Review: The Refurbished Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rolex Air-King: The Fascinating History & Evolution over the Years

rolex airking

The Rolex Air-King is one of the oldest watches in the brand’s catalogue that is yet in production today.

Rolex originally designed the model for World War II pilots. However, the Air-King has remained a mainstay of the brand’s collection over the years for its simple functionality and durability.

Rolex has upgraded the Air-King model dramatically throughout its production history. But it is something unusual for Rolex timepieces.

The manufacturer indeed refines and upgrades its watch models but retain the classic aesthetics that make them one-of-a-kind and recognisable.

Moreover, the Air-King initially came with an underrated design, but today, the watch flaunts dynamic and bold design.

Let’s delve into the intriguing history and evolution of the Rolex’s pilot’s watch – the Air-King.

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The First Rolex Air-King

After WWII subsided, Rolex unveiled an Oyster “Air” collection for paying homage to the pilots of British Royal Air Force who had worn Oyster watches during the war.

However, the series included four models – the Air-Giant, Air-Lion, Air-Tiger and the Air-King.

Rolex produced all these models until the 1960s, but only the Air-King version persisted.

  • In 1945, Rolex introduced the ever first Air-King watch as the reference 4925.
  • It was a stainless steel Rolex Air-King watch featuring a simple design.
  • The watch flaunted the innovative and famous Oyster case in stainless steel, clear readable dial and smooth bezel.

Following the reference 4925, Rolex released the Air-King ref. 4499 after a year.

However, both these earlier references were powered by the hand-wound Calibre 10.5 movement.

  • In 1953, the Rolex Air-King 6552 made its debut and what makes it significant is its self-winding movement.
  • Rolex equipped the reference 6552 with the Calibre 1030 mechanical movement. Eventually, the dial exhibits the text “Oyster Perpetual Air-King”.

However, what does Oyster Perpetual mean?

In Rolex language, while the “Oyster” word refers to the water-resistant case, the term “Perpetual” signifies an automatic movement.

Moreover, the Air-King reference 6552 also featured the trademark Air-King script font. This detail continues to be on the modern Air-King watches.

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Rolex Air-King Reference 5500

With the Air-King Ref. 5500, Rolex cemented the watch model’s design pattern.

Introduced in 1957, the reference 5500 is considered as the archetypal vintage Air-King.

  • The watch featured a 34mm stainless steel Oyster case, domed steel bezel and a matching steel Oyster bracelet.
  • Moreover, the reference 5500 had a light silver or cream coloured dial with silver baton indexes and acrylic crystal.

The Air-King 5500 also housed the same movement as in the iconic divers’ watch Rolex Submariner – the proprietary Calibre 1520.

  • However, some iterations displaying “Precision” on the dial are powered by Calibre 1520.
  • On the contrary, the ones with the text “Super Precision” on the dial run on Calibre 1530.

Interestingly, the Air-King 5500 enjoyed nearly three decades of production run. However, Rolex made several upgrades to the model during this production period.

For example, the manufacturer replaced the radium luminescence with Tritium in the middle of 1960s.

Variations of the Air-King Reference 5500

Rolex also designed and developed many variations of the classic Air-king 5500. It included the Air-King 5501, 5502, 5504 and 5506.

While some versions were produced for export markets, others featured either an added date window or a larger case.

However, in about 1958, Rolex produced the Air-King references 5501, 5502 and 5506 exclusively for the UK, US and Commonwealth markets.

  • The Air-King ref. 5501 featured a two-toned case with fluted gold bezel.
  • On the other hand, the reference 5502 and 5506 editions sported gold-plated cases.
  • Moreover, reference 5504 had a more prominent steel 35mm case.
  • Interestingly, some of these iterations featured the Explorer-style dials and Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock side.

Indeed, Rolex Air-King is more popularly recognised as a time-only Rolex model. However, the brand also two Air-King Date versions – one is Air-King Date Steel 5700 and another, the bi-metal Air-King Date 5701.

In the mid of 1970s, Rolex also added another variation in the form of Air-King 5520.

Rolex Air-King Reference 14000

Rolex unleashed the next generation of the Air-King collection in 1989 as the reference 14000 and 14010.

Both the references featured 34mm steel cases, steel Oyster bracelets and time-only dials.

So what’s the difference between the Air-King 14000 and Air-King 14010?

  • The difference between the two watches lies only in the bezel.
  • While the reference 14010 flaunts a steel engine-turned bezel, the reference 14000 comes with a smooth steel bezel.

However, the Air-King 140xx family exhibited the significant updates that Rolex made to the Air-King collection. The upgraded features include Calibre 3000 and sapphire crystals.

What’s more?

In the mid of 1990s, Rolex began using Luminova rather than self-luminous Tritium found in earliest iterations.

