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How to Determine If A Rolex is Real or Fake?

June 27th, 2019

Rolex is undoubtedly the most recognised brand, committed to manufacturing top-notch luxury watches. The name ‘Rolex’ is itself synonymous with luxury, beauty and elegance in the watch industry. While the Rolex watches represent the ultimate class and sophistication, they indeed keep hold of their value well with time. Thus, many people often choose to ‘sell Rolex watches’ or ‘how to sell my Rolex’ in short-term monetary needs to raise fast cash right away.

However, the interesting fact is that since the brand has begun producing high-end mechanical timepieces, the counterfeit market for Rolex watches has increased. Today, fake Rolex timepieces are becoming increasingly so advanced that it is no longer possible to spot each Rolex replica by merely looking at it, maybe even to trained eyes. Thus, how to verify if your Rolex is real or fake? And, what do watch specialists inspect for inside the timepiece? Let’s find out below the key aspects that can help you to spot a fake Rolex:

  • Engravings on the Case Back

Do you see the Rolex ‘Crown’ missing on your watch’s case back? You may now think that your watch is a fake one, but it’s not the case. An original Rolex watch does not typically come with any Rolex markings and engravings on its case back. The fact is that genuine Rolex watches come with smooth and bare metal case backs, except some 1930s vintage Rolexes, some limited edition models of Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Submariner and also, the ones with personal engravings.

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Many Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller special models that were offered to the deep-diving company Comex and the British Navy had the military markings and user’s name on the case back. Moreover, Rolex does not utilise any see-through glass at its watch backs; instead, the original case backs have a highly smooth finishing. Thus, if you notice a transparent case back of your watch, it is possibly a counterfeit one.

  • The Crown Etching at the 6 o’clock

Rolex believes in precision and refinement. Although counterfeiters are manufacturing high-quality fake watches in recent years, they indeed lack the perfect craftsmanship that Rolex has. Since 2002, each Rolex watch is being offered a small crown-etching right at the 6 o’clock position along with the large one at the top. The brand provided it ideally to create an exclusiveness and uniqueness for the wearer. However, this crown engraving is so tiny that you will require a magnifying glass to spot it.

  • Engraved Serial Number

Like many others, you may also ask, ‘Do all Rolex watches have a serial number?’ Here’s the answer:

Indeed, every Rolex watch manufactured in the brand’s in-house production unit has an authentic serial number. Yes, counterfeit Rolex dealers can also replicate the serial number, but it is certainly not possible to copy the unique way Rolex engraves it. The serial numbers are etched on each watch’s smooth high-quality metal body very precisely and perfectly.

For those who are searching ‘how to verify authenticity of Rolex serial numbers?’ or ‘how to check Rolex serial number?’ it is significant to note:

Since 2007, the serial number is engraved behind where the band connects the body at the 6 o’clock position. However, the key to apprehend authenticity is greater perfection. On the contrary, the number is typically engraved in Rolex forgeries with acid.

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  • Cyclops

Many Rolex references feature a date display at 3 o’clock position that has a small magnification lens known as ‘Cyclops’. The lens can magnify the display up to 2.5x, taking up nearly the entire window and making a date effortless to read. Moreover, the brand uses high-quality, smooth and polished Cyclops in its watches. Thus, if the Cyclops lens on your watch seems to be of low quality and does not magnify the date, you are possibly dealing with a fake one.

  • The ‘Tick’ Sound

Simply, take your watch near your ear; do you hear any ‘tick tick’ sound? Please note that a Rolex watch with the ticking noise is indeed a fake Rolex. The fact is that the brand produces timepieces with automatic movement. Moreover, the movement equipped in a Rolex watch is further broken down into eight micro ticks per second, thereby creating a ceaseless motion.

Thus, if your timepiece produces any ‘tick’ sound and also, the second hand jerks with each tick, you do ideally not own a genuine Rolex.

  • Weight

A fake Rolex watch is typically lighter in weight. If you want to ensure you are wearing an authenticate Rolex, the easiest way to verify it is by weighing it. Rolexes are made up of a solid block of precious metals that make them pretty heavier in weight. Moreover, its high-quality metal bracelet also renders some added weight to the watches.

While some Rolex forgeries can be spotted easily by looking at some unique features, others might look entirely perfect and dazzling and thus, would require only trained eyes to spot the difference. Whether you are looking for ‘where can I sell my Rolex watch’ or buy your dream watch, it is always essential that you choose a trustworthy dealer to get the confidence or security you need when selling or purchasing a Rolex watch.

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