Rolex Reference 5512 and 5513: Know the Subtle Difference between the Two Classic Vintage Rolex Submariners

The Most Luxuriant and Gorgeous Rolex Pearlmaster

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster watch has a special place in Rolex’s Oyster collection. This luxury-oriented Rolex watch expresses ultimate elegance and refinement. The Rolex Pearlmaster is made exclusively of precious metals and gemstones, representing the zenith of exquisiteness.

The Pearlmaster is undoubtedly the most luxuriant and bewitching gemstone-encrusted watch in the Rolex catalogue. However, hardly a few consumers can reach the utter magnificence and grandeur of the watch.

Let’s today explore more about the most lavish Rolex Pearlmaster. Take a look!

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A Brief History of the Rolex Pearlmaster

When Rolex originally released the Pearlmaster in 1922, it was perceived as a new and pretty larger elucidation of the brand’s Lady Datejust collection.

However, the Pearlmaster has evolved over the last quarter of a century, becoming a different lineup of premium quality Datejust timepieces.

So, where the name ‘Pearlmaster’ comes from? Here lies the answer:

The term ‘Pearlmaster’ is given after the exclusive bracelet style of the watch. The bracelet features five-piece rounded links with a concealed Crownclasp.

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The Rolex Pearlmaster: Features

Rolex today manufactures the Pearlmaster in 39mm and 34mm case sizes. Moreover, the watch is exclusively made of solid 18ct yellow gold, white gold or Everose.

In the case of internal mechanics:

Rolex has equipped the Rolex Pearlmaster 34 with the patented Calibre 2235 movement.

On the other hand, the Pearlmaster 39 watch runs on the Calibre 3235.

Nonetheless, both the Pearlmaster 34 and 39 models boast Rolex’s certification of ‘Superlative chronometer’.

The ‘Superlative Chronometer’ certificate assures the watch’s precision to the highest variance of -2/+2 seconds each day.

The Degree of Embellishment

The Rolex Pearlmaster is designed not only as a precise timekeeping instrument but also as a piece of jewellery. Thus, the manufacturer embellishes every watch in this collection with gemstones, especially diamonds.

However, the pattern of gem-setting, as well as the type or colour of the gemstones, may vary significantly from one watch to another. For example:

One Pearlmaster model can feature a solid gold bezel, adorned with only 12 diamonds. On the other hand, a more luxuriant and costlier model may sport an entirely diamond-paved dial, cases, and bracelets along with sapphire/diamond-set bezel.

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Identical Functionalities

The Rolex Pearlmaster is principally an ultra-fine Datejust. How? As in Rolex Datejust watches, the Pearlmaster features a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, and a Cyclops magnification with a Twinlock winding crown.

However, the Twinlock winding crown utilises a system of gaskets. The gaskets form two sealed zones for preventing intrusion of moisture. Eventually, the Rolex Pearlmaster is water-resistant up to 100m, making it functional for regular use. Nonetheless, the exciting fact is that:

Although the watch may have some similar complications like the traditional Datejust watches, the Pearlmaster watch is allegedly far away from the aesthetics of classic Rolex watches in the current catalogue.

Rolex is increasingly using gemstones along with precious metals in its watches, assuring a more luxury-oriented place in the luxury watch market. Overall, the Rolex Pearlmaster watch has much to offer not only as an exquisite piece of jewellery but also as a precision timekeeping device.

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Rolex Bracelets: Jubilee vs President vs Oyster

Rolex Bracelets

Rolex offers a wide variety of bracelets but ideally only four exist. The Pearlmaster bracelet is also practically counted as a bracelet option. However, Rolex produces this bracelet style in minimal numbers. In fact, the Pearlmaster bracelet is fitted to gem-set Rolex Pearlmaster line of watches.

All other Rolex watches typically come on Jubilee, President or Oyster bracelet. Here is a quick comparison between three of the most popular Rolex bracelets – Jubilee, President and Oyster. Take a look!

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Jubilee Bracelet

The Jubilee bracelet was originally introduced in 1945. Rolex designed and produced this bracelet for the Datejust watches to commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary. However, the bracelet was available only in solid gold when it was first released. While the brand released the President bracelet as a leading bracelet option, Rolex now manufacturers the Jubilee in each metal combination apart from white gold and platinum.