Moreover, the Air-King reference 14000M and reference 14010M made its debut in 2000.

Here, the “M” means “modified”, and it signifies the updated Calibre 3010 movement that powers the watches.

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Rolex Air-King Reference 114200

The six-digit Rolex Air-King 114200 made its debut in 2007, replacing the earlier five-digit iteration.

However, the manufacturer retained the similar underrated silhouette of the Air-King, offering a steel Oyster 34mm case, steel Oyster bracelet and a smooth bezel.

The more significant fact is that –

The Air-King ref. 114200, as well as its variations, was the first watches in its collection that received chronometer certification.

Although they were still powered by Calibre 3010 movement, the references were COSC-certified flaunting the text “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on their dials.

However, the Rolex Air-King reference 114200 was in production until 2014.

Rolex Air-King Reference 116900

The Rolex Air-King reincarnated after a two-year interval, in an entirely refurbished style.

The Air-King reference 116900 appeared drastically different from its earlier siblings.

The ref. 116900 is a steel watch with time-only functionality. But the watch sports a bigger 40mm case and one-of-a-kind dial style.

  • The unique black dial flaunts a combination of an inverted luminescent triangle at 12 o’clock, hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock side, and minute markers in the left-over places.
  • Moreover, Rolex today offers the Air-King with Mercedes-style luminescent hands as found in other sports models of the brand such as the Submariner or GMT-Master.
  • The black dial is further accentuated with a green logo of “ROLEX”, a yellow Rolex crown and a green seconds-hand.

Like all other Air-King watches, Rolex also fitted the reference 116900 with an Oyster bracelet.

However, the bracelet is incredibly upgraded with solid end & centre links and Oysterclasp with Easylink extension, making it sturdy, durable and comfortable.

Additionally, the Rolex Air-King 116900 watch runs on an automatic Calibre 3131 movement.

Interestingly, it is the same antimagnetic movement that Rolex houses in its Milgauss collection.

However, the movement offers a power reserve of nearly 48hours and a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day.

Overall, the Rolex Air-King is a versatile collection from Rolex that includes classic models with simple aesthetics as well as modern versions with bold style.

The brand has produced many popular Air-King watches over the years.

The Rolex Air-King has proved its strong appeal in its 75years of history. And the watch will indeed persevere to be a significant part of the brand’s history for much more years to come.

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A Guide to New Rolex Warranty Card 2020

Each Rolex watch that is officially sold comes with a warranty card. However, the card may look different based on the location of the sale.

Warrant cards are indeed a significant addition to the purchase of a Rolex timepiece for two reasons –

One, the card will verify the authenticity of the Rolex watch.

And secondly, it will add to the watch’s resale value.

It means that if you retain the warranty card and decide to sell your Rolex watch any time, you are likely to obtain a top price for it.

However, Rolex has not made any update to its warranty card for many years.

On the contrary, other Swiss watchmakers have made many significant upgrades to their cards in some way or the other.

Thus, Rolex was lagging behind others in the horological industry in this respect. However, there were speculations recently circulating about a new warranty card type from the brand.

And, it is today evident that the famous Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer has finally updated its watches’ warranty cards. Let’s explore more about it.

How does a Rolex warranty card initially look like?

Rolex watches that come with warranty cards, beginning in 2015 have consisted of the following things –

  • Name (authorised retailer)
  • Date of purchase space
  • Land code (LC) – It indicates the official retailer’s country
  • Space for the buyer’s name
  • Model (reference number)
  • Serial Number

Some cards also include particular details of the timepiece like the bracelet or dial type.

However, the old warranty card of the brand had two principal concerns –

  • First, the name is written on the warranty card. The fact is that the name has ideally nothing to do other than revealing the buyer’s information.
  • Secondly, Rolex watch owners can lose the warranty cards unwittingly. However, it would signify losing out on the warranty.

And you already are aware that warranty card is essential to retain as it will verify the authenticity and add value when you sell your Rolex to trusted watch buyers in London or any other big cities.

Thus, Rolex took into consideration all these factors strictly and has now come up with its new warranty card 2020.

The New Rolex Warranty Card for 2020

So, are you wondering what changes and upgrades Rolex made to its new warranty card?

The new Rolex warranty card includes:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Date of purchase.

However, the new cards do not contain two things – One is the Land code and other, name of the buyer.

Keep in mind that the new warranty card style is an early rollout of 2020. Thus, many Rolex timepieces will yet come with the old generation warranty card.

However, Rolex will offer some models with its new warranty cards. Eventually, Rolex watches sold in 2020 will have old and new warranty cards side-by-side.

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Indeed, the warranty card, papers and also the original box of your Rolex watch will confirm its authenticity and add value.

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What Makes Rolex Watches Different?

