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Why Air-King 116900 Is A Confusing Rolex Watch?

Why Air King-116900 is A Confusing Rolex Watch

In 2014, Rolex decided to stop the production of the Air-King. The reasons were not clear. 

Maybe, the sales showed poor performance. Or the watchmaker had concerns regarding the selling of Oyster Perpetual that was introduced as Rolex’s entry-level sports steel watch. 

However, Rolex re-introduced the Air-King two years later, offering a new look and a more appealing proposition. Now:

The Rolex Air-King 116900 is ideally one of the most complicated modern watches in the brand’s catalogue. It is a steel sports Rolex watch. 

Today, let’s explore the reason why the Rolex Air-King Reference 116900 is one of the most confusing Rolex watches. 

The Case

The Rolex Air-King watches typically feature a 34mm case. You can consider it as a smaller version of the Explorer. 

The Air-King with a 34mm case size and a black dial was often confused with the Rolex Explorer from a distance. 

However, if you scrutinize it, you would notice some differences. For example –

While the Explorer had its model name engraved at 6 o’clock position, the Air-King flaunted its model name at 12 o’clock position. Now:

The Rolex has moved the model name in the Air-King reference 116900 at 6 o’clock. Moreover, the case diameter also increased to a wearable 40mm case from 34mm. 

The interesting fact is that the Air-King 40mm case will instantly remind you of the Milgauss 400mm case. Yes, the reference 116900 flaunts a similar watch-case like the Milgauss.

  • This means the case of Rolex Air-King 116900 is also resistant against magnetic fields. 
  • The case is crafted of the patented 904L stainless steel that offers a delightful satin finish. 
  • However, the Air-King is fitted with a satin bracelet; whereas, the Milgauss comes with a PCL Oyster bracelet. 

With a twin-lock crown and case construction, the Rolex Air-King Ref. 116900 is water-resistant up to a depth of 100m. 

Air King 116900 Rolex

The Dial

What confused people more is ideally the dial of the Air-King 116900. 

First, Rolex moved the model name to the dial’s lower part – at 6 o’clock.

Second, the dial now sported many Arabic numerals. 

Thus, the Air-King 116900 dial appeared as the typical Explorer layout, featuring Arabic 9, 6 and 3′ clock markers and ‘5 to 55’ hour markers. 

The dial also features a 60-minute scale. 

  • However, Rolex designed this exclusive dial display based on two cockpit instruments. Rolex built it for a special project in 2006. 
  • The applied numerals and hands are made up of 18ct white gold. 
  • The dial features the patented ‘Chromalight’ luminous material and the green seconds-hand.
  • Moreover, the name ‘Rolex’ is carved in the colour green. 

Air King 116900

The Movement

The Rolex Air-King reference 116900 houses the patented Calibre 3131 chronometer-certified movement. 

  • Interestingly, the Calibre 3131 is also equipped in the Rolex Milgauss. 
  • The movement offers power reserve up to -2/+2 seconds per day. 

However, the Calibre 3131 features a blue Parachrom hairspring that protects the watch from magnetic fields. 

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Final Thoughts

The Rolex Air-King Reference 116900 may not appear as a watch to be enthusiastic about at first. 

It may seem like the manufacturer extracted the case of the Rolex Milgauss, fitted the same Explorer dial and finally, created a new Rolex timepiece. 

But if you carefully inspect, it doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Rolex designed the dial entirely based on the cockpit board instrument. 

However, you might be confused at first with the use of the “Explorer” layout and the 60-minute scale. But the fact is that there are two scales on one dial. 

More significantly, Rolex made the Air-King 116900 an exciting composition, offering different colours for the dial. 

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The History of Rolex Oyster Perpetual

history of rolex oyster perpetual

Today, Rolex produces most of its watches using the Oyster case. The exclusive Oyster case represents years of development that began with the introduction of the original Rolex Oyster watch in 1926. Now:

Did you ever wonder what a Rolex Oyster Professional watch is? Surprisingly, many people ideally consider the popular Rolex Oyster Perpetual to be a watch collection. However, it is not entirely wrong.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a watch collection. But it is merely not like any other Rolex watch collection. The fact is that a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch today is the perpetuation of a historical model that was initially intended for professional use.

Rolex produces the Oyster Perpetual models today with more added safety and durability features than the brand’s dressier models.

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What the term ‘Oyster Perpetual’ means?

Let’s divide the term ‘Oyster Perpetual’ into two parts – One is Oyster and other, Perpetual.

In 1926, Rolex developed the first water-resistant wristwatch. Eventually, the word ‘Oyster’ was named after the hermetically sealed oyster case. The case offered optimal protection to the movement, making it water-resistant to nearly 100m.

On the other hand, the word ‘Perpetual’ refers to the movement’s perpetual rotor fitted inside the Oyster case.

sell rolex oyster perpetual

The Oyster Case

The Oyster Case uses the brand’s patent screwing the bezel process, winding crown and case-back. However, the case today is made out of 18ct gold, platinum or 904L steel.

