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The Rolex President Day-Date Reference 18238

March 11th, 2020

Debuted in 1956, the Rolex President Day-Date is indeed an icon of the luxury watch industry.

It was the first watch to showcase the day of the week and also the date of the month.

Rolex has made several improvements to the Day-Date over the years.

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However, the most significant upgrade came with the launch of the Rolex President reference 18238 in the 1980s.

Let’s today explore some interesting facts about this legend of the luxury watch industry.

The Timeless Rolex Day-Date Look

The Rolex Day-Date has flaunted the wrist of U.S. Presidents and many notable personalities alike.

While the watch got directly associated with elegance and power, the Day-Date eventually got its nickname “President”.

  • Rolex makes the Day-Date President only of precious alloys. Thus, the reference 18238 model is crafted of 18ct yellow gold.
  • However, some models flaunt champagne dials and hour markers in yellow gold.
  • Other significant features include the fluted bezel, 5-link President bracelet and concealed Crownclasp.
  • Moreover, the model displays the date functionality at 3 o’clock beneath the signature Cyclops lens.

And, the day of the week is showcased between 11 and 1 markers. Interestingly, the day is written in twenty-six different languages.

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The Perpetual Movement That Powers A Rolex Day-Date 18238

With the powerful perpetual Calibre 3155 movement, the reference 18238 ameliorated the total mechanical mastery of the Day-Date.

Moreover, Rolex fitted this perpetual movement with splendid Double-Quickset function.

  • The functionality enabled the user to change the date and day independently.
  • In Quickset position, wearers have to only rotate the crown in one way for changing the day and then turn it the other way for setting the day.

Rolex still uses this efficient and straightforward Double-Quickset function.

The Latest Rolex President 18238

Some Rolex Day-Date President 18238 watches are considered as vintage technically as they are more than 20years old.

However, while this Day-Date reference houses modern technology, it is unique and exceptional.

  • The watch is entirely made of solid 18ct yellow gold, enabling it to retain high value for generations.
  • Moreover, the Day-Date reference 18238 flaunts a universally recognised and classic style.

The watch’s heritage and legacy make it highly desirable and coveted among collectors across the world.

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