Review: Rolex Submariner 16610 vs Rolex Submariner 116610

This Iconic Rolex Watch Will Never Be Discontinued

iconic rolex submariner watch

The strong instinct of many watch aficionados is that Rolex will never stop the production of the iconic diver’s watch – the Submariner.

A manufacturer typically decides to cease the production of any model if it experiences poor sales in the marketplace.

And, it is not an issue with the Rolex Submariner.

However, Rolex has no such records of killing off other timepieces in the past.

The brand has indeed terminated some models like the Milgauss and the Air-King. But it was done merely to bring them back in an upgraded form later.

Thus, let’s find out why people firmly believe that Rolex will never discontinue the famous Submariner.

  • The Iconic Status

The Rolex Submariner is one of the worlds’ iconic watches. The Submariner is merely the icon with which other divers models measure and compare themselves.

Interestingly, the Submariner was not initially the most popular and cherished model in the watch industry.

However, the watch was also never out of collectors’ choice list.

The Rolex Submariner is like an anchor in the brand’s catalogue.

Moreover, the Submariner is one of the timepieces that immediately come to mind when anyone hears the term Rolex.

  • Huge Demand

Rolex Submariner is an iconic watch and what ultimately matters is its demand and sales.

If a watch performs well in the market, no manufacturer can entirely cease its production.

And, the Submariner is so famous that there is actually no point to stop its creation.


You may wonder why Rolex killed off the steel GMT-Master II “Pepsi” that is yet desirable in the market.

  • The fact is that ceramic bezels were coming on-trend in 2005. Thus, the Pepsi bezel type would have lagged.
  • However, Rolex continued to produce the GMT-Master II collection as a whole during that time.
  • And the manufacturer improved and upgraded the watches that eventually would charge more demand in the market.

Finally, at the Baselworld 2018, Rolex launched the latest stainless steel GMT-Master II Pepsi, meeting the demands of its collectors across the word.

Overall, the Submariner today belongs to a similar desirability level and sales structure as other ultra-coveted Rolex watches like the famous Rolex Daytona.

The watch is highly coveted, and anyone looking to sell a Rolex Submariner is likely to obtain top prices from potential watch buyers, especially it is in good condition.

Overall, the idea of discontinuing the Submariner watch would be foolish as much as Ford killing off the Mustang.

Rolex can update the materials, bracelets, and dial and bezel colours but will never discontinue the iconic Rolex Submariner.

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Review: The Refurbished Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rolex Sea Dweller Review

In 1953, Rolex introduced the first divers’ watch, the Submariner, followed by the Sea-Dweller in 1967.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller flaunted a virtually identical design. Regardless, the watch featured a more pressure-resistant case and a patented helium-escape valve.

In 2017, the brand launched a new model, replacing its previous reference that debuted in 2014.

However, the new reference was introduced to commemorate 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller.

Interestingly, Rolex made extensive and numerous alterations to the Sea-Dweller. Let’s today explore them out.

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The New Rolex Sea-Dweller: Design

rolex bracelet

The upgraded Sea-Dweller appears quite similar to a more substantial version of the Submariner 40mm.

  • The watch flaunts the diver’s bezel, minute strokes and a dial with its name engraved in red letters.
  • Moreover, the case looks less angular and more elegant with narrower lugs.

The bracelet appears slightly narrow on the Rolex Deepsea, but it is comparatively wider.

  • Thus, it offers a more proportional appearance on the new Rolex Sea-Dweller.

When it comes to the height (15mm), it is ideally a perfect match for the watch’s diameter.

Overall, the new Sea-Dweller flaunts a more impressive and successful design.

The New Helium Valve to Ensure Water-tightness

The new Rolex Sea-Dweller is water-resistant up to 1,220m. While Rolex designed the watch exclusively for professional divers, it fitted the case with a helium valve.

Indeed, the feature is of utmost importance for professional divers who de-stress inside a pressurized chamber during saturation diving. The fact is:

  • In such instances, the gaseous breathing mixture containing helium surrounds a diver’s timepiece.
  • The helium atoms diffuse under pressure via the watch’s insulators.
  • And the particles can’t escape once they enter the watch case.