  • The case features friction equipped crystal and bezel and a screw-down fluted case back.
  • Moreover, the Oyster case comes with a Triplock or Twinlock winding crown.

The Oyster cases undergo rigorous testing under various extreme conditions, ensuring high quality. The case became a significant component for the Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, Air-King, Explorer and many others.

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The Perpetual Rotor

In 1931, Rolex crafted a self-winding movement that could rotate 360-degree naturally with the movement of the user’s wrist. It generated power and a half-moon shaped oscillating weight. However, this self-winding movement is at the heart of all modern automatic Rolex watch.

sell rolex oyster perpetual London

Rolex stopped the production of the patented perpetual rotor in 1948. Nonetheless, the movement is indeed a breakthrough in the world of horology.

The Success of the Iconic Oyster Watch

The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, had a significant innovation in 1927 at hand. And, he required a way to convey it to the public for taping watch buyers. Now:

Mercedes Gleitz professed that she swam the English Channel in 15hours 15minutes. On the other hand, Miss Mona McLennan is said to have made a false claim that she crossed the English Channel within 13hours 10minutes. Now, this provoked a controversy.

People believed that Mercedes Gleitz had also lied like Miss Mona McLennan regarding crossing the English Channel. Consequently, Mercedes again took up the challenge to swim the English Channel.

This time, Wilsdorf persuaded Mercedes to wear the Oyster timepiece while swimming. However, Mercedes Gleitz could not, unfortunately, complete her swim due to bad weather condition. But, people were convinced because of her endurance of cold that her claim was right.


Besides, while the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch also endured the extreme cold for nearly 10hours, it became overnight celebrity along with Mercedes Gleitz.

A full-page ad was published by Rolex on the Daily Mail’s front page, revealing the success of its waterproof watch.

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Top 4 Lesser Known Most Valuable Rolex Models

If a casual Rolex lover is asked to name four Rolex models, the names that you are likely to hear are Daytona, Datejust, Submariner or GMT-Master. You would not ideally hear the names like Oysterdate, Turn-O-Graph, Oysterquartz or Masterpiece. Interestingly enough, these Rolex watches are lesser-known and also, may not be in production any longer. But the timepieces have fascinating histories and sport some quirky features that many people simply overlook.

More significantly, if you own any of these understated Rolex timepieces and want to raise instant cash, you can choose to ‘sell Rolex’ with full confidence to any potential watch buyers in London or anywhere in the UK. You are likely to receive a decent value for your watch in the pre-owned market.

  • Rolex Oysterdate Precision

The Rolex Oysterdate Precision is a lesser-known vintage watch that is powered by a manually-wound movement. It means, the watch does not come with the automatic ‘Perpetual’ movement that is fitted typically always in Rolex watches.

Rolex designed and produced the Oysterdate Precision from the 1950s to 1980s. However, the watch came in two case sizes – men’s 34mm and midsize 31mm. The Rolex Oysterdate Precision features a date window, although not a quickset one. But:

The Precision timepieces were not chronometer-certified. This is the reason the watch comes with the word ‘Precision’ engraved on the dial instead of the universal text ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’. With a simple dial, repressed size and hand-wound movement, the Rolex Oysterdate Precision watch offers a real vintage feel.

  • Rolex Turn-O-Graph

Launched in 1953, the Rolex Turn-O-Graph was the first serially produced timepiece of the brand that featured a rotating bezel for measuring and recording the elapsed time. However, Rolex offered a date window along with a Cyclops lens to the watch in the following year. Consequently, the name ‘Turn-O-Graph’ was dropped from the dial. However, the timepiece was yet a Turn-O-Graph due to its rotating bezel. But today the 36mm model had become a part of the Rolex Datejust collection.

  • Rolex Oysterquartz

Many people believe that Rolex has not produced quartz timepieces ever. But it is not the truth. The fact is that the brand indeed developed many quartz-powered watches. Moreover, Rolex also invested nearly five years in making quartz calibres in-house to equip them in their Oysterquartz collection.

The manufacturer released the Oysterquartz Datejust and Oysterquartz Day-Date in 1977. While the Datejust was available in yellow gold and two-tone or stainless steel, the Day-Date was offered in white or yellow gold. However, Rolex supposedly manufactured less than 30,000 iterations of the Oysterquartz until 2002.

  • Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece

Rolex introduced the Day-Date Masterpiece that is a special edition of its patent double calendar timepiece. However, the Day-Date Masterpiece watch differed from the usual Day-Date President in two significant ways:

One, the watch case size increased from the classic 36mm to 39mm size. Second, the Day-Date Masterpiece was not a ‘President’ watch as it featured a Pearlmaster bracelet. Like the classic Day-Date, the Rolex Masterpiece limited editions were made from precious metals that also include a Tridor version showcasing three shades of gold.

