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How to Start a Women’s Rolex Watch Collection?

September 6th, 2021

Most women today consider watches as an integral part of their style and look and thus have begun starting their own watch collection. And when it comes to luxury watches, Rolex leads the market.

This leading Swiss watchmaker has been continually making watches that both men and women love to collect and wear for over a century.

For those who are planning to take off a watch collecting career, Rolex is the perfect place to start. The brand’s catalogue consists of several women’s models that bear the classic Rolex styling and a flawless feminine twist.

However, women can also pull off many men’s watches with traditional masculine designs within the brand’s portfolio.

Moreover, Rolex ladies timepieces are available in the same shape as their male siblings. In some cases, the brand scaled-down the case size to suit a small wrist.

From everyday practical versions to decorated jewellery models, there is a Rolex watch for every woman. Before we dive into the classic women’s Rolex watches to start your collection, take a look at a few tips to help you in the collecting process.

Womens Rolex Watch

4 Tips for Women on How to Start a Rolex Watch Collection

  • Set a budget

If you are thinking to start a Rolex watch women collection, the first thing to decide is the budget. Of course, you will have to pay more for a watch with diamonds or gemstones than for an entry-level or basic model.

  • Add variety to your watch style

Experts typically suggest adding some variety to your watch box. For example, if your watch wardrobe already has a pair of timepieces for daytime, you can go for a bolder, eccentric model this time.

Or if you have a few strap timepieces in your box, consider adding single or two-tone watches with metal bracelets.

  • Invest in unique, rare Rolex women’s watches

It is always valuable to get your hands on the models that tend to increase in value with time.

  • Buy pre-owned or vintage models

The smartest way to start over a striking Rolex watch collection is buying a used Rolex women’s watch from any trusted resellers, like The Luxury Hut. However, personal taste comes first. Thus, you can select your style.

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The Most Popular Rolex Women Watches to Start Your Collection

  • The Rolex Lady Datejust

A classic Rolex watch for women is the Datejust or Lady-Datejust. Rolex offers the timepiece in different sizes, dial options and several gem models. You can find a Datejust in Oystersteel, yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, and two-tone metal combinations. Every model represents classic style and elegance.

However, the defining features of a Datejust include a date aperture with the Cyclops magnifying lens on it. While some references feature the fluted bezel, others come with a smooth or gem-set bezel. Moreover, you can choose your Datejust from a wide range of dial colours.

  • The Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual collection manifests the earliest Rolex designs, like the original Oyster that debuted in 1931. It stands out as an all-time classic Rolex for women, as well as men. Representing elegance and simplicity, the Oyster Perpetual watches come in several sizes between 26mm and 39mm.

Women’s are likely to find an ideal size that complements even the leanest of wrists. Furthermore, the collection offers an exquisite array of coloured dials. However, the Oyster Perpetual sports only a time-only dial, offering a minimalist and elegant design.

Most of the Oyster Perpetual fans are amongst sportswomen. Nonetheless, they also serve as a perfect everyday watch.

  • The Rolex Daytona

Rolex originally introduced the Daytona in 1963 exclusively for professional racing divers. The watchmaker named the model after the famous racecourse in Florida. And it equipped the timepiece with a chronometer function that ensures flawless precision.

However, the Hollywood actor and the racer Paul Newman have contributed significantly to Daytona’s iconic status today. It comes with three counters and pushers, a tachymetric scale that makes the Daytona instantly recognisable.

Rolex offers the Daytona in Oystersteel, yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, platinum and Rolesor. The Daytona can be a perfect timepiece to start your Rolex women’s watch collection, featuring an elegant and versatile design.

So these are three of the best Rolex models that women can opt for starting their new watch collection. However, keep note that women can go for many other models within the brand’s catalogue besides those mentioned above.

For those who favour sportier styling, it is worth ranging over all Rolex collections. Moreover, as mentioned before, prioritise your personal taste and choose a watch as per your style to start your collection.

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