Initially, U.S. Sealab divers faced this problem that affected their watches.

Eventually, one of the divers suggested Rolex to include a valve for releasing excess pressure. This would enable the helium atoms to escape without damaging the watch.

Thus, Rolex designed the helium valve and fitted it to its new Sea-Dweller model.

The Display

The Rolex Sea-Dweller featured a 40mm case diameter in 1976. Later in 2008, Rolex released the new version with a 44mm diameter.

The watch was pressure-resistance up to 3,900m.

However, the manufacturer upgraded both the proportions as well as small details of the Sea-Dweller.

  • For example, Rolex included the luminescent dot on the bezel into the surface.
  • Eventually, the dot is pretty challenging to knock off even if it comes into forceful contact with any object.

While the readability was good, Rolex made no such improvements.

The luminescent “Chromalight” material glows brightly also in twilight conditions.

  • Moreover, the zero indexes on the watch’s bezel also shine brightly.
  • On the other hand, the luminescent dot on the seconds-hand affirms in low-light conditions that the timepiece is running.

Moreover, Rolex fitted a magnifying (Cyclops) lens above the Sea-Dweller’s date display.

The Supple Bracelet

The Sea-Dweller sits comfortably on the wrist primarily because of the flexible steel bracelet.

  • The bracelet features curved individual links that conform to the wrist’s contours.
  • If you bent the bracelet sharply, the spaces in the middle of individual links would retain the same width.
  • This means that the links will not tug or pinch the hairs on the wrist’s back.

However, the Glidelock clasp is solidly made that helps the wearer in adjusting the length of the bracelet.

Additionally, the watch also sports the Fliplock extension system. It offers an extra 26mm to the bracelet’s length.

Moreover, while the extension projects from the clasp, it is visible on the watch.

The Rolex Movement

Rolex indeed made some modifications to the movements used inside the case.

The brand fitted the new Calibre 3235 movement for the first time to the Sea-Dweller model, replacing the Calibre 3135.

  • The Calibre 3135 movement was already famous for its robustness, durability, and higher precision.
  • However, the new movement is merely a refined version of its predecessor.
  • The Calibre 3235 featured 14 patents. It increased its durability and shock-resistance ability.

Moreover, Rolex equipped the movement with the avant-garde “Chronergy” escapement. It increased efficiency by 15%.

Thus, the power reserve increased to 70hours from the usual 49hours with accuracy up to -2/+2 seconds.

All in all, the new Rolex Sea-Dweller is ideally the most technologically upgraded and beautiful diver’s watch. The watch functions for three consecutive days rather than two, thanks to its new Calibre 3235 movement.

The new model may not have remained true to its classic collection as it features the Cyclops lens. But the truth is yet that new Sea-Dweller is one of the best diver’s watches in the Rolex catalogue.

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Why Rolex is So Popular and Successful?

Popular Rolex Watch

Rolex is considered as the leading Swiss watch manufacturer by many luxury watch aficionados. There are indeed many watch brands in the world but not every brand is regarded as highly as Rolex.

So, what makes Rolex stand out of the crowd? Why is Rolex so expensive and popular?

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons why the Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer Rolex is so much successful and valuable.

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Whether you are looking to sell a Rolex watch or want to buy one, find out some of the most significant factors below that contribute to the fame of the elite watch brand.

1. Watch Quality

Rolex is highly recognised and admired for its high-quality watches. Rolex watches are sturdy, durable, precise, and indeed, pleasing to the eyes.

However, the brand doesn’t make use of unusual complications like perpetual calendars, tourbillons, and minute repeaters. It also has no movements with a big date display, alarm function or power reserve indicator.

The fact is that the manufacturer entirely focuses on what it does the best, improving its timepiece’s details every day. And, this is why a Rolex watch is considered as a good investment.

2. Innovations throughout the years

The significance of the brand lies in the fact that Rolex developed many novel features pretty early that made its watches perfectly suited for regular wear.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, submitted a watch movement to the famous Kew Observatory in 1914 for chronometer certification.

The Swiss institute COSC currently conducts the chronometer tests. However, the chronometer test has today turned out to be a standard for in-house automatic Rolex movements.

