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What Makes Rolex Watches Different?

June 4th, 2020

Rolex is a leading name in the luxury wristwatch industry. It is ideally the most esteemed and valuable brand dedicated only on watchmaking.

However, the brand makes watches that play a role beyond a mere time-telling device.

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Luxury, extravagance, class and boldness are the standard terms that collectors use when they refer to Rolex watches.

Moreover, Rolex makes use of the best of materials and technical components to craft their luxury watches.

Thus, virtually all Rolex watches retain their value well with time and some models even increase in value over the years.

And this makes Rolex watches worthy of investment.

So, what makes Rolex watches different from others?

Here are four of the most significant factors that make the brand and its creations unique and highly desirable than watches of other brands.

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Rolex Watch Materials Produced In-house

The primary factor that makes Rolex watches different is the brand’s patented materials.

Rolex uses the 904L stainless steel to craft its timepieces. Rolex is the only watch brand known to utilise this exclusive, higher grade of steel.

  • The 316L steel is the one that most other watch manufacturers, also high-end luxury names use in making their watches.
  • However, 904L steel is more robust and harder significantly due to the presence of copper, molybdenum, nickel, and chromium.
  • Moreover, the patented Rolex steel also offers higher resistance to corrosion.
  • Additionally, each part of a Rolex watch, including the cases and bracelets are made of solid gold.

The Rolex’s Everose gold is the signature alloy that the brand released in 2005.

Rolex produces this unique alloy by combining pure gold and smaller amounts of copper as well as platinum.

However, the precious Everose gold offers more resistance to fading than the only-gold timepieces.

Watch naives may wonder why Rolex watches are so expensive. The patented watch materials of the brand contribute significantly to the hefty price tags of Rolex watches.

“The Rolex Way” to Manufacture Watches

Rolex does not outsource any materials, be it is a small watch part or a whole movement.

This means the brand produces everything in-house, including a tiny gear, screw, and spring.

  • Rolex has its factory built at the Headquarters in Switzerland.
  • The manufacturer smelts steel, platinum and gold in the factory and manages everything there on their own.

However, the factory indeed is equipped with some high-end machines.

But Rolex has the world’s most trained professionals allegedly to execute the majority of the work by hands-only.

The True Chronographs

The word “Chronograph” typically means that a watch has stopwatch functionality.

However, the term “Chronograph” means a lot more for Swiss watch manufacturers.

The COSC or Swiss Organization Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers was established in 1973 for chasing dubious claims by watch manufacturers.

Now, the fact is:

The COSC has stringent standards to certify chronographs and only a few watches can pass their test.

However, Rolex is ideally the only brand to have all its watches COSC certified.

Rolex watches typically command a higher resale value

Undoubtedly, a Rolex watch is the ultimate representation of luxury, sophistication and class.

Rolex makes each watch with utmost care and precision, using precious metals and top-notch components.

The intriguing history, high-end materials and “The Rolex Way” make the watches of the brand the most sought-after also in the pre-owned market.

Thus, it is typically much more convenient to sell Rolex watches than selling watches of other brands.

Moreover, potential Rolex watch buyers in London or any other big cities are often willing to pay a premium for a Rolex watch, especially if it is in excellent working condition.

Thus, a Rolex watch is indeed a good investment as it can help you to secure fast cash in a hard-up situation.

However, it is essential to keep in mind:

Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets you can consider selling to raise some fast cash.

But selling a highly valuable asset like a Rolex watch can often be daunting.

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