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3 of the Best Rolex Watches to Invest in 2021

best rolex watche in 2021

Only one day is left to say goodbye to 2020 and greet a New Year. So many of you might have started to contemplate what Rolex models you will add to upgrade your watch collection in 2021. Well, when choosing a timepiece, one of the most significant factors to consider is personal preferences. However, luxury …

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3 of the Most Popular and Coveted Rolex Watches Ever Produced

sell rolex watches

The brand that started its journey in 1905 with a dream of making durable wristwatches for regular use developed into the most iconic luxury watch brand in the world today. The creation of the waterproof Oyster case followed by Perpetual movement, the first-ever chronometer wristwatch and many other innovations cemented Rolex’s position in the horology …

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3 Popular & Coveted Rolex Watches From the 2000s

sell rolex yacht master

The 2000s were a significant decade for Rolex as the horology industry saw several major innovations and watches from the brand. For instance, Rolex unleashed the new Cerachrom bezel component and the Maxi dial. Moreover, the brand upgraded the number of its professional editions and launched the various movements like the ever-first Daytona movement. Since …

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A Guide to Rolex Daytona Reference 116520

sell rolex daytona watch

The Daytona is a revolutionary and cornerstone collection of Rolex, and Reference 116520 is one of the most desirable watches in the world. The Daytona that is today synonymous with the brand itself did not sport an in-house movement for many years of its production history. With the Daytona Reference 116520, the in-house movement in …

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The Two Famous Steel Rolex Submariner Black: Reference 116610 vs 114060

sell Rolex Submariner Black dial

The Submariner is one of the most iconic and recognised watches in the Rolex’s catalogue. However, out of all versions available in this collection, the Submariner in stainless steel and with black bezel and black dial is more popular and purchased model. The watch comes with a classic and instantly-recognisable design. And this feature, coupling …

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The History of the Rolex Submariner Reference 16618

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most famous and iconic watches that set a golden standard for all luxury diving timepieces. It has a vital place in the history of watchmaking as it was the first-ever diver watch with water-resistant ability up to 100m (330ft). The watch featured a 60-minute rotating bezel to track …

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