In 1927, Rolex introduced the first water-resistant watch, followed by the automatic winding mechanism.

Later in 1945, the brand released the Datejust offering three features – a water-resistant case, automatic winding, and chronometer certificate.

3. Global recognition & Design

Rolex is universally recognised for the innovative features and design of its watches. The round shape of a Rolex watch offers superior readability and resistance to water.

However, the watchmaker also added the iconic Cyclops date magnifier and a central sweep seconds hand.

Rolex not only upgrades the functionality of its new watch collections but also maintains and refines its existing range throughout the years.

Regardless, the brand rarely modifies or refine unique design features such as “Mercedes” hands, the Oyster bracelet, and the Cyclops lens.

Thus, a Rolex Submariner or a Datejust today appears pretty much like its earlier versions. This also makes a Rolex easily recognisable from a distance.

4. Unique Marketing Strategies

The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, used several incredible marketing strategies to ensure Rolex was recognised around the globe.

He named the company “Rolex” so that it could be easily pronounced in different languages.

Moreover, Wilsdorf also made sure that the name was printed on the dials.

The water-resistant watch was named the “Oyster” and Rolex presented it to a swimmer who aimed to cross the English Channel.

While the swimmer wore the watch around her neck, a full-page advertisement was landed on the Daily Mail’s front page.

However, the marketing approaches of Rolex possess a much more delicate touch. For example –

From the late 1970s, Rolex has been emphasising its presence in some prestigious sports like car racing, golf, tennis, and sailing.

5. Retains value

Once a car leaves its showroom, it causes a significant cutback in its value. However, the same thing applies to a lesser extent for timepieces, except Rolex.

sell rolex watch now

If you wonder which Rolex holds its value the best, the sports models, especially those made of stainless steel ideally have a higher demand and eventually, command a high resale value.

And, this is indeed valuable news for those who are looking to buy or sell a Rolex watch.

The Famous Rolex Oyster Bracelet

The Famous Rolex Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex Oyster bracelet and its accompanied end-links have played a significant role in the brand’s history. 

Ideally, they played a role as significant as the original Rolex waterproof case. 

The Oyster bracelet flaunts a simple design, blending flawlessly with the functional lines of the GMT-Master and the Submariner. 

However, the bracelet wears excellent on the wrist with its simple, functional clasp. 

Rolex continued to add imperceptible touch-ups over the years to ensure that the Oyster bracelet remains the most functional around. 

However, the classic styling and incredible degree of adaptability helped to make the bracelet an icon in the luxury watch industry. 

Today, we will be exploring a little bit more details about the Rolex Oyster Bracelet. Continue reading below.

Also find out the differences between an Rolex Oyster, Jubilee, and President bracelet.

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet: History

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex bracelets were initially made by the most popular supplier of bracelet – Gay Freres.

The company is ideally better known for manufacturing the bracelet for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Zenith El Primero’s hollow-link bracelet. 

However, Rolex’s association with Gay Freres dates back to the 1930s.

  • The company supplied a band with narrow parallel links known as the “Bonklip” (nicknamed as the “Bamboo”). 
  • During that period, watches were typically fitted with leather straps. Metal bracelets were an additional option. Now:
  • When Rolex introduced the Jubilee bracelet in 1945, it achieved good popularity and success. 
  • Eventually, Rolex and Gay Freres integrated to form an all-new sportier bracelet option. 

Finally, in 1948, Rolex officially launched the brand-new Oyster bracelet as their second patented bracelets. 

Rolex Oyster Bracelet: The Advancement

Rolex continued to produce the first generation of the Oyster bracelet until the 1960s. The bracelet consists of folded, hollow links that are merged with rivets. 

Rivets are small studs or caps that stick out along the sides of each link. 

However, this rivet-styled Oyster bracelet is specifically more popular among vintage lovers. 

Like any new Rolex products, Rolex also made several improvements to the bracelet in its early years. 

  • The most significant upgrade to the Oyster bracelet came into light in 1952. 
  • The bracelet then featured a curved end-link, following the case shape and uniting two components perfectly. 
  • However, Rolex fitted the upgraded bracelet to the GMT-Master reference 6542, introducing it in the mid-1950s. 