The Jubilee bracelet features a semi-circular, 5-piece link design with a more elegant and pleasant look.

While Rolex continues to enhance the functionality and durability of its watch components, the Jubilee bracelet has also received many upgrades over time.

Earlier, Rolex fitted the bracelet to many different Rolex watches. However, today the Jubilee bracelet comes equipped on the GMT-Master II and Datejust models.

President Bracelet

Rolex devised the President bracelet for its Day-Date line of timepieces. However, since its introduction in 1956, the manufacturer has crafted the bracelet only from platinum or solid 18ct gold. The President bracelet is indeed the brand’s flagship-offering, rendered as an option on the Lady Datejust’s precious metal version and the Day-Date references.

Moreover, the bracelet is characterised by semi-circular, 3-piece link design that offers a more sophisticated feel and appearance. On the other hand, the single, rounded centre link provides this bracelet with a lesser dainty look compared to the Jubilee bracelet.

However, the latest President bracelets come with ceramic inserts within the links that render increased durability. Additionally, they are always equipped with the patented Crownclasp, offering a sound effect throughout the band.

Oyster Bracelet

The Oyster is the original in-house bracelet design of the brand, released during the late 1930s. Rolex offers this specific bracelet style as an exclusive option on every Rolex watch. Interestingly enough, the brand manufactures the Oyster bracelet in all precious metal combinations. However, some Rolex watches’ collection, such as the Explorer and Submariner are available only with an Oyster bracelet.

Since its initial introduction, the Oyster bracelet has been featuring three-link design. However, the flat, large link structure makes the bracelet look more robust. Rolex has improved and updated the Oyster bracelet over time. But the overall appearance and aesthetic of the bracelet remained the same, thereby becoming one of the explicate features of the brand.

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7 Rolex Dials That You May Not Be Aware Of

Since its inception, Rolex has manufacturered a variety of dials for their exquisite watch collection. Consequently, it may be virtually surprising if you see two same dials ever. Rolex, who is recognised as the most coherent manufacturer of the world’s luxury watches, is pretty conscious of how to get the face of their watches perfect. Indeed, getting the face justify is significant as it portrays the character of a timepiece than any other component.

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Throughout their history, the brand has also outsourced from legendary names like the most popular Singer, Lemrich as well as Stern (owner of Patek Philippe). Nonetheless, Rolex has a wide range of different dials. Here we have piled up seven of the best-known dials made by Rolex, including the ones you may not be conscious of. Let’s have a look!

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1. The Standard Rolex Dial

The most usual kind of dial that you will notice in almost all modern Rolex watch collection begins with brass blanks. While the metal is robust, durable and easily machinable, it is perfect for the purpose. Three different techniques are used to add the colour; however, the standard opaque iterations are made with a lacquer application. On the other hand, for metallic shades such as silver or gold, the process of electroplating is used. However, specific limited-edition examples are also created using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).

2. The Gemstone Set Rolex Dial

Rolex has its gemological department, having a vast number of traditional jewellers for selecting and hand-setting the most flawless gemstones carefully. A gem-set dial comes with delicate accents on hour-markers. While Rolex employs rubies, sapphires, and emeralds on the dial, diamonds are primarily used to design its watches. You will usually find them equipped on the sports collection like the Daytona, Submariner and the GMT-Master.

However, among the latest editions, the magnificent Rainbow Rolex Daytona features an incredible arrangement of colourful gemstones fitted to the indexes.

3. The Vintage Wood Rolex Dial

During the 1970s, the wood dials were devised and equipped on the Day-Date and Datejust watches. The dial indeed offered appealing warmth to the overall appearance. Supposedly, thin splinters of burl wood extracted from mahogany, walnut and birch trees were merged to the elementary brass plate. And, it formed a unique look.

4. The Rolex Jubilee Dial

Rolex loves to commemorate birthdays more than anyone else. Eventually, the brand celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Datejust in 1985, introducing a unique dial. The dial featured a repeated monogram of ‘ROLEX’ throughout the surface, offering an alluring 3D effect. However, the Jubilee dial is still available in the latest collection. Rolex has also added it to the Lady-Datejust and Day-Date collections.