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The Regatta Watch – 5 Interesting Facts to know about the Rolex Yacht-Master

Initially designed for the severe elements of sea-faring, the Rolex Yacht-Master is indeed an exceptional offering from the brand that worth our attention. With the introduction of Yacht-Master formerly in 1992, Rolex seems to have capitalised on the success of its first nautical-inspired timepiece, the Submariner. Although it may look like a revamped version of the Submariner or early models of Rolex Daytona, the Yacht-Master comes with unique features that enable the watch to be readable even in the harshest environmental conditions.

The continued production of the Rolex Yacht-Master collection is the attestation of the brand’s ambition and commitment towards the development of sailing. Indeed, the watch represents the honorary ties between the world of sailing and Rolex. Here are five interesting facts to know about this unique Rolex collection that can also fetch you a high resale price when you choose to sell your Rolex watch or ‘sell your Rolex Yacht-Master’. Take a look!

1.  The first Yacht-Master was launched in 1992

Rolex is renowned for its substantial depth of research as well as development before introducing brand-new models. The Yacht-Master was nearly 30years in the making, but it was not initially launched. In 1992, Rolex finally debuted the new Yacht-Master Ref 16628.  Made from 18ct yellow gold and coupled with other functional and sporty features like an etched bezel, maxi-markers and larger hands, the Yacht-Master was an instant hit and success.

The Rolex Yacht-Master distinguishes itself from other professional Oyster series not only in functionality but also on its unrivalled aesthetics and form.

2.  Rolex’s patent metal, Rolesium was produced explicitly for Yacht-Master

In 1999, the brand launched a unique Platinum Yacht-Master at the Baselworld Fair. The watch was the stainless steel platinum 40mm version of the Rolex Yacht-Master. Rolex produced this unique steel and platinum combination exclusively for this watch, and the mixture was termed as ‘Rolesium’.

Today, many Rolex timepieces feature this unique combination. However, this Rolex Yacht-Master comes in rugged 904L stainless steel case and bracelet.

While the bezel of the Rolesium models is made up of 950 platinum, the silvery whiteness of platinum shines brightly, invoking a sense of luxury and prestige.

3. The Yacht-Master features the largest case size Rolex currently produces

The Rolex Yacht-Master II, introduced in 2007 comes in a 44mm watch case size that is available in ‘Rolesor’ or gold and steel, steel as well as either in white or yellow gold. In 1994, the Yacht-Master Ref 69628 was launched with a 35mm case diameter that allured men with smaller wrists, followed by two different sizes in the line up – 37mm and 40mm. The Yacht-Master models are also available in various combinations and styles. However, the most popular models are the ones with pearl dial in yellow gold and steel, followed by the latest edition of the Everose gold model with Oyster-flex black dial as well as the rose gold and steel model.

The Yacht-Master II appears larger not only for its 44mm case size but also because of the angular lug design that the brand crafted for this model.

4. Rolex fitted its first ever-made rubber strap on the Yacht-Master

At the Basel World Fair in 2015, Rolex introduced its first rubber ‘Oysterflex’ bracelet that was equipped on the new Yacht-Master. This bracelet is not any ordinary rubber strap. It was fabricated, developed as well as meticulously tested by Rolex. While this patent rubber bracelet is hypoallergenic, it retains the elements of comfort from rubber without compromising the durability, robustness and water resistance qualities of metal bracelets.

Moreover, a patented longitudinal cushion system was formed on the Oysterflex for stabilising the watch on the wearer’s wrist yet adjusting to the curvature of the wrist.

5. Rolex Yacht-Master is both bold and smart

Rolex designed a complication in the Yacht-Master II that continued to remain exclusive to them even today – an unusual iteration of the Regatta countdown chronograph. Indeed, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a programmable countdown chronograph. Once you choose any time interval between one and ten minutes, the watch will start doing the countdown precisely. While sailors have to measure the 10minutes countdown precisely from the beginning of the yacht race, such a specification was designed especially for them.

Rolex Yacht-Master models are indeed attractive and commanding watches that Rolex has ever designed and developed in its history of watchmaking.  Whether it is a 40mm Men’s Yacht-Master or a Lady Yacht-Master of 29mm, all the watches bear the same aesthetic features, offering a stunning and luxurious sporty-style appearance.

Where can you sell pre-owned Rolex watch or buy a pre-owned Rolex for the best price?

If you ask yourself the question where can I sell my pre-owned Rolex watch or buy a pre-owned Rolex for the best price without any hassle, we hope that you will get your answer by the end of this article.

This guide is intended for those who are looking to sell or buy his/her Rolex watch, helping you to ascertain the average asking prices and prices that you are likely to achieve when sold or to pay on different popular platform and watch dealers.

We have chosen Rolex Datejust model 69173 which is the Bi-metal version of the 26mm popular ladies watch.

We will compare the asking prices and sold prices on the following popular platforms and between private sellers and businesses. We have also submitted a selling enquiry to, you will find out the offer we have received down in the article.