Around 1967, Rolex released the folded-link Oyster bracelets. 

Each link on the bracelet has a metal piece that is folded back over many times. Eventually, it forms a more robust and heftier build. 

  • Moreover, the folded-link Oyster bracelet is thicker than its earlier version. 
  • Additionally, the securing pins were now fitted on the inner side.

However, the subsequent generation of the Oyster bracelet features all solid links as well as, solid end-links. 

The modern Oyster bracelets are more massive than the previous generations, offering a feel of incredible security. 

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet: The Engravings

The Rolex Oyster Bracelet

Each Rolex watch has its serial numbers. So, do Rolex bracelets have serial numbers?

Yes, Rolex’s bracelets also possess their specific serial or reference numbers. 

The reference number is generally engraved on the last link. However, it varies according to the generation and specific type of the bracelet along with the end-links’ size. 

Moreover, the manufacturer also offers reference numbers to the end-links for ensuring they match with particular cases perfectly. 

Besides the numbering system, vintage Oyster bracelets can have the names of several manufacturers engraved on it. 

  • Apart from Gay Freres, Rolex collaborated with many other companies from the 1950s to the 1970s for supplying their bracelets. 
  • However, Rolex also integrated with the USA-based C&I for producing Oyster bracelets for the market of North America. 
  • Thus, markings may also include the company’s logo engraved inside the clasp. 

The Contemporary Oyster Bracelet

Just like many Rolex watches, the Rolex bracelets have also progressed to the level of status symbols.

Rolex initially offered the Oyster bracelet only in stainless steel. However, the bracelet is now available in all types of metal combination that the brand provides. 

You will find the bracelet in 904L stainless steel, bi-tone Rolesor, 18ct gold (white, yellow and Everose), and also in 950platinum. 

Nonetheless, the Rolex Oyster bracelet is ideally the most versatile bracelet that can combat any condition and suit any style. 

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Everything You Need To Know About the Rolex Date 115234 Diamond Dial

The Rolex Date Ref. 115234 boasts many similar exclusive features of the legendary Datejust.

The watch is cherished for its versatile size that suits to all wrist sizes. However, Rolex never offered the Date watches in a two-tone or solid gold configuration.

Thus, the White Rolesor Date reference is the only watch from today’s Date collection. It integrates the durability of a steel case and splendour of a solid gold bezel.

Let’s today explore more about the Rolex Date Ref. 115234 that is generally underrated in the pre-owned market.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ref: 115234 Diamond Dial

The Rolex Date 115234 flaunts a Cyclops magnification lens over the date display. It magnifies the numerals for easy legibility.

  • Collectors of the classic Datejust watches or the famous Rolex Oyster adore the Rolex Date collection for its timeless design.
  • However, the Rolex Date 115234 watch features a 34mm Oystersteel case and a dramatic black dial.
  • The dial features Arabic numerals and sparkling diamonds.

Moreover, the watch flaunts five factory-set diamonds and 18ct white gold bezel, elevating its grandeur. Now:

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Why the Rolex Date 115234 is so much desirable?

The answer lies in the fact that the Date reference 115234 is the only watch from the modern Date lineup introduced in a bi-metal version.

This makes the watch exclusive and coveted among potential watch buyers in London or any other big cities.

The Bracelet

  • Rolex fitted the Date 115234 with an Oyster bracelet. It is made of a sturdier corrosion-resistant stainless steel, offering a classic and simple look.
  • However, the bracelet sports a 3-link flat design and an Oysterclasp.
  • While the Oysterclasp is subjected to manipulation regularly, Rolex allocated its expertise and knowledge in creating this clasp.
  • The Oysterclasp is tactile and easy to manage with fingers while offering a sturdy, secure mechanism.
  • Moreover, the Rolex Date 115234 features more rounded, thicker lugs and scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal.
  • The centre links of the Oyster bracelet is polished that increases the overall luxurious appeal.

However, the dial also includes the legendary Rolex logo and Arabic numeral markers made of white gold.