5. The Pie-Pan Rolex Dial

Rolex pie-pan dials are featured by an outer edge being sloped down and dissolved slightly just like an upside-down plate. However, the brand discontinued the production of these dials in favour of uniformly flat faces. The fact is that the sunken border of the dial made it look smaller than it was actually. But, the Rolex pie-pan dials are yet coveted among many vintage watch aficionados.

6. The Rolex Panda Dial

The Rolex Panda dial features light or white-coloured base, flaunting components like sub-dials in black or any other darker shade. Rolex introduced the dial in the 1960s, equipping it mostly on chronographs. However, there is also the ‘Reverse Panda’, and you can ideally guess from its name that this dial comes with a darker base and light sub-elements.

7. The Rolex California Dial

Although Rolex patented this specific dial type first in the 1940s, it is ideally Panerai who is best recognised for the California dial. However, this dial features a mixture of Roman numerals at the dial’s top, batons for 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock along with inverted triangle at the 12 and Arabic numerals at its bottom. Does it sound like a mess? However, the fact is that the California dials’ Art-Deco-esque style possesses a real vintage appeal that makes it a favourite of many collectors.

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A Brief Review of the Stainless Steel Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller has always been a slightly contradictory model but indeed, one of the innovative watches from the Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer. The watch is a perfect combination of technical elegance, easy usability and durability, made especially for globetrotters or travellers. When launched in 2012, the timepiece was available only in precious metals. However, the manufacturer released two Rolesor versions of the Sky-Dweller in 2017.

Today, let’s take a quick look at the stainless steel version of Rolex Sky-Dweller featuring a white gold bezel. It is now ideally the most affordable model out there in the market.

However, for those who are looking to ‘sell Rolex’ or sell a Rolex Sky-Dweller, make sure that you get in touch with any trusted watch buyers in London or anywhere in the UK to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller – Complications

The Rolex Sky-Dweller features two significant complications. One is a GMT complication or a dual-time zone and second, an annual calendar.

  • The GMT complication displays the time of dual time zones simultaneously. However, it comes with an hour hand that you can independently set forward or backwards.
  • While the local time is displayed with a minute and hour-hands, the 24hour-hand shows the home time.
  • On the other hand, the annual calendar is virtually also straightforward. When compared to perpetual calendars, the annual calendar complication is typically less complicated mechanically.
  • The exciting fact is that the annual calendar is a pretty recent innovation in the wristwatches.
  • However, Rolex added only four wheels to its common proprietary date mechanism to develop Rolex’s annual calendar mechanism.

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The Third Complication – Ring Command Bezel

Interestingly enough, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is also known to sport a third complication. Now, what is it? – The Ring Command Bezel. Rolex introduced the Ring Command Bezel first in the Rolex Yacht-Master II. However, this bezel enables to set all indications with a crown that possess one setting position.

The mechanism may seem quite complicated as it also requires a substantial time to get acquainted. But yet it is indeed more comfortable to use. Here’s how it works:

  • For setting the time, you need to at first unscrew the crown and tug it out to setting position.
  • Then, turn the bezel to the left as much as possible, and this will stop the seconds-hand, enabling you to set the time. However, the 24hour ring and hour-hand are kept synchronised at this position.
  • Now, if you want to set the date and month, you can turn the bezel to the initial setting position, that is, nearly 9:30 on the watch dial.
  • While the watch doesn’t feature any separate quickset for the month, the crown needs to be turned continually until the date window shows the correct date.

The beautifully engineered detents fitted at each setting position will allow you to feel the bezel’s position. The entire system is not only convenient and straightforward to use but also involves a lot of fun. And, it is undoubtedly unlike any other things you will find other manufacturers.

On The Road With The Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller models introduced in 2017 were not all steel; instead you can say a mixture of steel and gold that Rolex named as Rolesor. The yellow Rolesor version flaunted a steel case, yellow gold bezel along with centre bracelet links. You can ideally consider it as the quintessential look of the manufacturer.

However, the other Rolesor version of Sky-Dweller with white gold fluted bezel looked quite understated to allure the most determined customers. Thus, what factors made the watch so desirable among collectors?

