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Why Rolex is So Popular and Successful?

February 10th, 2020

Rolex is considered as the leading Swiss watch manufacturer by many luxury watch aficionados. There are indeed many watch brands in the world but not every brand is regarded as highly as Rolex.

So, what makes Rolex stand out of the crowd? Why is Rolex so expensive and popular?

Popular Rolex Watch

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons why the Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer Rolex is so much successful and valuable.

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Whether you are looking to sell a Rolex watch or want to buy one, find out some of the most significant factors below that contribute to the fame of the elite watch brand.

1. Watch Quality

Rolex is highly recognised and admired for its high-quality watches. Rolex watches are sturdy, durable, precise, and indeed, pleasing to the eyes.

However, the brand doesn’t make use of unusual complications like perpetual calendars, tourbillons, and minute repeaters. It also has no movements with a big date display, alarm function or power reserve indicator.

The fact is that the manufacturer entirely focuses on what it does the best, improving its timepiece’s details every day. And, this is why a Rolex watch is considered as a good investment.

2. Innovations throughout the years

The significance of the brand lies in the fact that Rolex developed many novel features pretty early that made its watches perfectly suited for regular wear.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, submitted a watch movement to the famous Kew Observatory in 1914 for chronometer certification.

The Swiss institute COSC currently conducts the chronometer tests. However, the chronometer test has today turned out to be a standard for in-house automatic Rolex movements.

In 1927, Rolex introduced the first water-resistant watch, followed by the automatic winding mechanism.

Later in 1945, the brand released the Datejust offering three features – a water-resistant case, automatic winding, and chronometer certificate.

3. Global recognition & Design

Rolex is universally recognised for the innovative features and design of its watches. The round shape of a Rolex watch offers superior readability and resistance to water.

However, the watchmaker also added the iconic Cyclops date magnifier and a central sweep seconds hand.

Rolex not only upgrades the functionality of its new watch collections but also maintains and refines its existing range throughout the years.

Regardless, the brand rarely modifies or refine unique design features such as “Mercedes” hands, the Oyster bracelet, and the Cyclops lens.

Thus, a Rolex Submariner or a Datejust today appears pretty much like its earlier versions. This also makes a Rolex easily recognisable from a distance.

4. Unique Marketing Strategies

The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, used several incredible marketing strategies to ensure Rolex was recognised around the globe.

He named the company “Rolex” so that it could be easily pronounced in different languages.

Moreover, Wilsdorf also made sure that the name was printed on the dials.

The water-resistant watch was named the “Oyster” and Rolex presented it to a swimmer who aimed to cross the English Channel.

While the swimmer wore the watch around her neck, a full-page advertisement was landed on the Daily Mail’s front page.

However, the marketing approaches of Rolex possess a much more delicate touch. For example –

From the late 1970s, Rolex has been emphasising its presence in some prestigious sports like car racing, golf, tennis, and sailing.

5. Retains value

Once a car leaves its showroom, it causes a significant cutback in its value. However, the same thing applies to a lesser extent for timepieces, except Rolex.

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If you wonder which Rolex holds its value the best, the sports models, especially those made of stainless steel ideally have a higher demand and eventually, command a high resale value.

And, this is indeed valuable news for those who are looking to buy or sell a Rolex watch.

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