The Movement

The Rolex Date Ref 115234 runs on the Calibre 3135 movement.

  • The movement functions at a frequency of 28,8000vph and has a power reserve of 48-hours.
  • However, the brand has fitted many famous Rolex date-displaying watches of the late 1980s with the Calibre 3135.
  • The Calibre 3135 has passed Rolex’s more strict, in-house “Superlative Chronometer” testing.

Moreover, the movement features a Parachrom hairspring that offers incredible resistance to shocks and temperature variations.

The Case

Rolex equipped the Date 115234 watch’s case with the patented Twinlock screw-down crown.

  • However, the model features a durable middle monobloc case, a winding crown, and a screw-down case-back, making it water-resistance up to 100m.
  • With the combination of stainless steel and white gold, Rolex made the Date 115234 more robust, lustrous, and premium in the finish.

Although the watch is typically underrated in the second hand market, the Rolex Date 115234 with a diamond-set dial and white gold bezel constitutes good value.

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The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Submariner Dials

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Rolex’s motto has always been precision and durability, be it is at the top of the world or to the bottom of the sea. And, the brand proves reliable in all fields.

The Rolex Submariner, the ultimate dive watch, has been in production since 1953. It is one of the most successful Rolex models in the luxury watch industry.

However, Rolex has made many changes to the design of this famous model, including its legendary dial. Interestingly, a dial can convey you a lot about a timepiece if you properly identify it.

Here is a guide to the four major types of Rolex Submariner dials. Please continue reading below to know their significant identifying features.


The Gilt Dial

When Rolex introduced the Submariner, the watch flaunted a glossy gilt dial. The dial features a gold text and other details against its black glossy surface.

However, many current iterations sport the luminescent markers that have aged to a golden tint.

The configurations of the gilt dials may vary slightly based on the Submariner reference and its year of production.

However, the variations typically subsist in the features like logo, name, depth rating and minute track.

A gilt dial can be easily identified by their golden lettering.

Ideally, the most valuable and rarest Submariner dials are gilt dials.

Rolex have replaced many Submariner watches featuring original gilt dials with later-period components. Eventually, while these well-preserved iterations are today scarce, they are pretty valuable.

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The Matte Dial

In the 1960s, the Rolex Submariner gilt dial was replaced with the matte dial. The dial sports white text and luminescent Tritium plots on a non-glossy, slightly textured surface.

Two iconic Rolex Submariner references with matte dials are:

The first Rolex Submariner reference 1680 featuring a date complication

The first Submariner reference 5512 with crown-guards.

However, vintage Rolex Submariner timepieces also exclusively feature matte dials. They indeed have a little bit more functional and contemporary appearance.

While the matte dials are less rare than the gilt ones, they are more obtainable and ideally, more affordable in the second hand market.

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The Gloss Dial

During the production of modern Submariner timepieces in 1980s, the matte dial paved the way for gloss dial. The dial flaunted white text and luminescence hour markers with white gold edges on a black glossy surface.

However, the glossy finish and applied 18ct white gold markers offer the dial more luxurious and contemporary aesthetic. Eventually, it is continuing to dominate the pre-owned market.

The most common Rolex Submariner with a matte dial is the classic Rolex Submariner Date reference 116610.

The Maxi Dial

Like its previous generation, the latest generation Maxi dial bears a similar classic aesthetic. However, it features more prominent hour markers and broader hands.

The Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Edition ref 16610LV “Kermit” introduced the Maxi dial on the Submariner collection. However, the latest 6-digit, Cerachrom bezel references and all contemporary Submariner watches feature the maxi dial in different colours.

The dial is now paired also with a new style bracelet and a “Super Case”. Although Rolex has made several updates to the iconic diver watch’s dial, the design has always stayed true to its roots.

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Rolex vs Omega: A Comparison between Two Industry Icons

Rolex vs Omega

The two most recognised Swiss watch brands – Rolex and Omega are indeed acknowledged with the term ‘classy’ and ‘beautiful’. These two brands have cultured and maintain a persistent brand image via their exclusive collection of watches.

For most people, both Rolex and Omega portray luxury, success and high-quality. Regardless of their position among the horology market grandees, the pretty similar brand strategies present potential buyers or collectors with the choice between these two watch brands.