Let’s start with the latest data from and average asking price as per the 15th of January 2019:

The price for Rolex Datejust 69173 on starts at £1,543.85; while the price goes as high as £5,985 for the 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel Rolex Datejust 69173 with an original Diamond dial and Bezel with full set.

Let’s take a look at this custom diamond dial Rolex 69173 sold by a local business seller.

This 26mm watch comes on 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel bracelet and 18ct Yellow Gold Bezel. With an original Rolex box and without the original papers, the listed price of this 1989 custom-diamond dial watch on is £2,995. If we made an offer, we assume that the seller would have accepted as much as £500 less as this 26mm model is not popular in recent years as most ladies prefer watches with larger dials (even though we haven’t tried 😀 ) 28mm upwards.


Another example of a 69173 with an aftermarket diamond dial is this watch that was manufactured in 1991. This specific watch features a champagne face Diamond dial, original Rolex 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel bracelet and 18ct Yellow Gold Bezel. This 1991 watch is in an excellent condition but comes with Rolex box only, without the papers. The listed price of this watch is £3,396, and we assume that the seller from the USA would accept £400-500 less if we made an offer (again we haven’t tried  😉 ).

 Check out the link:

So, how much do you think is the listing price for a Rolex 69173 without the box but with a Rolex service card from 2016? Have a look!–xb2gfI:rk:9:pf:0

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 69173 features a white dial with yellow gold hands and 18ct yellow gold fluted bezel. With 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel Jubilee bracelet along with stainless steel fold-over clasp, the watch can fit up to a 7-inch wrist. The listed price of this 1984 luxury dress watch without a box is £2,554. The timepiece is backed by one year warranty and in excellent condition.


We understand that the average listing price for a Rolex 69173 without box and papers will be about £300 less than the same watch with box and paper. Let’s find it out here:

This particular watch from a seller with 99.4% Positive Feedback comes with the seller’s lifetime trade-up guarantee and 1year warranty. The watch comes on an Oyster-styled aftermarket bracelet and runs on Rolex certified chronometer self-winding automatic movement with Quickset Date functionality.

The listed price for this watch in super excellent condition and without box and papers is £2,431 which obviously is quite high for a watch with an aftermarket bracelet.

However, the very first sold Rolex 69173 watch that took my attention at a glance was this watch below:

While browsing the sold listings on, we came across a Rolex 69173 that was sold for a hefty price of £3,150 by one of the popular UK London-based luxury watch sellers.

But, when we descended to check out the watch’s description, we were awestruck to notice that the Rolex watch was actually the Reference 69178 which explains the price and that’s obviously just a simple mistake in the watch’s description title.




Another Rolex 69173 in Champagne face colour diamond dial was sold on auction for a bidding price of £1,801. Check it out below:

The watch does not come with seller’s warranty, certificate or service records.

A generous 1-year seller’s warranty backs nearly every Rolex watch on However, the average listing price and sold price of Rolex 69173 typically vary depending on whether the watch retains its box, papers, condition, year of manufacture, and of course, achievable auction prices are much lower than buy it now.

More significantly, the price of Rolex 69173 with a custom dial is nearly £100-200 less than the ones with an original Rolex dial.


Selling a 69173 on at current market prices, you are likely to get a gross price of around £1800 if the watch is sold without the papers using eBay auction process and nearly £2000 with box and papers.

If you have the time and you don’t need to raise the funds within days, you could list the watch as buy-it-now and you are very likely to achieve as much as £300-£500 more.

Please note: All those prices are before eBay fees which are around 11% for private sellers and PayPal fees which are around 3%.


We have checked the popular international marketplace originated in Germany – Chrono24. The lowest listing price for a Rolex 69173 starts at £1, 480, and it goes up to £4,250 for a Gold & Steel Rolex original Diamond dial that comes with full set.

Let’s start with the watch with a listing price of £1, 480sold by a seller from US. Take a look at the watch here:–id9983372.htm

Featuring gold & steel case, bracelet with fold clasp, and yellow gold bezel, this 1981 Rolex 69173 comes in good condition (with light signs of scratches) and with no original box and papers.

However, if we had made an offer, we assume that the seller would have accepted about £100 less for the watch (again, we haven’t tried).



Here is an example of a watch sold by a Brazilian business seller, having box and papers:–id8553467.htm

This 1987 Rolex watch has a Gold/Steel case, Yellow gold bezel and powered by Calibre 2135 movement. The watch comes in ‘Very Good’ condition and with box and papers, having a listing price of £1,791. Although the watch may look pretty old in design, it carries a typical ‘vintage-look’ that may attract many serious watch collectors. And, we assume that this seller from Brazil would accept £100 less if we made an offer.

While comparing the listing prices of Rolex 69173 on Chrono24, we found that sellers from the USA and Europe tend to ask about £400-500 more than other sellers.

