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This Iconic Rolex Watch Will Never Be Discontinued

March 20th, 2020

The strong instinct of many watch aficionados is that Rolex will never stop the production of the iconic diver’s watch – the Submariner.

A manufacturer typically decides to cease the production of any model if it experiences poor sales in the marketplace.

iconic rolex submariner watch

And, it is not an issue with the Rolex Submariner.

However, Rolex has no such records of killing off other timepieces in the past.

The brand has indeed terminated some models like the Milgauss and the Air-King. But it was done merely to bring them back in an upgraded form later.

Thus, let’s find out why people firmly believe that Rolex will never discontinue the famous Submariner.

  • The Iconic Status

The Rolex Submariner is one of the worlds’ iconic watches. The Submariner is merely the icon with which other divers models measure and compare themselves.

Interestingly, the Submariner was not initially the most popular and cherished model in the watch industry.

However, the watch was also never out of collectors’ choice list.

The Rolex Submariner is like an anchor in the brand’s catalogue.

Moreover, the Submariner is one of the timepieces that immediately come to mind when anyone hears the term Rolex.

  • Huge Demand

Rolex Submariner is an iconic watch and what ultimately matters is its demand and sales.

If a watch performs well in the market, no manufacturer can entirely cease its production.

And, the Submariner is so famous that there is actually no point to stop its creation.


You may wonder why Rolex killed off the steel GMT-Master II “Pepsi” that is yet desirable in the market.

  • The fact is that ceramic bezels were coming on-trend in 2005. Thus, the Pepsi bezel type would have lagged.
  • However, Rolex continued to produce the GMT-Master II collection as a whole during that time.
  • And the manufacturer improved and upgraded the watches that eventually would charge more demand in the market.

Finally, at the Baselworld 2018, Rolex launched the latest stainless steel GMT-Master II Pepsi, meeting the demands of its collectors across the word.

Overall, the Submariner today belongs to a similar desirability level and sales structure as other ultra-coveted Rolex watches like the famous Rolex Daytona.

The watch is highly coveted, and anyone looking to sell a Rolex Submariner is likely to obtain top prices from potential watch buyers, especially it is in good condition.

Overall, the idea of discontinuing the Submariner watch would be foolish as much as Ford killing off the Mustang.

Rolex can update the materials, bracelets, and dial and bezel colours but will never discontinue the iconic Rolex Submariner.

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