Where can you sell pre-owned Rolex watch or buy a pre-owned Rolex for the best price?

Where can you sell pre-owned Rolex watch or buy a pre-owned Rolex for the best price?

January 24th, 2019

If you ask yourself the question where can I sell my pre-owned Rolex watch or buy a pre-owned Rolex for the best price without any hassle, we hope that you will get your answer by the end of this article.

This guide is intended for those who are looking to sell or buy his/her Rolex watch, helping you to ascertain the average asking prices and prices that you are likely to achieve when sold or to pay on different popular platform and watch dealers.

We have chosen Rolex Datejust model 69173 which is the Bi-metal version of the 26mm popular ladies watch.

We will compare the asking prices and sold prices on the following popular platforms and between private sellers and businesses. We have also submitted a selling enquiry to, you will find out the offer we have received down in the article.

Let’s start with the latest data from and average asking price as per the 15th of January 2019:

The price for Rolex Datejust 69173 on starts at £1,543.85; while the price goes as high as £5,985 for the 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel Rolex Datejust 69173 with an original Diamond dial and Bezel with full set.

Let’s take a look at this custom diamond dial Rolex 69173 sold by a local business seller.

This 26mm watch comes on 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel bracelet and 18ct Yellow Gold Bezel. With an original Rolex box and without the original papers, the listed price of this 1989 custom-diamond dial watch on is £2,995. If we made an offer, we assume that the seller would have accepted as much as £500 less as this 26mm model is not popular in recent years as most ladies prefer watches with larger dials (even though we haven’t tried 😀 ) 28mm upwards.

Another example of a 69173 with an aftermarket diamond dial is this watch that was manufactured in 1991. This specific watch features a champagne face Diamond dial, original Rolex 18ct Yellow Gold & Steel bracelet and 18ct Yellow Gold Bezel.

This 1991 watch is in an excellent condition but comes with Rolex box only, without the papers. The listed price of this watch is £3,396, and we assume that the seller from the USA would accept £400-500 less if we made an offer (again we haven’t tried 😉 ).

So, how much do you think is the listing price for a Rolex 69173 without the box but with a Rolex service card from 2016? Have a look!

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 69173 features a white dial with yellow gold hands and 18ct yellow gold fluted bezel. With 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel Jubilee bracelet along with stainless steel fold-over clasp, the watch can fit up to a 7-inch wrist. The listed price of this 1984 luxury dress watch without a box is £2,554. The timepiece is backed by one year warranty and in excellent condition.


We understand that the average listing price for a Rolex 69173 without box and papers will be about £300 less than the same watch with box and paper. Let’s find it out here:

This particular watch from a seller with 99.4% Positive Feedback comes with the seller’s lifetime trade-up guarantee and 1year warranty. The watch comes on an Oyster-styled aftermarket bracelet and runs on Rolex certified chronometer self-winding automatic movement with Quickset Date functionality.

The listed price for this watch in super excellent condition and without box and papers is £2,431 which obviously is quite high for a watch with an aftermarket bracelet.

However, the very first sold Rolex 69173 watch that took my attention at a glance was this watch below:

While browsing the sold listings on, we came across a Rolex 69173 that was sold for a hefty price of £3,150 by one of the popular UK London-based luxury watch sellers.

But, when we descended to Check out the link the watch’s description, we were awestruck to notice that the Rolex watch was actually the Reference 69178 which explains the price and that’s obviously just a simple mistake in the watch’s description title.

Another Rolex 69173 in Champagne face colour diamond dial was sold on auction for a bidding price of £1,801. Check it out below:

The watch does not come with seller’s warranty, certificate or service records.

A generous 1-year seller’s warranty backs nearly every Rolex watch on However, the average listing price and sold price of Rolex 69173 typically vary depending on whether the watch retains its box, papers, condition, year of manufacture, and of course, achievable auction prices are much lower than buy it now.

More significantly, the price of Rolex 69173 with a custom dial is nearly £100-200 less than the ones with an original Rolex dial.