Take this Rolex Datejust 69173 Aftermarket Champagne Diamond dial watch as an example. Check the link below:–id8668670.htm

The watch features an automatic 2135 movement, waterproof screw-down crown, and stainless steel bracelet and 18ct yellow gold Jubilee Clasp. Without the original Rolex box and papers, this seller from the USA has set a listing price of £2,768 for the Rolex 69173 with aftermarket diamond dial.

However, if we made an offer, we presume that the seller would accept at least £200 less as the watch is only in fair condition, showing visible signs of wear.

Here is an example of a pre-owned Rolex 69173 with an original Blue Diamond Degraded dial that comes with only original papers and the listed price is set high at £4,250.

Have a look:–id9760154.htm \

This particular 1998 yellow gold & steel pre-owned watch is sold by one of the trusted sellers of UK – Featuring a blue diamond degraded dial and Jubilee bracelet with folded clasp, the watch comes with one-year Watchfinder’s warranty and only original papers, without the original Rolex box. The watch is also in a ‘Very Good’ condition (with little to no signs of wear).

Another watch we came across is sold by a seller from Romania. This 1988 Rolex Datejust comes in a good condition with little signs of wear and no box or papers. The watch is listed for £1,807.

Check out the link below:–id10018500.htm

Regarding design, the watch offers undoubtedly a ‘vintage-look’ but if you take a close look at bracelet, it appears to be quite loose with more than an average stretch.

Most Rolex watches on Chrono24 are backed by 12months warranty from the sellers.






Watchfinder & Co.

While looking for a cheaper Rolex 69173 selling by Watchfinder & Co., we came across this 31 years old watch with a listed price of £2,805.

The watch comes on a Jubilee bracelet, Champagne Tapestry Baston dial without original box and papers. This watch is absolutely in good condition.

Here’s an example of a Rolex Datejust 69173 that comes with both box and papers.

The watch has a Champagne Baton dial and was manufactured in 1987. The listed price for this watch with box and original papers is £3,315. And, we presume that the seller would accept £100 less for the watch.

Check this link below:

For your peace of mind, every watch on Watchfinder & Co. has a 12-month warranty.



Now, just to make the analysis more interesting, we tried to execute a simple trick. We filled up the sell form of Watchfinder & Co. and requested a price quote, providing virtually the same details like the Rolex 69173 that is mentioned above.

We wanted to ascertain how much they are willing to offer us for the same watch that is being listed for a price of £3,315 in their online store. And, it was just after one day, we received an initial price quote from Watchfinder & Co.

Like us, you might also be interested to know the result.

Have a look!

It is clearly mentioned that ‘our initial offer is between £1,800 and £2,000.’ Although it is not the final offer, there is a difference of about £1,000 between the listed price and the initial quote that Watchfinder & Co. is offering to buy the Rolex Champagne Baton dial 69173.

The Luxury Hut

At The Luxury Hut, we were pretty surprised to notice that a pre-owned Rolex 69173 Two-Tone watch with a full set is listed for a price of £2,850. It is surprising because till now we have not possibly encountered a Rolex 69173 with the original papers and the original Rolex box having such a lower listed price on any other selling platform.

Check it out now:


This 1984 Ladies Rolex Datejust features an original Rolex Silver & yellow Gold stick dial in a 26mm steel case, Yellow Gold fluted bezel and Yellow gold & steel bracelet.

The watch is in good condition, powered by an Automatic movement and comes with the original box and all papers.





Here’s another example of Rolex 69173 that comes with a full set and for the same price:

Featuring an Original Rolex silver & yellow gold dial and yellow gold fluted bezel, the listed price for this 1884 Rolex 69173 is £2,850. The watch is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and all papers.

All the Rolex 69173 at The Luxury Hut are polished, serviced and covered by a comprehensive one year guarantee.


However, we found a Rolex Bi-metal 69173 with original Rolex dial, original box and papers sold for £3,000. Interestingly, the price was pretty less! We were attracted to it at that time.

Have a look at the below link: 


This Rolex 69173 is a 1998 manufactured watch with an original Rolex Champagne dial and a serrated bezel in yellow gold. The watch comes on a bi-metal Jubilee bracelet, and has a strap length that is adjustable up to 16cm. The watch looks well-polished and serviced, offering a contemporary look. From design perspectives, we think that this watch is close enough to the modern designs, but yet provides a classic look.

Looking back, we think that The Luxury Hut offered a pretty good deal on this Rolex watch.



With this overview of the extensive range of Rolex 69173 prices on four different platforms, we took an attempt to provide you with a comprehensive idea about how much the price (listing prices and achievable prices) would vary across different platforms, private sellers and business when buying a pre-owned watch.

And, with the execution of the simple trick of submitting a selling enquiry to popular UK London-based luxury watch seller, we wanted to give you an idea of how much the difference could be between the listed price and the initial quote offered to buy a watch of the same brand and same model.