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Here’s a quick comparison between the two leaders of the luxury watch industry – Rolex and Omega. Have a look!

Fascinating History

Rolex is a privately-owned business, established many years later in London. Initially, the brand was named as ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’ until 1908. However, the company was shifted to Geneva, Switzerland after World War I for avoiding taxation.

On the contrary, Louis Brandt founded Omega in 1848 under the trading name of ‘La Generale Watch Co’. The headquarters of the brand is based in Bienne, Switzerland. However, the Swatch Group today owns Omega.


Most people are known to prefer a more conventional display and aesthetic. And, with Omega and Rolex watches, you are indeed going to get that aesthetic.

Allegedly, Omega tends to use modern elements more such as intricate ceramic as well as lightweight titanium that the brand employed for its Seamaster models. Moreover, while the brand has become bolder as well, today it produces cases measuring 45.5mm.

However, Rolex blooms on their classic models. Interestingly, the brand is much aware of this fact while it moves into the future. But:

This doesn’t signify that Rolex only monopolises off the nostalgia. The truth is that the brand constantly upgrades the dial or mechanisms with new features; however, keeping the aesthetic the same.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II and Deepsea Sea-Dweller are the two largest contemporary Rolex watches that have case diameters of 44mm.

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Automatic Movements

The contemporary Omega watches are not equipped with the generic ETA movements, even though the Swatch Group owns the brand. In fact, the watches are powered by the sophisticated in-house Co-Axial calibres.

Rolex produces all mechanisms along with other elements in its own production unit in Switzerland. Various Rolex Oyster watches run on modified COSC-certified perpetual movements. However, these intricate movements are shock-resistant and fitted with anti-magnetic components.

Omega watches

Resale value

Many people often wonder why people buy expensive watches. There may be many reasons to buy an expensive watch. But the most significant reason ideally is:

An expensive watch can be a good investment as you are likely to get back for it in future. Luxury watches tend to retain their value with time. In fact, potential buyers are often willing to pay the highest price for some rare and vintage models, especially if it is in good condition.

However, when it comes to the resale value, Rolex stands out of all. Indeed, Rolex is one of the luxury wristwatch brands with the highest resale value in the world.

The best or a popular Omega watch may command a higher resale value than a Rolex watch in a more miserable condition. Nonetheless, Rolex yet dominates the second hand market, and its watches keep hold of their value the best.

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Watch Parts That Make Rolex the World’s Most Famous Watch Brand

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The Swiss watchmakers incorporate various parts while developing a watch that makes up every distinctive model. Whether it is the classic Rolex Cellini or the sporty Submariner, every Rolex watch has highly discernible components.

While the Jubilee and Oyster bracelets are available in steel, the President bracelet is typically found only in platinum and gold. Rolex indeed follows definitive principles to design its luxurious watches.

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The more in-depth you look into it, the more profound your empathy towards the brand will get. Today, let’s take a look at the watch components that make Rolex a globally recognised and admired brand. This may also help you in distinguishing between a real Rolex watch and a counterfeit one.

To verify the authenticity of your Rolex watch, read the blog How to Tell if a Rolex Watch is Real or Fake.

  • The Rolex Crown

The Rolex crown plays a significant role in making a timepiece entirely water-resistant. The fact is that the crown communes with the movement directly. You can use the crown for adjusting any feature or winding the watch. Nonetheless, one must protect the screw-down crown because the movement is housed in the case.

While the latest Oyster watches feature the Triplock or Twinlock crown, the Cellini watches typically come with a screw-down crown.

  • The Oyster Case

The Oyster case was created in 1926 that gave us the ever first water-resistant wristwatch of the world. The sapphire crystal is fastened hermetically by a sealing ring or the bezel.

However, the watertight construction makes all Rolex Oyster timepieces water-resistant up to a depth of at least 100m.

The Oyster case’s screw-down case back sports fluting. Eventually, the case can only be opened using a specialised tool, exclusively available to authorised Rolex watch-manufacturers.

