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Which Models Will Rolex Launch in 2022?

March 2nd, 2022

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Rolex recently. The luxury brand has always remained in the spotlight, and this time it is for a very legit reason. The prices of numerous Rolex timepieces have increased, and people are waiting for ‘what’s next’?

This is perhaps the best time to sell Rolex and fetch an excellent value if you own one already. Also, if you’re new to this whole Rolex stardom thing and intend to purchase one of these luxurious timepieces, hold your breath as Rolex is gearing up for a new launch this year!

rolex launch in 2022

Recently, Rolex said that they would have a feature at Watches & Wonders 2022, during which they shall also display their new models. So, it is only a matter of time before you finally get to see what Rolex has been preparing for a very long time now: A massive launch!

Till then, we have prepared a list which is based purely on our prediction and, of course, Rolex’s behaviour over the past couple of years.

Before we take you on the journey, let’s just say that in 2022, Rolex is trying to act smarter and not harder, which surely gives us a lot of ideas about what we can expect in the coming days.

List of Rolex Watches to Launch in 2022

1. Rolex Submariner

Rolex plays with a lot of colours and materials, giving us a major reason as to why we can freely predict. In the Submariner collection, we’re foreseeing a new Rolesor model (steel & gold) that will have a release alongside the Black Rolesor 126613LN and the Blue Rolesor 126613LB.

Since green is something Rolex favours a lot, we can expect the upcoming new model with a green bezel and a matching dial. It is a theme that will surely evoke curiosity amongst the collectors.

2. Rolex Milgauss

The Milgauss is a Rolex model in a long queue to see an upgrade. We strongly believe that it’s time Rolex introduces new elements to the age-old model (last update in 2007, the Z-Blue version). We hope Rolex strikes back with a new Milgauss version, including new movements modified bezel/case/lugs.

Also, anti-magnetism is quite a topic these days. So, if Rolex upgrades the Milgauss, we hope it keeps the essence (anti-magnetic properties) alive.

Talking about the watch’s design, we have imagined the Milgauss 2022 model to have a slightly enlarged diameter with slimmer proportions. Also, the case can be slightly thinner. The dial will still highlight the bright orange accent, a green-tinted sapphire crystal, and the striking lightening-shaped seconds’ hand.

3. Rolex Air-King

A simple and sporty model, the Rolex Air-King has remained seated next to the Explorer and the Oyster Perpetual for a long time. Hence, we believe that it’s high time Rolex replaces the current Air-King Ref. 116900 with a new variant. Moreover, the current model uses an older case and Calibre 3131.

We want Rolex to turn to the pages of history. The upcoming Air-King timepiece should have a 39mm case, thinner bezel, and more tapered lugs.

Built for aviation, the Air-King should have a dial colour in sync with the purpose (dark blue, perhaps).

4. Rolex GMT-Master II

What we’re going to say here is more of a collector’s dream and something too good to be true. While many may still seek the return of the full black bezel in Rolex’s GMT-Master II, that isn’t possibly going to happen. So, we earnestly assume that the people at the ‘Crown’ bring back the black and red bezel ‘Coke’!

The imaginary ‘Coke’ should have a red-coloured GMT hand, a 40mm steel case, a black dial, and Calibre 3285.

5. Rolex Sky-Dweller

We were saving this up for the last! Rolex is all set to celebrate one of its most complex watch’s 10th anniversaries this year: the Sky-Dweller. The watch combines an annual calendar with a GMT function and a rotating bezel. The beauty of the Sky-Dweller is present in all the multiple iterations. Each of them is user-friendly and implements a complex mechanism to fascinate.

To mark the 10th Anniversary, we sincerely hope that Rolex launches something in Platinum. The watch would have a case, bracelet, and bezel made of platinum. How luxurious can it look! Also, we won’t mind if the dial is light blue, which in combination with Platinum, will look incredibly classy.

However, don’t get your hopes higher already!


Rolex doesn’t pay heed to short-term fluctuations but instead wait for the right time to make a comeback. And, already being at the focal point in 2022, we expect the Crown brand to launch something noteworthy in the coming months. Fingers crossed!

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