A couple of significant aspects that made the Sky-Dweller a watch to own ideally include:

  • Rolex modulated the dial by replacing the Roman or Arabic numerals with plain batons.
  • The GMT disc was also offered the colour similar to the rest of the watch dial.
  • While the whole dial was made more monochromatic, it added to its legibility. However, it offered the entire dial a little touch of the extra class.
  • Rolex also made the stick hands a little bit longer.

However, the new Rolex Sky-Dweller equips the same in-house Rolex Calibre 9001 movement. The movement features all the Rolex innovations such as the Paraflex shock absorbers and blue Paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring.

Thus, with the combination of handy functionality and a robust mixture of precious metals, the Rolex Sky-Dweller stainless steel has turned to be a perfect everyday watch.

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How to Determine If A Rolex is Real or Fake?

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Rolex is undoubtedly the most recognised brand, committed to manufacturing top-notch luxury watches. The name ‘Rolex’ is itself synonymous with luxury, beauty and elegance in the watch industry. While the Rolex watches represent the ultimate class and sophistication, they indeed keep hold of their value well with time. Thus, many people often choose to ‘sell Rolex watches’ or ‘sell my Rolex’ in short-term monetary needs to raise fast cash right away.

However, the interesting fact is that since the brand has begun producing high-end mechanical timepieces, the counterfeit market for Rolex watches has increased. Today, fake Rolex timepieces are becoming increasingly so advanced that it is no longer possible to spot each Rolex replica by merely looking at it, maybe even to trained eyes. Thus, how to verify if your Rolex is real or fake? And, what do watch specialists inspect for inside the timepiece? Let’s find out below the key aspects that can help you to spot a fake Rolex:

  • Engravings on the Case Back

Do you see the Rolex ‘Crown’ missing on your watch’s case back? You may now think that your watch is a fake one, but it’s not the case. An original Rolex watch does not typically come with any Rolex markings and engravings on its case back. The fact is that genuine Rolex watches come with smooth and bare metal case backs, except some 1930s vintage Rolexes, some limited edition models of Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Submariner and also, the ones with personal engravings.

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Many Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller special models that were offered to the deep-diving company Comex and the British Navy had the military markings and user’s name on the case back. Moreover, Rolex does not utilise any see-through glass at its watch backs; instead, the original case backs have a highly smooth finishing. Thus, if you notice a transparent case back of your watch, it is possibly a counterfeit one.

  • The Crown Etching at the 6 o’clock

Rolex believes in precision and refinement. Although counterfeiters are manufacturing high-quality fake watches in recent years, they indeed lack the perfect craftsmanship that Rolex has. Since 2002, each Rolex watch is being offered a small crown-etching right at the 6 o’clock position along with the large one at the top. The brand provided it ideally to create an exclusiveness and uniqueness for the wearer. However, this crown engraving is so tiny that you will require a magnifying glass to spot it.

  • Engraved Serial Number

Like many others, you may also ask, ‘Do all Rolex watches have a serial number?’ Here’s the answer:

Indeed, every Rolex watch manufactured in the brand’s in-house production unit has an authentic serial number. Yes, counterfeit Rolex dealers can also replicate the serial number, but it is certainly not possible to copy the unique way Rolex engraves it. The serial numbers are etched on each watch’s smooth high-quality metal body very precisely and perfectly.

For those who are searching ‘how to verify authenticity of Rolex serial numbers?’ or ‘how to check Rolex serial number?’ it is significant to note:

Since 2007, the serial number is engraved behind where the band connects the body at the 6 o’clock position. However, the key to apprehend authenticity is greater perfection. On the contrary, the number is typically engraved in Rolex forgeries with acid.

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  • Cyclops

Many Rolex references feature a date display at 3 o’clock position that has a small magnification lens known as ‘Cyclops’. The lens can magnify the display up to 2.5x, taking up nearly the entire window and making a date effortless to read. Moreover, the brand uses high-quality, smooth and polished Cyclops in its watches. Thus, if the Cyclops lens on your watch seems to be of low quality and does not magnify the date, you are possibly dealing with a fake one.