Selling a 69173 on at current market prices, you are likely to get a gross price of around £1800 if the watch is sold without the papers using eBay auction process and nearly £2000 with box and papers.

If you have the time and you don’t need to raise the funds within days, you could list the watch as buy-it-now and you are very likely to achieve as much as £300-£500 more.

Please note: All those prices are before eBay fees which are around 11% for private sellers and PayPal fees which are around 3%.

We have checked the popular international marketplace originated in Germany – Chrono24. The lowest listing price for a Rolex 69173 starts at £1, 480, and it goes up to £4,250 for a Gold & Steel Rolex original Diamond dial that comes with full set.

Let’s start with the watch with a listing price of £1, 480sold by a seller from US. Take a look at the watch here:

Featuring gold & steel case, bracelet with fold clasp, and yellow gold bezel, this 1981 Rolex 69173 comes in good condition (with light signs of scratches) and with no original box and papers.

However, if we had made an offer, we assume that the seller would have accepted about £100 less for the watch (again, we haven’t tried).

Here is an example of a watch sold by a Brazilian business seller, having box and papers:

This 1987 Rolex watch has a Gold/Steel case, Yellow gold bezel and powered by Calibre 2135 movement. The watch comes in ‘Very Good’ condition and with box and papers, having a listing price of £1,791. Although the watch may look pretty old in design, it carries a typical ‘vintage-look’ that may attract many serious watch collectors. And, we assume that this seller from Brazil would accept £100 less if we made an offer.

While comparing the listing prices of Rolex 69173 on Chrono24, we found that sellers from the USA and Europe tend to ask about £400-500 more than other sellers.

Take this Rolex Datejust 69173 Aftermarket Champagne Diamond dial watch as an example. Check the link below:

The watch features an automatic 2135 movement, waterproof screw-down crown, and stainless steel bracelet and 18ct yellow gold Jubilee Clasp. Without the original Rolex box and papers, this seller from the USA has set a listing price of £2,768 for the Rolex 69173 with aftermarket diamond dial.

However, if we made an offer, we presume that the seller would accept at least £200 less as the watch is only in fair condition, showing visible signs of wear.

Here is an example of a pre-owned Rolex 69173 with an original Blue Diamond Degraded dial that comes with only original papers and the listed price is set high at £4,250.

Have a look:

This particular 1998 yellow gold & steel pre-owned watch is sold by one of the trusted sellers of UK – Featuring a blue diamond degraded dial and Jubilee bracelet with folded clasp, the watch comes with one-year Watchfinder’s warranty and only original papers, without the original Rolex box. The watch is also in a ‘Very Good’ condition (with little to no signs of wear).

Another watch we came across is sold by a seller from Romania. This 1988 Rolex Datejust comes in a good condition with little signs of wear and no box or papers. The watch is listed for £1,807.

Regarding design, the watch offers undoubtedly a ‘vintage-look’ but if you take a close look at bracelet, it appears to be quite loose with more than an average stretch.

Most Rolex watches on Chrono24 are backed by 12months warranty from the sellers.

While looking for a cheaper Rolex 69173 selling by Watchfinder & Co., we came across this 31 years old watch with a listed price of £2,805.

The watch comes on a Jubilee bracelet, Champagne Tapestry Baston dial without original box and papers. This watch is absolutely in good condition.

Here’s an example of a Rolex Datejust 69173 that comes with both box and papers.

The watch has a Champagne Baton dial and was manufactured in 1987. The listed price for this watch with box and original papers is £3,315. And, we presume that the seller would accept £100 less for the watch.

For your peace of mind, every watch on Watchfinder & Co. has a 12-month warranty.

Now, just to make the analysis more interesting, we tried to execute a simple trick. We filled up the sell form of Watchfinder & Co. and requested a price quote, providing virtually the same details like the Rolex 69173 that is mentioned above.

We wanted to ascertain how much they are willing to offer us for the same watch that is being listed for a price of £3,315 in their online store. And, it was just after one day, we received an initial price quote from Watchfinder & Co.

