date of purchase.

However, the new cards do not contain two things – One is the Land code and other, name of the buyer.

Keep in mind that the new warranty card style is an early rollout of 2020. Thus, many Rolex timepieces will yet come with the old generation warranty card.

However, Rolex will offer some models with its new warranty cards. Eventually, Rolex watches sold in 2020 will have old and new warranty cards side-by-side.

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Thus, you should at least make sure that you store and maintain your luxury watch properly when not in use.

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