  • The ‘Tick’ Sound

Simply, take your watch near your ear; do you hear any ‘tick tick’ sound? Please note that a Rolex watch with the ticking noise is indeed a fake Rolex. The fact is that the brand produces timepieces with automatic movement. Moreover, the movement equipped in a Rolex watch is further broken down into eight micro ticks per second, thereby creating a ceaseless motion.

Thus, if your timepiece produces any ‘tick’ sound and also, the second hand jerks with each tick, you do ideally not own a genuine Rolex.

  • Weight

A fake Rolex watch is typically lighter in weight. If you want to ensure you are wearing an authenticate Rolex, the easiest way to verify it is by weighing it. Rolexes are made up of a solid block of precious metals that make them pretty heavier in weight. Moreover, its high-quality metal bracelet also renders some added weight to the watches.

While some Rolex forgeries can be spotted easily by looking at some unique features, others might look entirely perfect and dazzling and thus, would require only trained eyes to spot the difference. Whether you are looking to ‘sell Rolex watch’ or buy your dream watch, it is always essential that you choose a trustworthy dealer to get the confidence or security you need when selling or purchasing a Rolex watch.

The Regatta Watch – 5 Interesting Facts to know about the Rolex Yacht-Master

Initially designed for the severe elements of sea-faring, the Rolex Yacht-Master is indeed an exceptional offering from the brand that worth our attention. With the introduction of Yacht-Master formerly in 1992, Rolex seems to have capitalised on the success of its first nautical-inspired timepiece, the Submariner. Although it may look like a revamped version of the Submariner or early models of Rolex Daytona, the Yacht-Master comes with unique features that enable the watch to be readable even in the harshest environmental conditions.

The continued production of the Rolex Yacht-Master collection is the attestation of the brand’s ambition and commitment towards the development of sailing. Indeed, the watch represents the honorary ties between the world of sailing and Rolex. Here are five interesting facts to know about this unique Rolex collection that can also fetch you a high resale price when you choose to sell your Rolex or ‘sell my Rolex Yacht-Master’. Take a look!

1.  The first Yacht-Master was launched in 1992

Rolex is renowned for its substantial depth of research as well as development before introducing brand-new models. The Yacht-Master was nearly 30years in the making, but it was not initially launched. In 1992, Rolex finally debuted the new Yacht-Master Ref 16628.  Made from 18ct yellow gold and coupled with other functional and sporty features like an etched bezel, maxi-markers and larger hands, the Yacht-Master was an instant hit and success.

The Rolex Yacht-Master distinguishes itself from other professional Oyster series not only in functionality but also on its unrivalled aesthetics and form.

2.  Rolex’s patent metal, Rolesium was produced explicitly for Yacht-Master

In 1999, the brand launched a unique Platinum Yacht-Master at the Baselworld Fair. The watch was the stainless steel platinum 40mm version of the Rolex Yacht-Master. Rolex produced this unique steel and platinum combination exclusively for this watch, and the mixture was termed as ‘Rolesium’.

Today, many Rolex timepieces feature this unique combination. However, this Rolex Yacht-Master comes in rugged 904L stainless steel case and bracelet.

While the bezel of the Rolesium models is made up of 950 platinum, the silvery whiteness of platinum shines brightly, invoking a sense of luxury and prestige.

3. The Yacht-Master features the largest case size Rolex currently produces

The Rolex Yacht-Master II, introduced in 2007 comes in a 44mm watch case size that is available in ‘Rolesor’ or gold and steel, steel as well as either in white or yellow gold. In 1994, the Yacht-Master Ref 69628 was launched with a 35mm case diameter that allured men with smaller wrists, followed by two different sizes in the line up – 37mm and 40mm. The Yacht-Master models are also available in various combinations and styles. However, the most popular models are the ones with pearl dial in yellow gold and steel, followed by the latest edition of the Everose gold model with Oyster-flex black dial as well as the rose gold and steel model.

The Yacht-Master II appears larger not only for its 44mm case size but also because of the angular lug design that the brand crafted for this model.

4. Rolex fitted its first ever-made rubber strap on the Yacht-Master

At the Basel World Fair in 2015, Rolex introduced its first rubber ‘Oysterflex’ bracelet that was equipped on the new Yacht-Master. This bracelet is not any ordinary rubber strap. It was fabricated, developed as well as meticulously tested by Rolex. While this patent rubber bracelet is hypoallergenic, it retains the elements of comfort from rubber without compromising the durability, robustness and water resistance qualities of metal bracelets.