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  • Oyster Bracelet

Rolex introduced the Oyster bracelet in the 1930s, consisting of three flattened and broad links in a row. This iconic bracelet is commonly found in most Oyster models.

Some of the classic Rolex models like the Day-Date and Datejust feature the Oyster bracelet. However, all professional and sports watch like the Cosmograph Daytona, Submariner, Yacht-Master and Explorer.

  • Jubilee Bracelet

The Jubilee bracelet features five links in a row. However, the most distinguishing feature is the bracelet’s refined look. The bracelet made its debut with the Rolex Datejust released in 1945.

However, the Jubilee bracelet features a concealed Crownclasp or an Oysterclasp.

  • President Bracelet

The exclusive President bracelet was launched in 1956 with the release of the Day-Date. The bracelet comes in a three-linked format, equipped with a concealed Crownclasp.

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  • Oysterflex Bracelet

The Oysterflex bracelet was unveiled with the 2015 Rolex Yacht-Master model. The bracelet comes with a highly elastic metal core with a black elastomer, patented cushioning for added comfort and Oysterlock safety clasp typically in 18ct Everose gold.

  • Cerachrom Bezel

The Cerachrom bezel is crafted from an incredibly hard ceramic that is resistant to corrosion and scratches. Rolex uses the process of physical vapour deposition or PVD for increased legibility of the markings and numerals.

Launched in 2005, the Cerachrom bezel was seen first on the Rolex GMT-Master II.

  • Cyclops Lens

The Cyclops lens made its debut with the Datejust in 1953. It is one of the most significant visual components on the dial of a Rolex watch.

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However, Rolex crafted the Cyclops lens out of sapphire crystal. All Rolex Oyster timepieces today that flaunt a date aperture possess a Cyclops lens.

  • 904L Steel

Rolex uses the special 904L steel in watchmaking instead of the usual stainless steel. The 904L steel is corrosion resistance and more durable.

  • Rolesor

The ‘Rolesor’ is the brand’s signature amalgamation of 904L steel and gold, in yellow, Everose or white. When Rolex first introduced the Rolesor in the 1948 Datejust, it became an immediate success.

  • 950 Platinum

Rolex makes use of 950 platinum that consist of ruthenium in small proportion and another platinoid metal. The most prestigious timepiece of the Oyster collection – the platinum Day-Date is made using 950 platinum.

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Things to Know about the First Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner

Rolex launched the Submariner initially in 1953 as a rugged stainless steel divers’ watch. This famous diver model is today recognised as one of the most celebrated and coveted luxury watches.

However, the Rolex Submariner’s odyssey from merely functional to deluxe undoubtedly started when the brand released the ever first yellow gold Submariner.

Let’s today explore some exciting things about the first Rolex Submariner Gold reference.

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The Submariner Date: Introduction

Early diver watches from the 1950s did not have a date window on their dial. While aquanauts are more concerned regarding the passing time underwater, watchmakers initially did not think about putting a date window on the dive models. But:

Rolex indeed wanted to make its Submariner out of the common crowd. Interestingly, the case of the Submariner increased from the original 37mm to today’s standard 40mm diameter by the late 1960s.

Eventually, this offered some added room for a date window on the dial. Rolex fitted a date window to the Submariner, introducing the Reference 1680 as the ever first Rolex Submariner Date.

Facts about the First Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold

Rolex manufactured the Submariner Reference 1680 in stainless steel as well as in solid yellow gold.

  • Rolex introduced its first gold Submariner in 1969.
  • The watch featured an 18ct yellow gold Oyster case with 40mm diameter.
  • However, the Oyster case comes with a matching Oyster bracelet in 18ct yellow gold.

Early iterations of the Rolex Submariner Reference 1680/8 flaunted a rotating black aluminium bezel insert and a black dial. Moreover, the gold Submariner dials didn’t feature the standard black dials like its stainless steel examples.

  • The yellow gold Rolex Submariner dials had raised hour markers in gold and tritium luminescent centres.
  • The dial was eventually nicknamed as the ‘nipple dial’.
  • While the watch featured a date indication, Rolex fitted the acrylic crystal and the traditional ‘Cyclops Lens’ for date magnification.