For the question ‘Where can I sell my pre-owned watch or buy a pre-owned watch for the best price?’ there is probably no definite answer to it. But, we can at least provide you with a piece of advice to help you choose the right platform or a reliable watch dealer:

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch, it is particularly essential that you take some time to do appropriate research, understand the market as well as the watch you are buying and also, confirm that the seller is reputable.

You can check out the seller’s rating or feedback percentage to determine their reliability and also, can look at the watches they have sold in the past. If there is any particular seller who you are considering to buy the watch from, find out if others have been satisfied with buying Rolex from that seller.

You may also take a range of opinions from many Rolex enthusiasts online and ask for references. If you do your research and shop with a reputable seller, you can rest assured that the watch will be fully-refurbished and authenticated. While you may find price discrepancy across different marketplaces, there are also great deals offered by popular and trusted watch sellers.

However, in today’s booming market of second hand watches, the process of selling has become more transparent and straightforward than it was ever before. While potential Rolex buyers are more interested in buying watches rather than selling, you can expect to get fair market value for your second hand watch. Customers looking to sell their pre-owned Rolex watch are usually encouraged to contact potential buyers.

Thus, for those who are wondering ‘what is the best way to sell a Rolex watch for the best price’, begin the process by filling up the online selling form of some trustworthy dealers and get an initial quote. You can then, continue the process of selling with the one who provides you with the best price offer.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Just remember: this is not an ‘all-inclusive’ guide to buying or selling pre-owned watch. We have just tried to be open and transparent about the average asking prices and prices that you are likely to achieve when buying or selling watches on different popular platforms and watch dealers, using Rolex 69173 as an example.

5 Interesting Things to Know Before You Sell Your Rolex Watch

Sell Your Rolex

Ideally, Rolex is the most illustrious and prestigious luxury wristwatch brand that has been around more than a century. The worldwide recognition of this Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer emanates from its compelling success in many fields, superior precision in timekeeping, significant innovations, and flaunting wrists of eminent and noteworthy individuals from Paul Newman to David Beckham. While the Rolex watches tend to hold a resale value with time, it is the most sought-after and collectable wristwatch brand to date. Like many others, you can decide to sell your Rolex watch in a hard-up situation to any potential watch buyers in London or anywhere in the UK for raising the money you need.

Although people often recognise a Rolex watch as a symbol of ultimate luxury and status, there are many things about this Swiss manufacturer that you may not know. Thus, before you begin your search online ‘Sell Rolex watches’ here are five interesting facts that every Rolex owner should know about the manufacturer:

  • Rolex began its timeless journey in Great Britain

Indeed, ‘Rolex’ is the first name that comes to mind when someone asks to name a Swiss watch brand. While Rolex is a Swiss brand and today, each Rolex watch is produced in Switzerland; it may be surprising for you to know that Rolex is not born Swiss.  Rolex was established in 1905 under the name ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’ in Great Britain. The founder, Hans Wilsdorf was German, whereas his brother-in-law Alfred Davis was a Brit.

With the only aim to sell watches rather than manufacturing timepieces, the brand was not making any watch part during that time and was sourcing dials, cases, movements or hands from some of the best suppliers in Swiss. Although the manufacturer used to assemble components from external suppliers, it did not influence the quality of Rolex watches as the brand always maintained a rigorous approach regarding sourcing.

Until 1919, the company remained active in London and began to produce some parts in-house. While the manufacturer realised that Switzerland is the best place for production, the company shifted to Geneva and today, all the main headquarters are based in Geneva as well as Biel.

  • Rolex’s policy always differed from others watchmakers

Rolex had a business plan that differed from other watchmakers in the industry. For example, one of the biggest competitors of Rolex – Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds. All the manufactured Omega watches were sold initially under their founder’s name, and later, Louis Brandt changed it to ‘Omega’, creating a commercial brand.

But, Rolex began the other way around. With the motive to commercialise ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’, the manufacturer formed a commercial body with the name ‘Rolex’. While Rolex is today a wholly integrated manufacturer that certainly makes most of the watch parts in-house, it was only possible after the brand acquired many of its sub-contractors.

Under the third CEO of the brand Patrick Heiniger, many companies unified to Rolex. While Rolex first bought one of the most prominent case makers Genex, they also acquired the company Gay Freres that manufacture most of the Rolex’s Oyster bracelets. Since 1919, Boninchi has been the biggest supplier of crowns for the brand.

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  • Rolex Movement comes with a complex story behind

Rolex has an interesting story associated with their movements. It was presumed that the brand was manufacturing their unique calibres in-house. While it is not wholly wrong, the story is not that simple, and indeed, one name to be considered in this respect is Jean Aegler.

Jean Aegler specialised in producing small movements, particularly for ladies watches. In 1901, Hans Wilsdorf selected Jean Aegler because of his expertise in creating a 20mm diameter movement that was quite impressive in a time when most of the brands were yet manufacturing 40mm or 50mm movements for fitting in pocket watches.  Aegler made movements that were small and specifically, highly precise. However, Rolex movements were exclusive and unique as both Rolex, and the Aegler Company had an agreement that neither Rolex could buy their movements from other manufacturers nor Aegler could sell their productions to any other watch brand.

