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Rolex Reference 5512 and 5513: Know the Subtle Difference between the Two Classic Vintage Rolex Submariners

October 31st, 2018

As one of the leading luxury watch manufacturers, Rolex’s motto has always been to produce a perfect watch with ultimate durability, reliability and precision. While some people often choose to sell Rolex watches to raise some fast cash in a hard-up situation, many Rolex enthusiasts today are selling their old Rolex watch to invest in unique, obscure timepieces and improve their collection. And, one of the predominant models in any Rolex collection is a Rolex Submariner. Indeed, Rolex Submariner is one of the most successful watch models in Rolex’s history.

Although all Rolex Submariner references may not be regarded as equally valuable and desirable among collectors, two particular Submariners are more popular with watch collectors, and they are the reference 5513 and 5512. These two classic vintage Rolex Submariners are pretty much close in design and characteristics but have some subtle differences that can be difficult to identify by untrained eyes.

  • Inception in the market

In 1959, Rolex introduced the Reference 5512 that was the first Submariner model featuring crown-guards. After three years, the Submariner reference 5513 was launched, replacing the James Bond Rolex Submariner reference 5508. The vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 was more cost-effective but was available until 1990. And indeed, it was one of the most extended Rolex models in production.

  • Original Intention

Although the Rolex Submariner served its purpose more aptly as a diver’s watch, its success is primarily due to its sophistication as a classic dress watch. However, the brand designed the Submariner originally as a precision tool timepiece rather than of a status symbol or luxury asset.  While the Submariner was produced to serve as a timekeeping companion for Scuba divers while underwater, Rolex considered adding a date complication in it to be an unnecessary feature.  Eventually, all early Rolex Submariner models consisted of time-only displays with black dials and rotating bezels.

Difference between the 5512 and 5513 Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner reference 5512 and reference 5513 were reportedly the last Submariners with ‘no-date’ displays and acrylic crystals. Thus, these two Rolex models mark the end of the classic vintage Submariners for many people.

At your first glance, the two references of Rolex Submariner may appear virtually identical as both feature the same stainless steel case, bezel, bracelet and crown. Moreover, both the watches feature the time-only displays, black dials and acrylic crystals. Thus, only trained eyes may be able to identify any substantial differences.

In reality, the reference 5512 and 5513 differ only in the movement inside as well as the accompanying lines of printed text on the dials that indicate the distinction in movement. Most Submariners of reference 5512 generally had COSC certified chronometer movement, whereas the 5513 Submariner did not. The reference 5512 Rolex Submariner passed the meticulous COSC testing standards and acquired two additional lines of text on the dials, stating ‘Superlative Chronometer/ Officially Certified’.

However, many of the Submariner reference 5512 watches did not obtain the COSC certified movements. Thus, early iterations of the reference 5512 were equipped with the similar calibre movement that was fitted in the first examples of the Submariner reference 5513.

Both the Submariners reference 5512, and 5513 bear an inherently vintage appeal with their domed, thick acrylic crystals and dial variations. However, the resale prices of these watches may vary dramatically depending on their dial type, condition and other essential factors.

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