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Other Features

The yellow gold Rolex Submariner was introduced in another colourway, flaunting a vibrant blue bezel and dial.

  • The yellow gold Sub with blue bezel also featured a similar ‘nipple dial’ design.
  • However, Rolex modified the dial colour of the gold Submariner in blue over the time like reddish-brown, b justify purples and also, light blues.
  • The Rolex Submariner Gold 1680 was water-resistant up to 200m. Moreover, the watch was powered by the Calibre 1575 movement.

Rolex continued the production of the first yellow gold Submariner nearly for a decade until 1979. The model was replaced by the successive Rolex Submariner Reference 16808.

Indeed, the solid yellow gold Rolex Submariner has turned to be a predominant model in the brand’s catalogue since 1969. However, other Submariner references in bi-tone steel and gold, 18ct white gold and also, a luxurious gemstone-setting model later joined the directory.

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Review: Rolex Submariner 16610 vs Rolex Submariner 116610

The Rolex Submariner family of watches are admired and coveted due to their durability and classic style. Rolex introduced the Submariner 16610 as a Date model, having a water resistance of 1000ft (300m).

However, the brand discontinued the watch’s production after 2010, replacing with the Rolex Submariner Date 116610. Interestingly, people often refer the Submariner reference 116610 to as the Cerachrom Submariner – one of its noteworthy features. Now:

Both the Submariner reference 16610 and reference 116610 appear visually pretty similar. Thus, what are the differences between the two models?

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Let’s take a look:

The Cerachrom Bezel

Rolex has made many improvements on the Submariner 116610. One of the most noted upgrades is the ceramic bezel. While the reference 16610 featured aluminium bezel inserts, the Submariner 116610 was fitted with Cerachrom ceramic inserts.

The aluminium bezel flaunts a matte, suppler and ideally, a sportier look. Vintage Rolex aficionados tend to like these aspects. However, aluminium is prone to dents or scratches.

On the contrary, the Cerachrom bezel is impervious to fading and scratching. The ceramic is unaffected by chemicals and UV rays.

However, the improvement lies in the bezel’s actual mechanism.

The aluminium bezel on the Submariner reference 16610 model is rotated by single click-spring. However, people were known to face difficulty in seating the bezel precisely.

Rolex fixed the problem with the release of Submariner 116610, featuring ceramic bezel that utilises four click-springs set inside the case.

The improvement resulted in bezel markers’ perfect alignment and persistently smooth rotation.

The Movement

Both Rolex Submariner 16610 and Submariner 116610 run on the Calibre 3135. However, the movement in the reference 116610 introduced the Rolex patented Parachrom Bleu hairspring.

This substantial improvement assures long-lasting functionality of the movement, even under the most extreme condition such as high water pressure.

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The Lume

Another significant feature is the luminous element. The reference 16610 features luminous elements that glow ‘green’ in the dark; whereas, the reference 116610 offers more luminous features with a ‘blue-green’ glow.

Rolex dubbed the blue luminescent as the ‘Chromalight’. However, lume was made to glow blue-green for easier legibility in the dark. Although the lume is not objectively brighter, our eyes are sensitive to that specific wavelength more and thus, perceive it as bright.

The Case Size

The Rolex Submariner 16610 and the 116610 models feature a similar 40mm case size. Interestingly enough, the Submariner reference 116610 looks more prominent on the wrist.

Ideally, several design changes render the impression of a bigger case. The Rolex Submariner 116610 watch sports larger crown guards, beefier lugs, the Maxi dial and a broader bezel.

The Maxi dial design on Rolex watches flaunts deeper luminous plots and more prominent markers, thereby making it more readable.

The Bracelet

While the Rolex Submariner 16610 sports a standard steel bracelet, the reference 116610 model comes on Oystersteel or 904L bracelet. Together with solid centre links, the latest Submariner offers a more robust and substantial feel on the wrist.

Moreover, Rolex equipped the reference 116610 with the Glidelock extension system, enabling you to adjust the bracelet up to 5mm.

Overall, the Rolex Submariner 116610 illustrates clear and sharp enhancements over its earlier iteration 16610, keeping true to its classic aesthetics.

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