Rolex is a leading name in the luxury wristwatch industry. It is ideally the most esteemed and valuable brand dedicated only on watchmaking.

However, the brand makes watches that play a role beyond a mere time-telling device.

Luxury, extravagance, class and boldness are the standard terms that collectors use when they refer to Rolex watches.

Moreover, Rolex makes use of the best of materials and technical components to craft their luxury watches.

Thus, virtually all Rolex watches retain their value well with time and some models even increase in value over the years.

And this makes Rolex watches worthy of investment.

So, what makes Rolex watches different from others?

Here are four of the most significant factors that make the brand and its creations unique and highly desirable than watches of other brands.

Continue reading!

Rolex Watch Materials Produced In-house

The primary factor that makes Rolex watches different is the brand’s patented materials.

Rolex uses the 904L stainless steel to craft its timepieces. Rolex is the only watch brand known to utilise this exclusive, higher grade of steel.

  • The 316L steel is the one that most other watch manufacturers, also high-end luxury names use in making their watches.
  • However, 904L steel is more robust and harder significantly due to the presence of copper, molybdenum, nickel, and chromium.
  • Moreover, the patented Rolex steel also offers higher resistance to corrosion.
  • Additionally, each part of a Rolex watch, including the cases and bracelets are made of solid gold.

The Rolex’s Everose gold is the signature alloy that the brand released in 2005.

Rolex produces this unique alloy by combining pure gold and smaller amounts of copper as well as platinum.

However, the precious Everose gold offers more resistance to fading than the only-gold timepieces.

Watch naives may wonder why Rolex watches are so expensive. The patented watch materials of the brand contribute significantly to the hefty price tags of Rolex watches.

“The Rolex Way” to Manufacture Watches

Rolex does not outsource any materials, be it is a small watch part or a whole movement.

This means the brand produces everything in-house, including a tiny gear, screw, and spring.

  • Rolex has its factory built at the Headquarters in Switzerland.
  • The manufacturer smelts steel, platinum and gold in the factory and manages everything there on their own.

However, the factory indeed is equipped with some high-end machines.

But Rolex has the world’s most trained professionals allegedly to execute the majority of the work by hands-only.

The True Chronographs

The word “Chronograph” typically means that a watch has stopwatch functionality.

However, the term “Chronograph” means a lot more for Swiss watch manufacturers.

The COSC or Swiss Organization Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers was established in 1973 for chasing dubious claims by watch manufacturers.

Now, the fact is:

The COSC has stringent standards to certify chronographs and only a few watches can pass their test.

However, Rolex is ideally the only brand to have all its watches COSC certified.

Rolex watches typically command a higher resale value

Undoubtedly, a Rolex watch is the ultimate representation of luxury, sophistication and class.

Rolex makes each watch with utmost care and precision, using precious metals and top-notch components.

The intriguing history, high-end materials and “The Rolex Way” make the watches of the brand the most sought-after also in the pre-owned market.

Thus, it is typically much more convenient to sell Rolex watches than selling watches of other brands.

Moreover, potential Rolex watch buyers in London or any other big cities are often willing to pay a premium for a Rolex watch, especially if it is in excellent working condition.

Thus, a Rolex watch is indeed a good investment as it can help you to secure fast cash in a hard-up situation.

However, it is essential to keep in mind:

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets you can consider selling to raise some fast cash.

But selling a highly valuable asset like a Rolex watch can often be daunting.

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What Makes the Rolex Sea-Dweller So Special Today?

The Rolex Sea-Dweller has been the watch of choice for professional deep-sea divers for decades.

This ultimate tool watch is one of the best divers’ timepieces in the world with a fascinating history.

Rolex developed the watch initially in conjunction with the French company, COMEX.

However, the Sea-Dweller is ideally not the first watch to strike the mind when you think of Rolex timepieces.

The more recognised and cherished Rolex collections include the iconic diver’s watch Submariner that has been made more famous by James Bond.

On the other hand, the revolutionary Rolex Datejust is esteemed as the imposing predecessor of the modern dress watch.

Thus, the Rolex Sea-Dweller model has always been pretty out of the spotlight. However, this is ideally one of its strengths.

Let’s us today explore how the Sea-Dweller came into being and what are the factors that make the timepiece so beloved today.

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Origination of the Sea-Dweller in 1967

In the 1960s, the French company COMEX required a diving timepiece for its professional divers who worked on deep-sea oil rags.

Rolex collaborated with COMEX as well as Doxa S.A. and produced the patented helium escape valve.

The brand created the Submariner reference 5514 exclusively to cater to the needs of COMEX.

However, Rolex later introduced a new model featuring the helium escape valve.

And the Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 1665 made its debut in 1967.

Initially, the watch was water-resistance up to an impressive 2,000ft.