  • Rolex is a perfect combination of precision and practicality

While the primary motive of Hans Wilsdorf has been to bring accuracy to the wristwatches, he was quite convinced of the future success of the wristwatch after creating Rolex. The fact is, at that time maximum wristwatches were not very precise, particularly in comparison to large pocket timepieces and their chronometer movements. From the early days, Hans Wilsdorf has dreamt of designing wristwatches that are the perfect blend of practicality and precision, and it remains to be the brand’s motto even today.

In the early 1900s, it was quite challenging to have wristwatch movements with higher precision. But, Rolex always has been associated with the Aegler Company for movements. Aegler was not only one of the very few manufacturers that mastered the concept of miniaturisation but also the only one to bring the desired precision in the movements that measured less than 25mm in diameter. Rolex was the first brand to acquire a wristwatch chronometer certified.

In 1914, a Rolex wristwatch was granted a ‘Class A’ certificate by the Kew Observatory in Great Britain for the first time, and this achievement is one of the significant reasons for the everlasting success of the brand.

Today, Rolex is the biggest manufacturer of chronometer-certified wristwatch movements in the world.

  • Rolex produces everything in-house

Each Rolex watch is meticulously crafted by hand in Switzerland, providing utmost dedication and attention for meeting the strict standards of this highly coveted brand. While almost everything is produced from base materials by in-house specialists in one of the three main-production plants, Rolex takes one year to manufacture one perfect watch. All watch parts are hand-assembled and tested independently.

The brand has their factory where they create their unique alloys like Everose Gold, making things a little bit different. Rolex was also one of the first watch brands to bring in ceramic bezels, and the 2008 GMT-Master II was the first watch to feature it.

4 Myths about Rolex Watches You Should Know before selling it for cash

Rolex Watch

Rolex is one of the most prestigious brands that manufacture almost over 2,000 watches per day to meet the market demand. Ever since its introduction in 1905, the name ‘Rolex’ has become synonymous with excellent craftsmanship, precision and the ultimate manifestation of refined luxury. Rolex watches have glorified the wrists of many explorers, achievers and cultural icons across the world.

The esteemed reputation, compelling history and also, the watchmaking expertise to design a luxury watch using stainless steel, precious metals and gems help Rolex timepieces to retain their value over the time. With this in mind, many people often decide to sell their Rolex watch to raise cash right away in a hard-up situation.

Although the brand is globally recognised and admired for making the most reliable, alluring and highly coveted watches, Rolex is also surrounded by many myths.

Here are top 4 myths about Rolex that you should know before you walk out or begin your search online to find out a reliable watch buyer in London or any other big city to sell your Rolex watch for the best market price.

Myth 1: Rolex is a Swiss-American Watch Brand

Rolex is absolutely a Swiss brand, and each Rolex timepiece is manufactured in Switzerland. There are probably two reasons behind the association of this manufacturer with the countries of English speaking:

One, the company was founded originally in London.

Second, it may try to follow a unique global corporate strategy by emphasising the Great Britain and USA.

While the brand has a subdivision and also a company training centre in the US, all the main headquarters are located in Geneva as well as Biel in Switzerland.

Myth 2: Rolex instituted the first testing centre for certifying the watches’ accuracy

The testing centre already existed in the 18th century that studied the momentum of pocket timepieces. Ships at sea also required the optimum watch accuracy possible to estimate the longitude with the help of the sun’s position and the actual time.

Although Rolex may not be the first manufacturer for certifying the precision of watches, the brand was yet the first to verify ‘wrist-watches’. The origination of Rolex watches is strongly interrelated with the visionary spirit of the founder Hans Wilsdorf who realised that timekeepers’ future belongs to the ones worn on a wrist.

With a dream to design an elegant and reliable wristwatch, the manufacturer focused more on the technological advancements to produce perfect and smallest possible watches.

Myth 3: Paul Newman Daytona watches usually have the highest prices at auctions

People typically assume that the most expensive Rolex watches are those of the Daytona series, specifically the ref. ID 6263. It is true that the popular Albino version of 6263 was the most expensive Rolex timepiece sold for a record price of nearly 10 million pounds in 2015.

But the fact is, the sum for which most of the ‘Paul Newman’ models are usually being sold is yet far behind the costliest Rolex timepieces of all time. Indeed, the Rolex 4113 fetched a record sum of 18 Million pounds in 2016 and today, is the most expensive Rolex watch of all time.

Myth 4: A Rolex watch can be sold anywhere for cash

If you decide to sell your Rolex watch to raise instant money, it is essential for you to choose a genuine and professional Rolex watch dealer who truly understands both the historical and monetary value of timepieces manufactured by an elite brand such as Rolex. While a potential watch buyer has the expertise eyes to detect the difference between an original and fake Rolex watch, he/she also has the substantial experience and knowledge to assess a Rolex watch precisely and determine its accurate price.

