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Comprehensive Guide to Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

January 13th, 2022

Whenever buyers look for a robust timepiece that can act as a statement simultaneously, Rolex is the name that immediately comes to mind. Be it the classic Submariner or a newer model, the Yacht-Master. If you happen to be in search of a watch that not just meets your style but also works as an asset for the future, we suggest the Rolex Yacht-Master for you, which is available in multiple variations.

Comprehensive Guide to Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

Launched in the early 90s, initially, the Yacht-Master was considered the backup of the famous Submariner. Still, the watch always ensured to hold to its ground with its impeccable aura and graceful choice of materials. But before we tell you more about this fascinating watch, you need to know that these watches have built a strong reputation as an investment option as well. So if ever you sell Rolex watches in the secondary market, you’ll be delighted with the figure you receive.

The Rolex Yacht-Master is a diverse collection, and we have picked the Ref.116655 for you, the Yacht-Master in Everose.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

The Rolex Yacht-Master embodies the sailor’s spirit and is a watch that perfectly blends style and function while bringing together the best of Rolex technology to create a distinct mark. The Yacht-Master came out in 1992 and has remained a watch for the elites since then.

The Ref.116655 that came out in 2015 flaunts a fantastic combination of the Oysterflex bracelet and Everose case that unequivocally declares the speciality of the timepiece. This was the first Rolex to sport the Oysterflex bracelet, Rolex’s unique take on the rubber strap. The Ref.116655 was also the first Yacht-Master model to use Cerachrom instead of a metal bezel. The stunning matte black bezel perfectly complements the slender Oysterflex strap.

The model has a distinctive design that confidently turns away from the traditional Rolex sports watches. So, let’s explore each part of this special model, shall we?

Rolex Yacht-Master Re.116655 Details

  • CASE

Everose is Rolex’s in-house special red gold alloy, and the brand adds platinum to ensure that the colour doesn’t fade away over time. The case design of the Yacht-Master 116655 is more refined, and the soft Everose colour adds brilliantly to the perception. The high polished and elegantly designed 40mm case made of 18ct Everose underlines the Ref. 116655’s exemplary status in the Rolex world. It is fancy enough for the yacht going people and sporty enough for the yacht riders.


This is where things take a new turn and quite an interesting one, for that matter. The black on matte black Cerachrom bezel is a head-turner for sure. It is bi-directional, and the matte Cerachrom has high gloss markings that add a distinct grandeur to the hyped timepiece. You will be taken aback by the raised numerals placed against the matte black background that captures the attention at once!

  • DIAL

The dial is another most striking factor of the Yacht-Master 116655. The black dial comes with a matte finish that complements the black bezel and bracelet. Given the gold case, if it were glossy, the whole outlook would have been a lot flashier. But the matte dial tones down the appearance, making it look sober.

Thanks to the gilt logo and red dial text, the dial has a vintage flavour. But trust us, the red text against the matte black dial looks completely different! We mean gorgeous. The subtle warmth of the text and the fine polish of the Chromalight indices finely balance everything.


If you thought that the dial and bezel were the real deal, you haven’t heard about the Yacht-Master 116655’s bracelet yet! As the game-changer brand, Rolex brings in the all-new Oysterflex bracelet built to last a lifetime. The Oysterflex bracelet looks like a simple rubber strap, but, that’s the last thing it could be. The strap is an alloy of nickel and titanium moulded to form a high-performing, hypoallergenic elastomer.

This means that the distinct Oysterflex bracelet is not just comfortable but it moulds itself to the shape of the wearer’s wrist while retaining all of its strength. The Oysterlock clasp bracelet firmly secures the bracelet, and the 5mm Easylink extension allows the wearer to tune the strap finely.

However, it’s not perfect. The bracelet comes in a wide range of sizes, with the correct size fitted to your wrist when you buy. Beyond this, the wearer could make no further adjustment. If you intend to cut the strap length, that’s not possible due to the bracelet’s metal core. This won’t be a pain unless you want to give the watch to someone with a smaller wrist.


Inside the Yacht-Master 116655 is the reliable Calibre 3135 movement that has remained true to Rolex since 1988. You can expect flawless accuracy and solid reliability from this particular movement. The Calibre 3135 performs way beyond the standard set by the COSC, and it is precise to within +2/-2 seconds a day. The Calibre 3135 also boasts a 48-hour power reserve and has a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring.

How does it feel on the wrist?

If you’re gearing up to buy this outstanding Yacht-Master model, it is imperative to know how it feels on the wrist, isn’t it? Well, in one word- Comfortable! The gold case adds weight and the size and specific proportion of the case makes it appear seamless on the wrist.

Since there’s a lot of black in the bezel, dial, and bracelet, the Everose gets an ample amount of space to flash its uniqueness. The Yacht-Master 116655 is truly the perfect blend of luxury and strength.

As we said at the beginning of the blog, when looking to invest in a celebratory model like the Yacht-Master or Rolex as a whole, it is essential to find out the value of the model as well. For some, buying means satisfying their passion, and to others, it is a brilliant investment opportunity.

Therefore, we present to you the answer to the latter.

Is the Rolex Yacht-Master a good investment?

The Rolex Yacht-Master watches last a lifetime, and hence, they hold their value incredibly well. Combined with the classic appearance, their strong core makes them a popular buying option in the pre-owned market. And, Ref.116655 is a particularly exceptional one.

So, if you ever decide to sell Rolex, you will get a high price in the secondary market.

The Rolex Yacht-Master as a whole is a good investment for two main reasons.

  1. These Rolex timepieces have a great historical value because of their outstanding sportiness and hence, have high chances for appreciation in the future.
  2. The Yacht-Master has various precious metals, which inherently holds an excellent value as the year’s roll. The premium materials and the construction style ensure that the watches will always keep worth.

Having said it all, let’s conclude by saying a few more words about this wealthy model.


The Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 possesses all the necessary elements and materials that hallmark a classic Rolex. It stands apart from the traditional norms and debuts quite a few ‘firsts’ features. The matte black dial, the subtle red text, and the overall feel-good quotient of the 116655 model will grant the timepiece exceedingly high popularity in the secondary market. To receive an impressive price, you can sell the watch to reliable watch buyers in London.

This is simply one of the most good-looking and capable Rolex watches you will ever own. So, look no further and welcome the Everose Gold Yacht-Master 40mm Rolex to your closet soon!

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