However, the earlier designs of the Sea-Dweller were similar to the Submariner COMEX Reference 5514.

Thus, Rolex engraved red texts “Sea-Dweller” and “Submariner 2000” on the dial for setting the model apart.

Factors that Makes the Sea-Dweller Exclusive Today

Rolex introduced the more contemporary version of the Sea-Dweller in 2008.

The manufacturer equipped the Rolex DeepSea Reference 116660 with some top-notch features, making it unique and desirable today.

  • The watch comes with the patented Ringlock System.
  • It has a robust ring in the middle of the titanium case-back
  • Moreover, the sapphire crystal of the watch makes it water-resistant under extreme pressure.

The DeepSea Ref 116660 also features the proprietary helium escape valve.

However, Rolex upgraded and released the Sea-Dweller 4000.

The watch flaunts the scratch-proof Cerachrom bezel that won’t fade with time and also, resistant to U.V. rays.

Rolex also offered the reference the impressive Glidelock bracelet with Oysterlock clasp.

Later in 2017, Rolex released the newer modern Sea-Dweller to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original model.

Interestingly, this new model flaunts the red wording, paying tribute to the original.

However, the Sea-Dweller of 2017 features a bigger 43mm case and a magnifier over the date window.

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The Latest Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 126603

The current Sea-Dweller ref 126603 in bi-tone steel and yellow gold gained attention with its more elegant appeal.

However, the watch retains many features of its 2017 predecessor.

  • The reference 126603 comes with a 43mm case and a helium escape valve on the left side.
  • Moreover, it flaunts the same Cerachrom bezel and houses the same Calibre 3235 movement.
  • But now, Rolex offered the watch in a striking “Yellow Rolesor”. The case and outer bracelet links are crafted of steel.

On the contrary, the crown, bezel and inner links are made of solid gold.

However, the Yellow Rolesor Sea-Dweller impressed the practical-minded watch aficionados than professional divers.

Indeed, a Rolex Sea-Dweller with its iconic black dial and red lettering can create a statement at work.

But this ultimate tool watch is exclusively built to steer the precision of the most professional deep-sea divers of the world.

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How to Sell My Rolex for the Best Price?

rolex daytona

A time may come when you decide to sell your Rolex watch to obtain some fast cash. Regardless of whatever the reason might be, you would want to secure the best value of your luxury watch as much as possible.

However, the process is often easier said than done, especially if you selling a luxury watch for the first time.

The fact is that you will find hundreds of watch buyers near you or online, claiming to offer the best price for your Rolex.

Thus, it can be quite challenging to know where to turn to sell your Rolex watch finally.

With reputed and trustworthy watch buyers like at The Luxury Hut, selling your Rolex watch will be quicker and secure. You can also rest assured that you will receive the best price for your pre-owned Rolex watch from such a trusted dealer.

However, today it takes less than a minute to find out how much a Rolex is worth in the current market.

But you may still need simple guidance so that you can sell your watch with full confidence.

Thus, here are four simple steps to follow while selling Rolex watches for the best price in London or any other big cities. Have a look!

Gather all the details about your Rolex

Before hopping over to any trusted watch buyers to sell Rolex watches, it is essential to gather all necessary details about your timepiece.

Specifically, you should know the following things about your Rolex:

  • The model number of your watch – you can find it on its original papers or by removing the bracelet. The number is typically engraved between the lugs under the bracelet.
  • The serial number – Know how to find out the serial number of a Rolex watch
  • Original paperwork, box, warranty papers, any receipts or service papers of the timepiece
  • Your watch’s age and condition

However, the original box and paperwork will also help in verifying the authenticity of your Rolex watch.

Thus, if you retain these original documents, they will significantly add to the overall watch’s value.

With all the above information, you can get in touch with any potential watch buyers to get a competitive quote for your Rolex.

Choose a trusted watch buyer

The next significant step to sell Rolex watches for the best price is to choose a reputed and trusted dealer.

While there are a lot of dealers available, you may wonder:

Where can I sell my Rolex watch without getting defrauded?

With over 40years of combined experience, The Luxury Hut specialises in dealing with all kinds of Rolex watches.

With a viable online platform and an office in Hatton Garden, London, we provide our customers with two convenient options for selling Rolex watches by appointment or online.

Expert evaluators at The Luxury Hut have substantial knowledge of the second hand luxury watch market. Moreover, we continually monitor the changing Rolex market trends and prices.

Thus, we are always able to offer a fair and competitive price for any Rolex watches sold to us, be it is a vintage Rolex or a contemporary one.

We pride ourselves on our competitive price offers payment speed and unrivalled customer service.

With The Luxury Hut, you can rest assured that you will sell your Rolex for a price that is possibly the best in the market.

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Receive a free valuation

The best way to ascertain how much your Rolex is worth is by filling up our online form.

