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Why Successful People Wear Rolex?

March 24th, 2022

You’re in the mood to buy a new luxury watch. What brand will you choose? Perhaps, it is a Rolex. You want to invest in a reputed luxury watch, what brand will you choose? It is Rolex, yet again, as you can always sell Rolex at an increased value. But why is it so? People not just love the brand but consider it a symbol of success, power, class, and elegance.

people wear rolex

There are various other luxury watch brands in the market, but unfortunately, not all can match up to the highest standard set by Rolex. The brand initially crafted premium timekeeping tools. Eventually, it became a token of success that the world leaders, elite celebrities, and the who’s-and-who of the business world have worn.

Are you wondering the reasons that make Rolex a ‘ROLEX’? Let’s explain it to you.

7 Reasons That Make Rolex ‘THE BEST’ Luxury Watch Brand

1. Fame

If there’s one watch brand you have always heard about, it is Rolex. Two categories can group Rolex watch buyers:

  • People who love Rolex as a brand and its celebrity status
  • People who are interested in flawless craftsmanship and innovations

Then some buy Rolex just for the sake of the brand name. That’s the kind of influence the brand has globally. And, this is indeed a huge compliment!

2. Innovation at its Best!

Rolex is a brand that is the flag bearer of several high-end innovations, which has quite literally brought in a revolution in the watch world. In 1914, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf presented a movement for the Certification of Chronometer. Today that particular Chronometer assessment is considered the highest standard for in-house mechanical Rolex Calibres.

In 1927, Rolex introduced the first water-resistant timepiece and the automatic winding mechanism to ensure a watch’s water resistance without regularly pulling the crown.

In 1945, the brand launched the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, combining the above-said features (water-resistant case, automatic winding, & Chronometer certification) that changed how other brands created watches.

3. Premium Quality

Rolex, as a brand, never compromises on its quality of materials and carefully choose the elements that make each timepiece highly robust, reliable, and sturdy. The brand maintains a steady product quality with an impressive annual production count around the year, without focusing on including something that doesn’t extend the brand’s efficiency, like perpetual calendars, tourbillons, or minute repeaters. Rolex focuses on creating what it does the best!

4. Exquisite Design

Can you dare to wear a luxury watch every day? The credit for the regular wearability of a luxury watch like Rolex goes to its impeccable watch design. The round shape contributes to its superior legibility and water resistance. Additionally, the Cyclops date magnifier and Central sweep seconds hand contribute to its proficiency. Rolex has never been a part of any sudden design changes or leaps. This is mainly to retain its unmatched reputation and demand. Only the case sizes have varied.

All these features make a Rolex watch easily recognisable.

5. Valuable

The moment you buy a house or car, the value drops. This holds true for most of the watches, but not Rolex. Also, for those looking to purchase a Rolex as an investment, you’ll be glad to know few Rolex models even appreciate over time. This means investing in a model like Submariner or Daytona will yield a higher value when you sell Rolex watches in the pre-owned market.

6. False Scarcity

The pinnacle of desirability comes in when that one thing you truly desire is less in availability. And this is what Rolex takes advantage of. The brand intentionally creates a rupture in demand and supply for a few of the most popular models like the Daytona and others to retain its increased market popularity. The result is an unending waiting list!

So, if you are fortunate enough to own one already, you’re most likely to get blown with the amount it fetches when you intend to sell Rolex to reliable watch buyers in London.

7. Celebrity Favourite

Many of us look up to the popular celebrities, political figures, sportsmen, and Hollywood names to decide on our outfits, including the watches. Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Waren Buffett, Paul Newman, Roger Federer, Jay-Z, Jennifer Aniston are a few such names who love Rolex and have worn them on numerous occasions.


Rolex watches are associated with success, and it seems as if the brand has curated the perfect formula for it. It reflects power and prestige and gives the idea that the wearer is successful, powerful, and trustworthy.

Remember to try your hands in the pre-owned market for those who are all set to bank one of these luxury timepieces as well! A pre-owned Rolex will not just save you money but offer the same quality and respect.

These days, used Rolex watches are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the scarcity formula, as said above. You must agree that Rolex has a winning entrepreneur trick under its sleeve!

Alternatively, if you own one and want to fetch the best value, don’t worry, as you will always attract an excellent resale value for luxury timepieces. However, sell Rolex to reliable watch buyers in London to secure the best possible value. The Luxury Hut professionals offer the best competitive price and pay on-spot cash for all Rolex.

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