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Rectangular Rolex Watches that Typically Stay Under the Radar

October 5th, 2020

Rectangular watches have always been coveted by watch collectors who are fond of classic aesthetics and originality. And ideally, the most popular and desirable rectangular timepiece of all time is the Cartier Tank.

No doubt, the Cartier is significantly responsible for the popularity of rectangular wristwatches. However, many other watchmakers, including Rolex, have also created their angular timepieces that have captured proper attention over the years.

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Rolex watches are globally renowned and treasured for their design, precision and durability. The brand’s catalogue includes some of the world’s most revered and coveted timepieces such the Submariner, Daytona and Datejust.

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Rolex Rectangular Watches

Interestingly, Rolex’s catalogue also consists of rectangular models that are known to be the ever-first wristwatches from the brand. However, its rectangular timepieces did not achieve the fame and status like the brand’s other iconic models. In fact, they have stayed significantly under the radar for years.

  • The Rolex Cellini collection includes many rectangular and square watches.
  • The brand designed the Prince in 1928, keeping the rectangular watch trend in mind.
  • While it is one of the earliest Rolex watches, it was available in limited numbers. And thus, it is incredibly valuable today

Moreover, the Swiss watchmaker also made many rectangular and square watches within its well-known dress watch collection, the Cellini. Rolex revived and reintroduced the Prince version in the Cellini lineup. However, the brand does not produce rectangular or square timepieces within its contemporary collection.

Let’s today explore two of the unusual Rolex rectangular Cellini watches that usually stay under the radar.

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Rolex Cellini Reference 4320

Rolex designed the Cellini Reference 4320 in the 1970s. This unique watch sports gold integrated mesh bracelet and manual-wind movement.

However, while it belongs to the Cellini lineup, the watch does not come with the brand’s patented Oyster Case.

  • Instead, the Rolex Cellini Reference 4320 flaunts a traditional push-pull crown and a standard case-back.
  • The watch features a clean dial. It lacks hour indices and seconds hand of any type.
  • However, the only exception is an applied Rolex crown set at the 12-hour marker side.

The watch features an exclusive gold bezel, carved with markings. Interestingly, these markings correlate with a minute track and hour markers. And eventually it offers an extremely clean dial without relinquishing any functionality.

Rolex Cellini Prince

Rolex unveiled the Prince in 1928, characterised by clean lines similar to the Art Deco style. It was designed as a decidedly dressy watch and for special occasions.

The Prince flaunts the small-seconds sub-dial that eventually helped the physicians.

  • The watch was also referred to as the “Doctor’s Watch” because of its precision in measuring patients’ pulse.
  • However, Rolex ceased the production of Prince by the 1940s.
  • Later in 2005, the brand revived the watch model and relaunched it as a new, contemporary version within the Cellini collection.
  • The new Cellini Prince was made of gold and featured 47mm by 28mm diameter. Moreover, the dial layout was same featuring a sizeable sub-seconds hand.

However, Rolex stopped producing this new Cellini Prince lineup. Regardless, both earlier and revived Prince watches are yet available in the pre-owned market. They are coveted for their unique shape and rarity.

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