Make sure that you provide all information about your watch as much as possible. Moreover, attach its good-quality photos taken from various angles.

The photos will help us in perceiving your asset’s condition better and eventually, can determine a more accurate price.

One of the associates at The Luxury Hut will contact you as soon as possible with a no-obligation price quote by phone or email.

Sell your Rolex watch & get paid within minutes

The Luxury Hut offers a secure and straightforward way to sell Rolex watches online or via appointment.

If you are satisfied with your quote, you can choose any of these convenient ways that suit you to get the final price:

  • Send us your watch – We may arrange a specialised and insured delivery envelope to send us your luxury watch, along with all relevant details that may add value.

We will evaluate every detail precisely and contact you with the final price that we are willing to pay for your watch.

If you accept it, we will pay you instantly via your preferred method of payment.

  • Book an appointment – Call on 0207 242 5411 to book an appointment and visit our office in Hatton Garden, London with your Rolex.

We will assess your watch instantly and make you a final offer. Accept it and get paid in cash on the spot.

Thus, get in touch with us at The Luxury Hut today and sell your Rolex watch for the best price possible in the market.

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5 Unique Facts to Know About Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex introduced the all-gold Yacht-Master II in 2007. Since then, the brand has made several upgrades and released various versions of the model.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is indeed considered as a unique creation from the brand that worth all our attention.

The watch comes with a too bold appearance. However, Rolex furnished the model with top-notch functionalities, including an exclusively programmable and precise movement.

Let’s today explore five unique and indeed, fascinating facts about the innovative Rolex Yacht-Master II.

  • Features the Largest Case Size

The Rolex Yacht-Master II features a bigger 44mm case diameter, available in yellow gold, steel, white gold, and also, Rolesor.

  • However, it is not only the 44mm case that makes the watch look bigger.
  • Rolex also equipped the Yacht-Master exclusively with the more angular lugs.

Thus, with larger case size and more angular lugs, the Rolex Yacht-Master II offers a bold and more prominent look.

  • A Smarter Regatta Countdown chronograph

Rolex designed a unique complication that is exclusive to the Yacht-Master II collection.

It is an eccentric iteration of the Regatta programmable countdown chronograph.

So, how it works?

Users can select any time between one and ten minutes. And, as soon as chronograph starts functioning, it will do the countdown accurately.

However, Rolex devised this feature apparently for sailors who compete in yacht races.

The fact is that these sailors have to precisely track the 10minutes countdown to the beginning of the race.

sell rolex london

  • Complex yet easy-to-use movement

The Rolex Yacht-Master II sports a unique-looking bezel, popularly known as the “Ring Command” bezel.

Rolex engineers have indeed strived hard to create an easy-to-use complicated mechanics.

  • However, wearers can set and lock the 10minutes countdown program by merely rotating the bezel counterclockwise.
  • Rotate the crown keeping the bezel in the setting position.

It will eventually move the big central-hand along the scale of one to ten minutes, thereby programming the beginning point of the timer.

  • The Patented Bezel with Cerachrom insert

Rolex equipped the Ring Command bezel with a Cerachrom insert.

However, the only exception to this is the white gold Yacht-Master II version that comes with a solid platinum bezel insert.

  • Nonetheless, the patented ceramic aka “Cerachrom” is more rigid, and resistant to corrosion, scratches, and also colour.

Moreover, the manufacturer coated numerals on the bezel with platinum and gold, offering an added sheen.

  • Powered by COSC-certified movement

Each Rolex movement has to mandatory pass the stringent COSC chronometer tests. It ensures that the movement is maintaining precision timekeeping between -4 and +6 per day.

However, the brand has designed its Superlative Chronometer test that ensures an incredible precision of -2/+2 seconds per day from an automatic movement.

Where to sell my Rolex online?

The Luxury Hut provides its customers with a quick, secure and straightforward way to sell Rolex watches online in London or from any other big cities.

The process is simple.

  • Fill up this online form
  • Receive a free valuation via email or phone
  • Send your watch to us for a more detailed assessment
  • Get your final offer
  • Accept it and get paid immediately.

However, with professional and trusted watch buyers at The Luxury Hut, you are likely to get the best price for any Rolex models that you are looking to sell.

Thus, get in touch with us today and sell your Rolex watch for the fairest possible price in London.

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3 of the Rarest Watches in Rolex’s History

Today, Rolex makes watches that combine form, functionality, and balance effortlessly.

A Rolex watch is synonymous with luxury, class, and precision. While they tend to retain a high resale value with time, a Rolex watch is worthy of investment.

However, if you go a few generations back, you would find that it has not always been the way like it is today.

The manufacturer had to go through a trial and error process to settle on its core watch collection finally.

Interestingly, some of the experimental models yet persist today in limited numbers.

