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Ultimate Guide to Rolex Stella Dial Watches

April 11th, 2022

Irrespective of whether you are old or new in the watch industry, one name that you must be familiar with is Rolex. Sometimes, it feels that the brand has surpassed the niche to become an omnipresent brand that symbolises class, prestige and power. While you get a particular image in mind when talking about the brand, today, we will not dissect the most known models like the Datejust or the Submariner.

rolex stella dial

Instead, we will focus on Rolex’s norm-breaking collection – the bright & colourful realm of ‘Stella’ Dials. In the 1970s, Rolex decided to curate their most complicated timepiece, the Day-Date, in many bright and fun colours. These particular watches soon became the disruptors to Rolex, which had for long established itself as a tough, resilient, and somewhat old-school watch manufacturer for a good 70 years!

This is one of the main reasons these watches are so sought-after, and buyers are willing to offer great prices. If you are a proud owner of one of these exotic-looking timepieces, try and sell your Rolex in the secondary market. You’ll be amazed at the price offered!

But, before we tell you about anything else, let’s start with the most basic question.


Stella dials are special lacquered dials made with enamel paints and mixed by hand for each respective dial. The name ‘Stella’ comes from a Geneva and Chatelaine based company named Stella that provided Rolex with this special lacquer. Rolex used the lacquer for their special dials in the 1970s.


The Rolex Stella dial was most popular during the 1970s and 1980s when Rolex primarily made the dials for the President Day-Date. However, other Rolex models also had this special enamel lacquered dial, including the Datejust and the Day-Date. Rolex incorporated the Stella dial in a wide range of bold and bright colours like pink, red, green, orange, and others moving forward.

Rumours have it that Rolex had initially made the Stella dials for the Middle East and Asia markets during production. Unfortunately, they didn’t gain the popularity Rolex hoped for. It seemed too bold for a classy and real gentleman.

There was a time when Rolex retailers intentionally replaced the Stella dials with other classic dials just to boost the sale. With the limited production and limited popularity, it is easy to understand why Rolex’s Stella dial watches are so rare and cherished today!

Moreover, Rolex made the Stella dials in gold, which the buyers back in those days couldn’t afford or couldn’t justify buying a solid gold watch against stainless steel. Today, the popularity of these dials is so high that collectors are willing to offer exceptional prices for them.


There are four series of Stella dials. Let’s check them one by one.

1st Series

The first series came in a pie-pan shape that you can see as a step down from the dial’s centre to the minute track. Series one mainly appeared on the Rolex Day-Date models with 180X reference numbers during the 1970s.

2nd Series

In the second series, you can spot a flat dial with a text at the bottom of the dial reading ‘T Swiss T’. This type of Stella dials came on Rolex watches with references 180X and 1803X during the 1970s.

3rd Series

In the third series that came out during the same time as the second, the text was changed to ‘T Swiss Made T’ and was in production till the late 1980s. The dials came fitted on Rolex watches with 180XX (5 digit codes) and a quick-set feature.

4th Series

In the fourth series, the minute track with short and long changes to a train track with Roman numerals. The text remains the same.

What is particularly common in all the four series is that you can see Rolex using various markers starting from diamond indexes to coffin-shaped batons. This only showcases the luxury brand’s creativity. However, Rolex increased the number of diamonds later, where some models had diamonds circling the whole dial and others with the hour markers highlighted by extra stones set inside.


  • Blue Stella with Diamonds
  • Pink/ Salmon Stella with Diamonds
  • Red Lacquered Dial
  • Brown Tobacco Lacquered Dial
  • Oxblood Stella Dial With Diamonds
  • Mint Green Lacquer Dial
  • Green Lacquer Dial
  • Blue Degrade Stella Lacquer Dial With Diamonds
  • Green Degrade Lacquer Dial With Diamonds
  • Turquoise Tiffany Dial
  • Apple Green Lacquer Dial
  • Red Lacquer Degrade Dial
  • Black Lacquer Dial
  • Blue Degrade Lacquer Dial With Diamonds
  • Pink Lacquer Dial
  • Turquoise Mint Lacquer Dial
  • Dark Green Lacquer Degrade Dial
  • Yellow Lacquer Dial
  • Red/ Orange Dial With Roman Numerals
  • Bright Yellow Lacquer Dial
  • Dark Purple Lacquer Dial
  • Purple Lacquer Dial
  • Bright Purple Lacquer Dial

Which Is The Rarest Stella Dial Colour?

The rarest colour is Mauve or Light Purple, followed by Yellow, then coral or light pink, and then comes the light blue, which many commonly refer to as turquoise.


The core production of the Stella dials stopped by the end of the 1980s. Anyone interested in the watch market is aware of how the popularity of rare Rolex watches has climbed over the past 10-12 years. Additionally, the more knowledge people gain about the popularity, the more it appreciates. The Rolex Stella dial falls in one such category where owning one such piece is an achievement. You can easily sell Rolex with Stella dial at a high value in the pre-owned market.


The last splash of colour used by Rolex was for the Oyster Perpetual range. This new range included some of the most attractive dial colours like candy, pink, and yellow, which eventually opened up a whole new market for bright-dial watch lovers. Contrary to how the crowd generally perceives Rolex, the new dash of colour surely opens up new opportunities for the brand.


The Rolex Stella Dials, both old and new, look great but they surely won’t appeal to all, because they aren’t supposed to in the first place! The Stella dials Rolex watches make for excellent summer wear, and you can always pair it with any outfit to add some extra fun!

If you’re looking to sell your existing Rolex, get in touch with the experts to get the best price. Sell Rolex with an exotic Stella Dial to the expert buyers at The Luxury Hut to get INSTANT cash!

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