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Rolex ‘Root Beer’ – The History of A Quintessential Rolex GMT- Master

September 9th, 2019

The Rolex GMT Master collection comes in a different metal, dial and bezel options. And, the Rolex Root Beer is a watch from Rolex whose popularity has grown significantly over the years since its launch. Although the watch is not in production any more, the Rolex Root Beer is highly desirable and admired for its unique appearance. Here is the long and compelling history of the iconic model – Rolex GMT Master Root Beer that was revamped and reintroduced at the Baselworld 2018.

Introduction of the First Rolex GMT ‘Root Beer’

In 1954, Rolex launched its first GMT Master, especially to meet up the demands of the aviators who travelled via different time zones. The watch sported a bi-tone red and blue bezel, based on the colours of the aeroplane Pan American Airways. However, the GMT Master came with a 24-hour bezel that wearer could set against the dial’s GMT-hand for tracking local and home time at the same time.

Rolex has developed, modified and devised its GMT-Master pilot watches over the years. However, the manufacturer has more specifically changed the colour of the bi-directional rotating bezel. Initially, the GMT watch was available only either in yellow gold or stainless steel. Since the introduction of its first blue and red bezel, Rolex has unveiled many different bezel colours. But:

The bezel colour that indeed stands out of all and has received a good appreciation and fanbase among watch enthusiasts is the brown bezel, popularly referred to as the Rolex ‘Root Beer’ bezel.

A Unique yet Affordable Option

The ever-first Rolex GMT-Master watch that paved the way for the name ‘Root Beer’ flaunts a brown dial with a gold and brown bezel. The timepiece obtained the ‘Root Beer’ nickname due to the popular soda-inspired colour scheme on its bezel. However, the interesting fact is that this GMT-Master model acquired some other nicknames also.

The gold nipple-hour markers of the GMT-Master 16753 lend it the name ‘Nipple Dial’.

The less commonly known nickname is the ‘Tiger Augen’ or ‘Tiger Eye’.

Moreover, the watch is referred to as the ‘Clint Eastwood’ as well, after its association with the legendary actor, Clint Eastwood.

The noteworthy actor was known to love his Rolex GMT Root Beer so much that he was often spotted wearing it and also, made an appearance in his 1982 Firefox flick. Now, just wonder what if you pair the watch with an elegant leather strap?

The unique Root Beer bezel will indeed look incredible, making it a versatile choice for people from all walks of life. Moreover, the price of Rolex GMT-Master ref 16753 also appeals to a wide range of customers. The GMT Root Beer is one of the most unique and sought-after iterations among collectors. Thus, you are also likely to obtain good resale price when selling it in the pre-owned market.

The New Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer 126711 CHNR

Out of the three GMT-Master II versions launched at Baselworld 2018, the two-tone GMT ‘Root Beer’ watch we are talking about is the Rolex reference 126711 CHNR. The watch is made of Rolex’s patent 18ct Rose gold. And, it was ideally the first time that the brand used ‘Everose Gold’ in its GMT-Master range.

More significantly, the Root Beer GMT-Master 126711 CHNR is the one inspired from the 1960s Rolex ‘Root Beer’, thereby staying true to the original. However, the differences between the original model and the new revised one lie here:

First of all, the latest iteration of Root Beer comes in Everose gold instead of yellow gold. Secondly, the watch features a black dial, without any brown dial option. The hands and indices on the dial are marked in 18ct rose gold.

However, the most significant difference lies in the bezel. The bi-directional brown and black bezel is made of virtually scratch-resistant Cerachrom. The 2018 Rolex GMT Root Beer bezel tone is more muted than the original GMT ‘Root Beer’. Additionally, the brown tone appears to almost merge into the black in low light condition.

Thus, for those who cherish the original Root Beers’ bright bezel colour, the modern Rolex GMT-Master 126711 CHNR may appear pretty dull. Overall, the exciting fact is that although the contemporary version features a brown and black dial, unlike the original Root Beer GMT-Master, the watch is yet referred to as ‘Root Beers’.

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