Today, we will be exploring three of the most unique and rarest watches that Rolex produced in its lifetime. Let’s take a look!

1. Rolex Daytona “Unicorn” Reference 6265/9

In 1970, Rolex made the ref. 6265/9 of entirely white gold, making it the most unique and luxurious Daytona version till that time.

However, what made the watch more appealing was ideally its unique “Sigma” dial.

  • The Daytona “Unicorn” flaunts a black dial with contrasting white gold indexes and sub-counters.
  • Moreover, the dial displays the Greek letters bounding the text “T Swiss T” at the 6 o’clock position, referring to as the “Sigma” dial.
  • Indeed, Rolex watches with Sigma dials are highly coveted among collectors.

However, they are ideally not more popular than the Daytona ref. 6265/9 with the Sigma dial.

The Rolex Daytona “Unicorn” spent many years in the high-end personal collection of John Goldberger.

In 2018, the watch went up for auction, thereby becoming the second most expensive Rolex timepiece ever sold.

2. Rolex Day-Date Reference 1831

In the late 1970s, Rolex produced the Day-Date ref. 1831 exclusively for the Shah of Iran.

  • This rare watch houses a movement that is exclusive to this reference.
  • Moreover, Rolex also furnished the watch with a variety of dials.
  • The manufacturer allegedly made only eight examples.

Now, the interesting fact is that:

Many people typically consider the Day-Date 1831 with integrated bracelet and squared-off case to be an Oysterquartz watch. Why?

This is because Rolex released the timepiece around the same period.

However, the fact is that the brand equipped the reference 1831 with an automatic Calibre 1566 movement.

  • Rolex offered all these versions in solid platinum.
  • Moreover, the Day-Date 1831 is one of the heaviest watches in the brand’s catalogue, weighing nearly 300grams.
  • Rolex embellished its hour markers and bezels with diamonds and offered different colour dials, mainly for the Shah.

Some iteration sported silver or black dials; whereas others featured vibrant lacquered Stella Dials.

Overall, reference 1831 is a model that is hardly ever encountered or also mentioned among seasoned professionals.

3. Rolex Non-Oyster Chronograph Reference 2737

Indeed, the Rolex Daytona is the most famous and desirable watch today.

However, it was not the brand’s first try at a chronograph.

Rolex produced the reference 2737 after the creation of the iconic Oyster case.

Regardless, this watch comes with the prevailing snap-on case-back.

  • The ref. 2737 features a traditional dial layout, known as “Regulator”.
  • Clock and watch manufacturers used these precise chronometers as a reference for setting the time on their pieces.
  • Moreover, while the minute, seconds and hour-hands are arranged on their sub-dials, it makes the watch more legible.
  • The Calibre 13’’’ lever movement powers the Rolex reference 2737.
  • The watch flaunts an inner spiral tachymeter and outer telemeter scale.
  • It also features a 36mm stainless steel case with slender lugs and Arabic numeral markings.

Moreover, the tooth-flanked winding crown features two oval-shaped pushers for operating the chronograph.

Overall, all these watches are indeed appealing, practical, and extremely rare creations, unlike anything prevailing in the brand’s current catalogue.

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The Evolution of The Automatic Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

evolution of the automatic rolex cosmograph daytona

Introduced in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has today become itself a brand.

The Daytona is indeed the most recognised, the most commercially successful and the most sought-after Rolex model.

Whether it is the Zenith references or the Newman version, the watch has turned to be a rebellion unlike any other watch in the market.

However, the Rolex Daytona is known to have captured people’s attention when it became an automatic timepiece.

It was in the late 1980s when Rolex upgraded its cornerstone chronograph collection, introducing the automatic Daytona.

Thus, let’s us today explore the evolution of the Rolex Daytona – from using the Zenith El Primero movement to the patented in-house automatic movement.

The Zenith Rolex Daytona

Launched in 1988, the first automatic Rolex Daytona versions flaunted the same design like the earlier manual-wound Daytona.

However, both were overall different chronographs.

  • Rolex equipped the then-new Daytona with a more prominent 40mm Oyster case and crown guards.
  • They also sported durable Triplock winding crown and screw-down chronograph pushers.
  • Moreover, the then-new Rolex Daytona watches featured scratch-resistant sapphire crystals instead of acrylic ones.

Rolex made some refinements in the new dials, retaining the registers’ of the trio at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

For example, the brand offered pointed tips to the applied baton indexes, using the luminous element more profusely.

However, the automatic Daytona of this era flaunted metal bezels, carved with the signature tachymeter scale.

Now, here comes the most significant upgrade:

  • Rolex fitted the then-new Daytona references with an automatic movement.
  • The first generation of these watches housed the Calibre 4030, offering power reserve up to 54hours.
  • However, Calibre 4030 is not Rolex’s in-house movement.

