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Which ‘Black Face’ Rolex Models Are Worth Obsessing Over?

July 7th, 2022

There’s a reason why the colour black is everyone’s favourite. Whether it is a black dress or a black suit, the colour black is a staple in everyone’s closet. While picking a black dress is easy, choosing a Black Rolex can get tricky. The watches are insanely versatile and are available in various sizes, making it difficult to choose just one. Moreover, the ongoing craze for Rolex watches, where you can literally sell Rolex watches at double the cost price, makes it incredibly desirable.

black face rolex

‘Black’ is a universal colour which makes the black dial Rolex watches a go-to for any occasion. It is perfect for a low-key corporate meeting or an aesthetic evening party. Not to forget the investment value where you can expect a consistent hike when you sell your Rolex watch. After all, Black is the only colour that’s always in trend!

Here, we have listed the top Black Dial Rolex models that definitely need to be a part of your collection.

8 Best ‘Black Dial’ Rolex Watches To Include In Your Collection

1. DATEJUST REF. 126200

Black dial watches are inherently classy and sophisticated. What happens when you combine that with Rolex’s timeless appeal? The Datejust Ref. 126200 is a straightaway outcome of the glamorous amalgamation. It is the perfect everyday wear that possesses natural elegance like no other.

The classic black dial of the Datejust 126200 makes the timepiece extremely versatile, as you can pair it with a suit at night or with weekend attire. Moreover, the Chromalight display makes it highly legible. In short, you do not have to take it off your wrist!

What makes the watch even more appealing are the following features:

  • Calibre 3235 Perpetual Movement
  • 70-hour power reserve
  • Durable Oyster case
  • Oyster Bracelet
  • Easylink extension system
  • Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring


Rolex initially built the GMT-Master II as a tool watch with numerous functionalities. However, many people have started wearing it regularly as an everyday timepiece, and we aren’t refereeing. The overall design of the Ref. 126711CHNR has become more luxurious with its unique colour combination that steals all the attention.

For instance, the eye-popping combination of Blue and Red (Rolex Pepsi) is one of the brightest sports watches. Similarly, the Black and Blue ‘Batman ’is another example.

Various features that make the GMT-MASTER II Ref. 126711CHNR so popular include:

  • Black glossy dial
  • Two-tone bezel (Black & Chocolate Brown)
  • Rolesor case (Mix of stainless steel & Everose gold)

The watch fraternity loves to refer to the Ref. 126711CHNR as the ‘Root Beer’ that enjoys wild popularity for its luxurious and old-world charm. If you get hold of one, you can barely imagine the overwhelming price you can extract from the secondary market if you sell your Rolex.

3. PRESIDENT REF. 118238

It’s nearly impossible to frame any worthy Rolex list without the President. It is the ultimate symbol of elegance, luxury, prestige, success and power. Since its debut in 1956, the Day-Date has remained one of Rolex’s most significant productions. Even though the watch is available in sophisticated white and champagne dials, the Black one paired opposite a solid yellow gold President bracelet steals the limelight.

The Day-Date President Ref. 118238 takes a modern dig on the traditional Rolex President and creates a timeless look.

Additional features that add the icing on the top are:

  • Dark Black dial
  • Gold hour markers
  • 18ct yellow gold case

4. SKY-DWELLER REF. 326139

In 2012, Rolex surprised the world with a new model beyond something the Swiss manufacturer had ever created. It was a high-flying Sky-Dweller which was also the most complicated of all. Immediately Rolex fans split into two groups commenting about the style. But what remains acknowledged is the watch’s artistic caricature that reflects Rolex’s pure watchmaking skills.

The Sky-Dweller Ref. 326139 is a pleasing sight, and the dark black dial makes it impossible to blink. However, instead of the pitch black, Rolex opted for a subtle hue which stands out amidst the inverted red triangle, white inner circle, and other elements.

The sober design of the Sky-Dweller Ref. 326139 makes it perfect for sophisticated wear.

The various other features which you can vouch for include:

  • White gold case
  • Ivory White GMT disc
  • Oyster/Jubilee Bracelet


In 2000, the Daytona Ref. 116520 houses an in-house movement with the Calibre 4130, which Rolex took 40 years to develop. To celebrate the chronograph movement, Rolex went all classic, giving buyers the options of white or black dials. The black variant is often the most preferred one for its sublime aesthetic.

You can wear the Ref. 116520 with a formal outfit and slip it on your evening party dress. It never looks out of place. Moreover, the stainless steel body gives the watch a sporty outlook. The Daytona will never fail you if you’re looking for a serious investment watch option. Rest assured always to secure a high price when you sell Rolex watches to watch buyers in London.

Other features that make Ref. 116520 so appealing are:

  • Silver-ringed sub dials
  • Rolex wrote in Red
  • Engraved steel bezel

6. EXPLORER REF. 214270

The Explorer is a straightforward option if you’re a lover of simplicity. This Rolex timepiece flaunts simplicity and elegance most appealingly. The current Explorer model with Ref. 214270 that came out in 2009 and later refreshed in 2016 provides plenty of reasons to make it into the top 7 list.

Some of the reasons include:

  • 39mm stainless steel Oyster case
  • Oyster bracelet
  • Significant 3/6/9 numerals
  • Mercedes-style hands

If these weren’t enough for you to already love this watch, maybe the gorgeous look of the black dial can change your mind. The black dial face elevates the look making the timepiece perfect for formal and evening wear. You can literally strap it on something while going out for a hike. It’s that robust and durable!


Okay, we agree that we were saving the best for the last. Honestly, there’s hardly any black dial more iconic than the Submariner. Since its launch in 1953, black has been a staple in the Submariner collection. The Sub has undergone several transformations, but the essence remains the same.

The Ref. 116610LN is a modern iteration of the Sub, which was in production from 2010 to 2020. Therefore, you can well determine its hype and popularity in the market.

Features that make this Submariner so desirable:

  • Dial with Chromalight markers
  • Ceramic bezel with 60-Minute graduations
  • Cyclops lens over the date window

The watch looks fresh after years of production and shall continue to look the same for many more years. Oh! They also make solid investments. These go-with-everything black dial Submariner timepieces generally enjoy a high demand, which will get you a high return when you sell your Rolex.


Rolex, whether it is a dressy, classy or sporty timepiece with a black dial, always grabs the attention. They flaunt a subdue aesthetic and make an impressive accessory with any outfit. Rolex has designed several black watches that have gone to become iconic. Here we have listed the top ones that not just have a fantastic black display but stand out in the watch market for their incredible investment returns.

Going with the 2022 trend, Rolex is a winner in the pre-owned market, where most popular models fetch an impressive value when you sell Rolex to any reliable watch buyer. Keeping that in mind, we have curated the above list so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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