Thus, before you decide on a particular dealer, it is always essential to spend some minutes online and do a little bit of research. With a long-established and, you can expect to obtain an accurate appraisal and ultimately, the most competitive price for the Rolex model you are interested in selling.

4 Most Popular Rolex Watches that You Can Sell For a Higher Price

Popular Rolex Watches

The most iconic wristwatch brand, Rolex is highly desirable among the watch enthusiasts or collectors worldwide. The brand has always surpassed the expectations of watch lovers by making luxury watches of unique designs and utmost precision. While Rolex watches have been the successful companions of many achievers and adventurers across the globe, they are also celebrity favourite, dignifying the wrists of many notable persons from Roger Federer, Eric Clapton to Victoria Beckham.

Rolex watches tend to hold a high value over the time. While you can expect to get a decent price when selling a second hand Rolex watch for cash, some Rolex models are more popular and coveted both among the watch collectors and potential watch buyers in the second hand market and eventually, can fetch you a higher price.

Whether you are looking for “How to sell Rolex in London” to meet your short-term monetary needs or to raise money to invest in a new model, check out these four most sought-after Rolex models that tend to have a high resale value in the second hand market:

* Rolex Datejust

With an unparallel history and impressive mechanics, Rolex Datejust became a perfect model for many modern watches. In 1945, the brand introduced a date window to the watch dial as well as an automatic winding feature that automatically updated the date every day at midnight. One of the distinctive features of the Rolex Datejust is the magnifying date bubble known as the ‘Cyclops’.

Sell My Rolex Datejust

While the watch has hardly changed in its appearance over the 50 years, Rolex has designed it using many luxury components and embellishments but retaining its classic, unique look. Some of the noteworthy wearers of Rolex Datejust are Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Dalai Lama.

However, the resale value of second hand Rolex Datejust models will vary based on its design, expensive materials and desirability in the second hand market.

* Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner was the first ever waterproof watch produced by the Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer. Since its launch in 1954, the timepiece became immediately famous and today is one of the most recognised as well as desirable watch model among the watch collectors. Although the brand has released the new editions of the Submariner, its philosophy of beauty remains close to the quintessential 1950s design.

Sell My Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner features a multi-directional bezel that helps the divers in monitoring the diving depth, time and also, in operating safely with the gloves when underwater. Some of the Rolex Submariner models bear the most desirable vintage Rolex designs, and a rare model is known to have sold for nearly more than half a million dollars in 2017 in Geneva.

* Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona boasts to be one of the best Rolex timepieces of all time. Rolex introduced the Daytona in 1963, designed specifically for racing drivers. One of the most significant aspects of the Rolex Daytona is the intricate tachymeter, and indeed, the watch could measure a precise speed up to 400km/hr.

Sell My Rolex Daytona

While most Daytona versions had black dials, some also featured exotic white dials. However, the most notable features on the dials are the classic sign of Rolex and the three sub-dials that offer a more detailed time account. The compact, classic look, the complex movement under the hood and the high-quality materials make the Rolex Daytona one of the most valuable and sought-after luxury watches.

Some of the rare Daytona versions are reportedly known to have sold for more than £38,309 in auctions. As with nearly all Rolex watches, the value of your Rolex Daytona watch can significantly increase if it is a rare vintage model or one of the most sought-after ones.

* Rolex GMT-Master

Like many other Rolex watches, the Rolex GMT-Master was explicitly designed for navigators and pilots. The GMT-Master is one of the most famous Rolex watches and apparently, it experienced one of the longest runs in production in the brand’s history.

Sell My Rolex GMT-Master

The watch was initially designed in 1954 in association with Pan Am Airways and had a distinctive feature that could exhibit two distinct time-zones at once. The signature black dial with white embellishment made reading easy in the dimly lit cabin of a train or plane. However, the most popular version is the Rolex GMT-Master 1675 with the red and blue bezel.

Although a rare vintage Rolex model or the most coveted Rolex watch can fetch you a higher price in the resale market, many factors are taken into account to assess the actual value of a particular Rolex watch. For example, an old Rolex watch in close-to pristine condition may worth more than the one in poor condition. Besides, the documents like the receipts, original certificate, servicing papers and also, the original box often bestow a direct impact on the final price that a professional Rolex buyer like The Luxury Hut is willing to buy your pre-owned Rolex watch.

If you are looking to sell your used Rolex for cash, it is prime-requisite to find out a trustworthy watch buyer who not only apprehends the real value of luxury watches like Rolex but also ensure to make the process of selling smooth and more convenient for you, be it is online or via appointment.

With a trustworthy Rolex watch buyer like The Luxury Hut, you can rest assured to obtain a professional valuation and ultimately, the most competitive price when selling your old Rolex watch in London or from anywhere in the UK.