Like us, you might also be interested to know the result.

Have a look!

It is clearly mentioned that ‘our initial offer is between £1,800 and £2,000.’ Although it is not the final offer, there is a difference of about £1,000 between the listed price and the initial quote that Watchfinder & Co. is offering to buy the Rolex Champagne Baton dial 69173.

At The Luxury Hut, we were pretty surprised to notice that a pre-owned Rolex 69173 Two-Tone watch with a full set is listed for a price of £2,850. It is surprising because till now we have not possibly encountered a Rolex 69173 with the original papers and the original Rolex box having such a lower listed price on any other selling platform.

This 1984 Ladies Rolex Datejust features an original Rolex Silver & yellow Gold stick dial in a 26mm steel case, Yellow Gold fluted bezel and Yellow gold & steel bracelet.

The watch is in good condition, powered by an Automatic movement and comes with the original box and all papers.

Here’s another example of Rolex 69173 that comes with a full set and for the same price:

Featuring an Original Rolex silver & yellow gold dial and yellow gold fluted bezel, the listed price for this 1884 Rolex 69173 is £2,850. The watch is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and all papers.

All the Rolex 69173 at The Luxury Hut are polished, serviced and covered by a comprehensive one year guarantee.

However, we found a Rolex Bi-metal 69173 with original Rolex dial, original box and papers sold for £3,000. Interestingly, the price was pretty less! We were attracted to it at that time.

This Rolex 69173 is a 1998 manufactured watch with an original Rolex Champagne dial and a serrated bezel in yellow gold. The watch comes on a bi-metal Jubilee bracelet, and has a strap length that is adjustable up to 16cm. The watch looks well-polished and serviced, offering a contemporary look. From design perspectives, we think that this watch is close enough to the modern designs, but yet provides a classic look.

Looking back, we think that The Luxury Hut offered a pretty good deal on this Rolex watch.


With this overview of the extensive range of Rolex 69173 prices on four different platforms, we took an attempt to provide you with a comprehensive idea about how much the price (listing prices and achievable prices) would vary across different platforms, private sellers and business when buying a pre-owned watch.

And, with the execution of the simple trick of submitting a selling enquiry to popular UK London-based luxury watch seller, we wanted to give you an idea of how much the difference could be between the listed price and the initial quote offered to buy a watch of the same brand and same model.


For the question ‘Where can I sell my pre-owned watch or buy a pre-owned watch for the best price?’ there is probably no definite answer to it. But, we can at least provide you with a piece of advice to help you choose the right platform or a reliable watch dealer:

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch, it is particularly essential that you take some time to do appropriate research, understand the market as well as the watch you are buying and also, confirm that the seller is reputable.

You can Check out the link the seller’s rating or feedback percentage to determine their reliability and also, can look at the watches they have sold in the past. If there is any particular seller who you are considering to buy the watch from, find out if others have been satisfied with buying Rolex from that seller.

You may also take a range of opinions from many Rolex enthusiasts online and ask for references. If you do your research and shop with a reputable seller, you can rest assured that the watch will be fully-refurbished and authenticated. While you may find price discrepancy across different marketplaces, there are also great deals offered by popular and trusted watch sellers.

However, in today’s booming market of second hand watches, the process of selling has become more transparent and straightforward than it was ever before. While potential Rolex buyers are more interested in buying watches rather than selling, you can expect to get fair market value for your second hand watch. Customers looking to sell their pre-owned Rolex watch are usually encouraged to contact potential buyers.

Thus, for those who are wondering ‘what is the best way to sell a Rolex watch for the best price’, begin the process by filling up the online selling form of some trustworthy dealers and get an initial quote. You can then, continue the process of selling with the one who provides you with the best price offer.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Just remember: this is not an ‘all-inclusive’ guide to buying or selling pre-owned watch. We have just tried to be open and transparent about the average asking prices and prices that you are likely to achieve when buying or selling watches on different popular platforms and watch dealers, using Rolex 69173 as an example.