Moreover, a patented longitudinal cushion system was formed on the Oysterflex for stabilising the watch on the wearer’s wrist yet adjusting to the curvature of the wrist.

5. Rolex Yacht-Master is both bold and smart

Rolex designed a complication in the Yacht-Master II that continued to remain exclusive to them even today – an unusual iteration of the Regatta countdown chronograph. Indeed, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a programmable countdown chronograph. Once you choose any time interval between one and ten minutes, the watch will start doing the countdown precisely. While sailors have to measure the 10minutes countdown precisely from the beginning of the yacht race, such a specification was designed especially for them.

Rolex Yacht-Master models are indeed attractive and commanding watches that Rolex has ever designed and developed in its history of watchmaking.  Whether it is a 40mm Men’s Yacht-Master or a Lady Yacht-Master of 29mm, all the watches bear the same aesthetic features, offering a stunning and luxurious sporty-style appearance.

Rolex Reference 5512 and 5513: Know the Subtle Difference between the Two Classic Vintage Rolex Submariners

vintage Rolex Submariners

As one of the leading luxury watch manufacturers, Rolex’s motto has always been to produce a perfect watch with ultimate durability, reliability and precision. While some people often choose to sell Rolex watches to raise some fast cash in a hard-up situation, many Rolex enthusiasts today are selling their old Rolex watch to invest in unique, obscure timepieces and improve their collection. And, one of the predominant models in any Rolex collection is a Rolex Submariner. Indeed, Rolex Submariner is one of the most successful watch models in Rolex’s history.

Although all Rolex Submariner references may not be regarded as equally valuable and desirable among collectors, two particular Submariners are more popular with watch collectors, and they are the reference 5513 and 5512. These two classic vintage Rolex Submariners are pretty much close in design and characteristics but have some subtle differences that can be difficult to identify by untrained eyes.

  • Inception in the market

In 1959, Rolex introduced the Reference 5512 that was the first Submariner model featuring crown-guards. After three years, the Submariner reference 5513 was launched, replacing the James Bond Rolex Submariner reference 5508. The vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 was more cost-effective but was available until 1990. And indeed, it was one of the most extended Rolex models in production.

  • Original Intention

Although the Rolex Submariner served its purpose more aptly as a diver’s watch, its success is primarily due to its sophistication as a classic dress watch. However, the brand designed the Submariner originally as a precision tool timepiece rather than of a status symbol or luxury asset.  While the Submariner was produced to serve as a timekeeping companion for Scuba divers while underwater, Rolex considered adding a date complication in it to be an unnecessary feature.  Eventually, all early Rolex Submariner models consisted of time-only displays with black dials and rotating bezels.

Difference between the 5512 and 5513 Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner reference 5512 and reference 5513 were reportedly the last Submariners with ‘no-date’ displays and acrylic crystals. Thus, these two Rolex models mark the end of the classic vintage Submariners for many people.

At your first glance, the two references of Rolex Submariner may appear virtually identical as both feature the same stainless steel case, bezel, bracelet and crown. Moreover, both the watches feature the time-only displays, black dials and acrylic crystals. Thus, only trained eyes may be able to identify any substantial differences.

In reality, the reference 5512 and 5513 differ only in the movement inside as well as the accompanying lines of printed text on the dials that indicate the distinction in movement. Most Submariners of reference 5512 generally had COSC certified chronometer movement, whereas the 5513 Submariner did not. The reference 5512 Rolex Submariner passed the meticulous COSC testing standards and acquired two additional lines of text on the dials, stating ‘Superlative Chronometer/ Officially Certified’.

However, many of the Submariner reference 5512 watches did not obtain the COSC certified movements. Thus, early iterations of the reference 5512 were equipped with the similar calibre movement that was fitted in the first examples of the Submariner reference 5513.

Both the Submariners reference 5512, and 5513 bear an inherently vintage appeal with their domed, thick acrylic crystals and dial variations. However, the resale prices of these watches may vary dramatically depending on their dial type, condition and other essential factors.

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