In fact, it is based on the popular Zenith El Primero movement that featured a horizontal clutch and a column wheel.

Nonetheless, Rolex made significant modifications to the movement according to the needs of the Daytona.

The manufacturer added a new escapement, removed the date, and also, reduced the frequency rate to 28,800bph from 36,000bph.

Rolex is known to have made more than 200 upgrades to the original Calibre Zenith El Primero for producing the Calibre 4030.

Rolex Daytona & In-House Movement

Rolex launched its new in-house movement in 2000 – the Calibre 4130.

The patented Calibre 4130 features a vertical clutch system that is more efficient than the usual lateral clutch system.

  • However, the movement has a power reserve of 72hours.
  • The Rolex Daytona watches housing the new movement retained the similar 40mm Oyster case, winding crown and screw-down pushers.

Moreover, Rolex had to modify the dial to fit the movement.

For instance, Rolex switched the positions of the sub-dials at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock to place the running seconds at 6 o’clock.

Rolex Daytona & Ceramic Bezel

Rolex added the new ceramic bezel to the Daytona collection in 2011.

The Rolex Daytona reference 116515LN featured the proprietary ceramic bezel for the first time.

  • Moreover, the special anniversary Daytona edition 116506 featured a brown Cerachrom bezel.
  • It was also the first Daytona available in platinum.
  • Rolex continued to add the famous ceramic bezel to many other metal Daytona references like the yellow gold reference 116518LN.

However, the significant fact is that Rolex furnished the new Daytona ceramic bezel references with the in-house Calibre 4130.

Interestingly, the manufacturer reformulated the label “Superlative Chronometer Certified” in 2015. It ensured a five-year warranty with -/+2 accuracy rating.

Overall, it’s no surprise that the automatic Rolex Daytona is one of the world’s most coveted chronographs that combines incredible mechanics, impressive design with extensive options of styles and metals.

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3 Factors that Make the Rolex Datejust 36 So Remarkable

The Rolex Datejust is one of the longest-running models in the brand’s catalogue. Launched in 1945, it is among the Rolex’s most recognisable and iconic watches.

The Rolex Datejust is not only a significant model in the history of Rolex but also in the horology industry.

However, the iconic Rolex Datejust 36 is considered to be the ultimate dress watch in the Datejust collection.

Thus, we will be today exploring the essential factors that make the Datejust 36 so remarkable. Take a look!

  • Versatility

Rolex released the Datejust originally in yellow gold. Over the years, the brand offered the model in different metal choices like all steel and bi-tone (Rolesor).

The brand also offered the Datejust 36 in a 5-link Jubilee or 3-link Oyster bracelet.

  • However, some earlier all-gold versions of Datejust also came with leather straps.
  • The Datejust collection offers a wide range of bezel options like fluted, smooth, diamond or engine-turned.
  • However, Rolex does not provide the current Datejust 36 references with an engine-turned bezel or in a solid-gold silhouette.

The watch comes with a self-winding Perpetual movement housed within a waterproof case.

sell rolex watch now

  • Movements

Rolex has fitted the Datejust 36 watches with several self-winding movements over the years.

A few years ago, every Datejust 36 watch housed the Calibre 3135 movement that was introduced in the late 1980s.

However, the Calibre 3135 is a self-winding, chronometer-certified movement.

It features Parachrom blue hairspring and a traverse balance spring, offering 28,800bph frequency and power reserve up to 48hours.


In 2018, Rolex upgraded the Datejust 36, fitting it with the Calibre 3235.

  • The Calibre 3235 is a new generation movement that comes with more effective Chronergy Escapement.
  • It also features the patented Paraflex shock absorbers, thereby offering 70-hour power reserve and +2/-2 seconds accuracy per day.
  • Overall, the Rolex Datejust 36 is a perfect watch that can accommodate any lifestyle.

The watch is instantly recognised and regarded as the most luxurious dress watch, eventually making it highly sought-after.

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  • Innovations

Rolex has made several upgrades to the Datejust ever since it was released.

A notable improvement includes the Oyster case that features a Twinlock crown.

However, the Twinlock crown screws inside the middle Monobloc case, offering water-resistance up to a depth of 100m.

Additionally, the current models flaunt a carved rehaut and a scratchproof sapphire crystal with a Cyclops lens.

  • The dials and hands feature Chromalight or Super-LumiNova based on the production year.
  • However, the dials of earlier Rolex Datejust 36 references flaunt small luminescent dots only with applied hour markers.
  • On the contrary, many modern iterations feature applied-luminous markers.
  • Moreover, Rolex offered the Datejust 36 watches with different bracelet options.
  • Newer editions of the bracelet sport entirely solid side, centre-links, and solid end-links with a secure clasp.

