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What Makes The Rolex Watches Legendary?

April 19th, 2022

If there’s one watch brand that has effortlessly reigned the watch realm for centuries, it is ‘Rolex’. Even though the Swiss watches are not the most expensive, and many others produce much more complex timepieces with accurate movements, why does the crown-wearing brand steal the limelight? Not just once or twice, but every single time!

the rolex watches legendary

The craze and desirability of a few Rolex models have reached an extent where the collectors are willing to offer almost double the retail value to own one. So, if you own a Rolex today, you can only imagine the maddening response you’ll receive if ever you intend to sell Rolex in the watch market.


The evolution of the brand ‘ROLEX’ has been quite fascinating, starting in 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf began a company to distribute watches. He soon became one of the first people to manufacture and sell watch pieces, with pocket watches being the most popular.

Throughout its long and established history, Rolex has introduced several revolutionary innovations. For instance, quartz movement watches, automatic, self-winding timepieces, etc. With time, the luxury watch brand has built a name for itself based on the reliability and design of the watches.

Furthermore, in a society so celebrity-obsessed, Rolex appears on the wrists of several big names from the young to the veterans, including the Queen of England, which further extends its status symbol.

But what exactly makes the watches so loved and in demand always?

5 Key Reasons That Makes Rolex So Desirable

Most Recognisable Luxury Watch

Even if you’re someone who is in no way related to the watch world or holds interest in its complication, Rolex is a name that you must be familiar with. This proves the brand’s magnificent presence globally. It is one of the most renowned and easily recognisable luxury watch brands. Thanks to its ‘Crown’!

Moreover, many do not fascinate wearing watches. It is only about wearing a Rolex, which is actually a huge compliment for the Swiss brand.

Consistent Quality

Rolex maintains premium quality in all the watches by intentionally avoiding unnecessary complications like perpetual calendars, tourbillons, power reserve indicators, larger date displays or minute repeaters. This avoids the risk of any minor fault. Since the beginning, Rolex watches have been the epitome of robust quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Additionally, the manufacturer maintains a restricted production number that further ensures the quality quotient of each timepiece.

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Got It All!

As said above, Rolex is a brand that holds the highest reputation for introducing innovative features, making the watches suitable for everyday wear and adventure trips. If you dive back into the history: In 1914, Hans Wilsdorf presented a watch movement to the Kew-Teddington observatory for Chronometer certification.

Today, that test has become a standard for the in-house mechanical Rolex calibres. After a few years, in 1927, the brand launched the first-ever water-resistant timepiece, followed by the automatic winding mechanism.

In 1945, Rolex dropped one of its most popular models; the Datejust combined all the three significant features, including the automatic movement, Chronometer certificate and the water-resistant case. If you have a Rolex Datejust and wonder how to sell my Rolex, get in touch with reliable watch buyers in London to find out your watch’s hefty resale value!

Holds Value

A watch holding its value sounds strange, does it? This is true, but not Rolex. If you go through the 2022 graph for Rolex watches, you’ll be astonished by the demand some Rolex models have in the watch market. For instance, the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Datejust, and other stainless steel models are in high demand.

Due to various reasons, Rolex watches not just hold their value but also appreciate. Investing in any of these models will fetch you a handsome amount when you sell your Rolex in the future. And, if you already own one, take it to a reputed watch buyer to find out its resale value.

Made-Up Shortages

The value and popularity of an item increase tenfold when it is unavailable. And Rolex seems to have figured this out! To maintain the desirability of some of its most-loved collections, the manufacturer creates artificial shortages in the market. The outcome is long waiting lists where buyers have to wait years to grab their favourite Rolex timepiece.

In such a situation, if you intend to sell your Rolex watch, just imagine the kind of response it would receive in the pre-owned market.

Only a few brand names announce your status throughout the world, and Rolex is undoubtedly one of them. What do you think your Rolex speaks about your personality?

It could mean various things for various people. But there are a few distinctive qualities that each Rolex watch symbolises.

No matter which Rolex model you own or choose to purchase, a Rolex quietly speaks the loudest words in a room.

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5 Things That Your Rolex Says About You


Let’s face it. Wearing a Rolex gives the wearer a certain feeling of superiority, and why not! It’s Rolex we are talking about. People see someone wearing a Rolex, and they instantly associate them with terms like successful and rich. And, the moment you realise others are noticing you, it will boost your self-confidence.


Rolex watches are all about high quality and exotic materials. When you spend a lump sum amount on a luxury watch, you definitely want it to be worth the quality. Rolex watches are the best in that! They are not just stunning to look at but extremely functional, making them a top choice for any collector or watch enthusiast.

Rolex produces each timepiece with superior UV protection, high-end technology and other precious materials that prepare them for optimal performance.


Several luxury watch brands are circulating in the market, but when someone thinks to purchase a brand that reflects their personality, Rolex is the name that strikes their mind instantly! This is because they know how easily recognisable the brand is, and it will most perfectly define their personality. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a plethora of options to choose from.

Whether bold or dressy, leisure or adventure, formal meeting or evening party, Rolex caters to everyone’s needs. In short, there’s something for everyone!


If you go through Rolex’s history, you will understand how extensive and rich it is. Over the centuries, many powerful women and men have worn Rolex, representing the brand’s prestige and power. The list includes celebrities, presidents, Kings, and Queens. So, if you’re already wearing one, remember that you are part of a long-standing legendary history.


If you take proper care of the watches, they will retain their value for a lifetime. This factor plays a significant role when you plan to sell Rolex watches in the secondary market because pre-owned Rolex pieces hold a high value.

Also, if you’re looking for an investment, Rolex watches are indeed the best! They even yield a better return than stocks and other forms of investment. It is a one-time purchase that will fetch you an excellent return at any time.

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Gone are the days when people tend to prefer a luxury car or house above anything else. A luxury timepiece is not just a beautiful addition to your regular wardrobe but is a great financial decision. The value of a car or a house will depreciate instantly, but not watches like Rolex.

The most in-demand Rolex models will get you a high return when you sell Rolex to reliable watch buyers in London. Also, this is not a temporary phase. The sudden surge in demand will retain its pace in the coming years. Hence, it is most advisable to pick a Rolex watch that will showcase your personality and status quotient while accumulating value over the years.

If you already own a Rolex variant and wish to find out its value, get in touch with the experts at The Luxury Hut to get an instant quote. You can always sell Rolex to them for INSTANT cash.

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