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5 Things to Know Before You Sell a Rolex Watch

If you think of a luxury watch, the first brand that is likely to come to mind is Rolex. The brand comes with a rich history and reputation for being the best in the watch industry. A Rolex watch is considered to be a good investment. Moreover, the second hand market for Rolex watches is …

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Why Air-King 116900 Is A Confusing Rolex Watch?

Why Air King-116900 is A Confusing Rolex Watch

In 2014, Rolex decided to stop the production of the Air-King. The reasons were not clear.  Maybe, the sales showed poor performance. Or the watchmaker had concerns regarding the selling of Oyster Perpetual that was introduced as Rolex’s entry-level sports steel watch.  However, Rolex re-introduced the Air-King two years later, offering a new look and …

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Top 5 Rolex Watches That Every Collector Need To Know

sell Rolex watches near me

Ever since its introduction in 1905, Rolex has produced many iconic models. Indeed, every model represents the ultimate class, luxury and precision. However, the watches not only have subsisted for decades but also, reformulated the peripheries of mechanical timekeeping. While nearly all Rolex watches tend to retain a higher resale value with time, they are …

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The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Submariner Dials

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Rolex’s motto has always been precision and durability, be it is at the top of the world or to the bottom of the sea. And, the brand proves reliable in all fields. The Rolex Submariner, the ultimate dive watch, has been in production since 1953. It is one of the most successful Rolex models in …

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The History of Rolex Oyster Perpetual

history of rolex oyster perpetual

Today, Rolex produces most of its watches using the Oyster case. The exclusive Oyster case represents years of development that began with the introduction of the original Rolex Oyster watch in 1926. Now: Did you ever wonder what a Rolex Oyster Professional watch is? Surprisingly, many people ideally consider the popular Rolex Oyster Perpetual to …

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Rolex vs Omega: A Comparison between Two Industry Icons

Rolex vs Omega

The two most recognised Swiss watch brands – Rolex and Omega are indeed acknowledged with the term ‘classy’ and ‘beautiful’. These two brands have cultured and maintain a persistent brand image via their exclusive collection of watches. For most people, both Rolex and Omega portray luxury, success and high-quality. Regardless of their position among the …

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