However, the high-polished, wider lugs and its design offer the model a more significant presence on the wrist and a modern look.

The contemporary models with Jubilee, as well as the Oyster bracelets, feature the brand’s Easylink extension system. It helps in achieving the perfect fit.

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Review: The Refurbished Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller Review

In 1953, Rolex introduced the first divers’ watch, the Submariner, followed by the Sea-Dweller in 1967.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller flaunted a virtually identical design. Regardless, the watch featured a more pressure-resistant case and a patented helium-escape valve.

In 2017, the brand launched a new model, replacing its previous reference that debuted in 2014.

However, the new reference was introduced to commemorate 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller.

Interestingly, Rolex made extensive and numerous alterations to the Sea-Dweller. Let’s today explore them out.

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The New Rolex Sea-Dweller: Design

rolex bracelet

The upgraded Sea-Dweller appears quite similar to a more substantial version of the Submariner 40mm.

  • The watch flaunts the diver’s bezel, minute strokes and a dial with its name engraved in red letters.
  • Moreover, the case looks less angular and more elegant with narrower lugs.

The bracelet appears slightly narrow on the Rolex Deepsea, but it is comparatively wider.

  • Thus, it offers a more proportional appearance on the new Rolex Sea-Dweller.

When it comes to the height (15mm), it is ideally a perfect match for the watch’s diameter.

Overall, the new Sea-Dweller flaunts a more impressive and successful design.

The New Helium Valve to Ensure Water-tightness

The new Rolex Sea-Dweller is water-resistant up to 1,220m. While Rolex designed the watch exclusively for professional divers, it fitted the case with a helium valve.

Indeed, the feature is of utmost importance for professional divers who de-stress inside a pressurized chamber during saturation diving. The fact is:

  • In such instances, the gaseous breathing mixture containing helium surrounds a diver’s timepiece.
  • The helium atoms diffuse under pressure via the watch’s insulators.
  • And the particles can’t escape once they enter the watch case.

Initially, U.S. Sealab divers faced this problem that affected their watches.

Eventually, one of the divers suggested Rolex to include a valve for releasing excess pressure. This would enable the helium atoms to escape without damaging the watch.

Thus, Rolex designed the helium valve and fitted it to its new Sea-Dweller model.

The Display

The Rolex Sea-Dweller featured a 40mm case diameter in 1976. Later in 2008, Rolex released the new version with a 44mm diameter.

The watch was pressure-resistance up to 3,900m.

However, the manufacturer upgraded both the proportions as well as small details of the Sea-Dweller.

  • For example, Rolex included the luminescent dot on the bezel into the surface.
  • Eventually, the dot is pretty challenging to knock off even if it comes into forceful contact with any object.

While the readability was good, Rolex made no such improvements.

The luminescent “Chromalight” material glows brightly also in twilight conditions.

  • Moreover, the zero indexes on the watch’s bezel also shine brightly.
  • On the other hand, the luminescent dot on the seconds-hand affirms in low-light conditions that the timepiece is running.

Moreover, Rolex fitted a magnifying (Cyclops) lens above the Sea-Dweller’s date display.

The Supple Bracelet

The Sea-Dweller sits comfortably on the wrist primarily because of the flexible steel bracelet.

  • The bracelet features curved individual links that conform to the wrist’s contours.
  • If you bent the bracelet sharply, the spaces in the middle of individual links would retain the same width.
  • This means that the links will not tug or pinch the hairs on the wrist’s back.

However, the Glidelock clasp is solidly made that helps the wearer in adjusting the length of the bracelet.

Additionally, the watch also sports the Fliplock extension system. It offers an extra 26mm to the bracelet’s length.

Moreover, while the extension projects from the clasp, it is visible on the watch.

The Rolex Movement

Rolex indeed made some modifications to the movements used inside the case.

The brand fitted the new Calibre 3235 movement for the first time to the Sea-Dweller model, replacing the Calibre 3135.

  • The Calibre 3135 movement was already famous for its robustness, durability, and higher precision.
  • However, the new movement is merely a refined version of its predecessor.
  • The Calibre 3235 featured 14 patents. It increased its durability and shock-resistance ability.

Moreover, Rolex equipped the movement with the avant-garde “Chronergy” escapement. It increased efficiency by 15%.

Thus, the power reserve increased to 70hours from the usual 49hours with accuracy up to -2/+2 seconds.

All in all, the new Rolex Sea-Dweller is ideally the most technologically upgraded and beautiful diver’s watch. The watch functions for three consecutive days rather than two, thanks to its new Calibre 3235 movement.

The new model may not have remained true to its classic collection as it features the Cyclops lens. But the truth is yet that new Sea-Dweller is one of the best diver’s watches in the Rolex catalogue.

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